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Oh Dear, Another Body...

Guest VioletX

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Guest roblester

They were names on a O-6 logo stamp on the MABRC. If I shouldn't be posting this, I am really sorry.

They are not real.....And, no need to waste anymore time in this. If everyone would take off their blind faith blinders ( most have all ready ), then everyone would see this thing is dead, over, done, it was a hoax........

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It seems to me that the MABRC needs to expose Ed Smith and let everyone know who he is. I can't imagine that they wouldn't want to do that to save face. The guy lied to them and strung them along for years so they have to be furious with him. If I was the head of an organization and somebody did that to me there would be heck to pay.

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Please take the notepads and pens from your desks. Write down the next hyped-up scenario and its originator, along with the projected start date.

Please place your entry in the fishbowl in the front lobby.

Grand Prize is an appearance on an episode of Finding Bigfoot sometime in season four.

A tie will be judged by a coin toss by Tim Fasano.

Thank You for participating and Good Luck!


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See-Te-Cah NC

OK - That's it. The topic is closed until we can sort it out.

Expect penalties and a cooling off period.


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