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High End Research Gear And Equipment


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I have a Velbon DF 40 tripod. It's a pretty good tripod, but it is not a light one. We car camp most of the time, but we usually do a lot of hiking from there. A few months ago we hiked about 5 miles at night and I was carrying the tripod in my hand the whole time with the night vision attached to it. I immediately rigged up a strap when I got home.

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Wow, thanks Explorer for adding that thermal , it looks good .

I did some reading and watched 2 clips on it and was impressed with the image quality in relation to that price. I feel that price is more realistic as well , If they came out with a higher resolution model for say 3,600 $ I would be all over it in a second.

For now I am going to waite to here some reviews on it and see other sample vids of the current model in action before targeting for buy.

At the very least this may drop the prices of other brands of thermal cams, if one brand drops the price for the same or better featured cams the other brands will try and match it or get closer to the lower price. Witch is great for us Squatchers. :D

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BFF Patron


Check this out, this looks like FUN. And, it uploads to Youtube through a smartphone or tablet instantly. Hmmmm...

Doesn't give low light sensitivity or lux value anywhere?

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Here is a few kits I just bought for evidence collection in the field. I am very pleased with them and are very well setup kits.

I got a Latent Print Value Kit , Evidence Collection Kit and a Speciman Evidence Collection Kit.

Here are the links.




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Here is something I am also thinking on getting, Snow Impression Wax. http://store.sirchie.com/Snow-Impression-Wax-15-oz-P1874C475.aspx

I will also be buying some Dental stone casting powder, item #7003 on the link below this line. This is a great website as well for casting and evidence collection gear.


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Here is what I use for a equipement storage unit, it is weather proof, can have locks attatched, is very sturdy, has a internal deep halfe section tray that can be moved from one side to the other side and best of all has a trough on the top of the lid that will hold you batteries or small gear pieces to keep them from rolling or sliding off the lid and best of all the trough has a measurements in inches from 1 to 20 inches. { for measuring those print casts :D }

This thing is so tough that I can stand on it and jump { but still not a good idea } , very strong and weather tight.


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For getting the best audio recordings the Sony PCM-M10 Portable Audio Recorder can not be beat, easy to use and has a tripod mounting hole it is the ideal recorder and is my favorite piece if tech I own so far. It is perfect for on the person night OP's and can be mounted to a baypack via a gorilla pod.

It is worthe every penny of the price.


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The list should always have at the top, basic survival items before gear. Especially, communication device, visual or audible.

Location, dates and time of expedition. Posted and known to relatives and or friends.

Here is my list and packed for 3 days, unless using a trailer. The rucksack is about 45 lbs and loaded, not including gear.

1. Water, 1 gallon

2. Personal protection (knife, gun, mace) not to fight, but to get those precious seconds away from something. 44 Mag + Kbar

3. Communication, phone, mirror, or visual marker, laser pen

4. Small book on survival in your geographical region.

5. Thermal blanket, or blanket

6. Lighter, matches, or magnesium, steel wool, 9v battery.

7. Two days of food, MRE or hiking food, NO NO NO NO SWEETS

8. Small cooking pot, with mess kit.

9. Small water filtration

10. First Aide kit small

11. Map and compass

12. Wet weather poncho

13. extra lose clothing, shirt, pants + extra socks... stored inside of sealed bag.

Gear--- 60 lbs

1. Canon T3i (with bag and extra filters + lenses)

2. FLIR i5 (only for quick trips)

3. Binoculars

4. Spotting scope with 60" tripod.

5. Yukon Monocular Nightvision, with video out, used with laptop to record.

6. Laptop (with bag) with solar power charger (awesome!!!)...

7. Bell Howell HD Night Vision Camera 3 x 32 Gig MidroSD .

8. 4 Olympus recorders. One with homemade parabolic mic (plastic plate added).

9. 12 AA and 12 AAA batteries.

10. Various Cables for gear.

11. Face Paint, small camo sheet.

All gear weight just under 110 lbs.

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The cameras out lense collar is NOT a manuel focus collar but a manuel zoom collar. I had read about the product and heard it was a manuel focus collar but that is not the case. Even though the collar is not what I thought I have bought this product and am more than pleased with it's features and performance .

To anyone reading hope this helps.

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Nathan, I bought a Canon EOS, rebel xs for like $550 a few years ago. I need a better zoom lense for distant pics but that's just a matter of purchasing it. I'm thinking of set of binocs I saw a while back, they had flir, night vision, video and still capability, high power zoom, laser beam for distance to target, etc...for like 16K I'm really thinking that would be a great tool. Opinions?

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Wow , that sounds like quite the rig, sounds like its a ,, all-in-1 unit ! ,, I would love to check it out if you have the link .

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IMO the best piece of 'research" gear is a pair of PVS-7B night vision goggles. No other NVG for the money gives you the night vision capability of the mil grade PVS-7B.

You might also look into digital night vision. Lower end units, below $200.00 often have resolution eqivalent to gen2+, and one like this unit: http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/luna-optics-ln-dm50-high-resolution-digital-night-vision-viewer.aspx?a=1162317 has gen3 quality as well as video out feed. Digital units also can be used day or night, they're not damaged by bright light. The unit above is under $400.00. This vendor also sells several flir brand thermals.

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