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Xion Comrade

What Is This A Track Of?

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Xion Comrade

Here is my neighbors dog in North Dakota it's Great Dane mix.

Albeit the track is older, but the clay out here turns to concrete when dry.

Didn't see any evidence of claw marks but the dog runs on scoria a lot which is like crushed brick.

The heel pad is still a vee towards the toes.

Largest concentration of cats? Must be VI?

My ranch is 30 miles south of Trail, BC. We have a lot of cats in the Selkirks too....


You are right to mention that a lack of claws does not rule out canine by any means, I think alot of times in the kind of crud tracks are made in my area the claws will look like part of the "toes" even, just so mooshy. The coyote around here don't always show the claws in every track, and you usually just get one or two good ones when you get any.

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