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California 1958 - Redwood Bigfoot (Jerry Crew)


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Gigantor-this feels like the right time to relate the following, even tho, as a new member I may not have much cred yet. First, I am a native calif guy born in southern cal beach area. Heres my anecdotal story. In 62-65 I was in the US army, half of which was spent at ft bragg, nc. I met a fellow trooper named William Bailey & we became friends. He was from No. cal. & told me that he worked at logging mills/camps during the summers of high school. He was about my age, ie 19-21 at this time in the army. He told me how the local indians at the mill told him how the sasquatches came into the camps at night and destroyed equipment & threw 55 gallon drums of oil around. He told me he wrote a story about these 'antics' & titled it BIGFOOT & had it published in one of the mens magazines of the time.(Argosy or True come to mind). I know what your thinking--too similar to the Jerry Crew story!  Before this, I had never heard of bigfoot. I was more interested in the field of the paranormal & reading about the Duke University investigations etc.

This was a long time ago so I don't remember a lot of details; but it began my interest in bigfoot, obviously, to this day.

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