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1 In 10,000 Sasquatch Sightings Are Likely To Be True.

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Recently had a long discussion with Jeff Meldrum and was taken aback by his passion and enthusiasm for the subject.

He did state that he was no longer interested in 'anecdotal' Bigfoot evidence which may, or in this case may not, have led to the comment that got DMaker so excited.

My sympathies to DWA. Doubt he'll sleep for a couple nights after learning this. After all, he's convinced "anecdotal" evidence proves bigfoot existence, and he's doubly sharp in being able to discern truth in reports, no matter the age nor distance. He reads reports like the wind, after all.

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Xion Comrade

I think a lot of in your face evidence gets ignored, XC ......most are hiking , birding, running, riding a bike, looking at their cell phones, listening to music, etc. Bigfoot does not exist in the everyday reality of most people.

As you know they are extremely stealthy. The ones in my area of the state seem to have ducking down to a science. If you didn't know they were there you would think you had imagined even what you just saw. Even as tall as they are they can duck and be super low to the ground in a matter of seconds. Then in two steps they are behind a bush or tree. I have caught a glimpse of them twice off about 150 to one side. They have probably done the same thing another forty times and I just didn't see them. They like to know what people in their forest are up to. (:


The one feature of them that impresses me the most is their ability to just in general be nearly impossible to detect. If I am moving through the woods I will miss everything just for the noise my feet make, I find it best to just lay down in my hammock-tent and listen at night


Have you ever thought of acting like you got stung by a nest of hornets to see if they will pop back up again to watch?


Ill have to try this some day lmao, be some serious Chris Farley material

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