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Tree Structure?

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On ‎6‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 8:39 PM, Art1972 said:

Slab...   groan...   ya had me wondering with the first post, then brought me quickly back to reality with the 2nd. 


I personally do not see/find twisted or bent over trees as being remarkable at all. Nor do i find them a sign of "bigfoot presence" in the area.   At least up here in the Northeast, there's so many trees bent over by snow, twisted by wind, you'd be hard pressed to notice one done by a bigfoot.   Ive posted similar photos in the past and divulged right away they were taken in the backyard / right near a home in a suburban neighborhood, where I'm 99.999% sure the tree being bent or broken was a result of nature.  Some will just not accept this though, and refuse to be told anything other than "its obviously from bigfoot".  

So it goes.... 



OK, there is "obviously done by bigfoot" and then there is, we *know* that snow/wind/nothing we'd expect a person to do *here* made *this* one, and there are lots of those, which relevant scientists can't dismiss upon examination.  There's breaking and twisting, then there is *something with hands did it.*


Plus *we know known primates do stuff like it.*


You have to be able to dismiss *all of it* with *evidence why.*  Or, you know...you can't. Cos science *says* you can't.

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On 5/30/2017 at 8:44 AM, Cricket said:

Thanks, gigantor & JKH!  I started looking through the post you recommended, JKH, but as gigantor noted, it is very long and it's taking a while.  If you could summarize as gigantor suggested, that would be greatly appreciated! 


A lot of that is my fault, I can't shut up once I get going and I apologize. Absolutely amazing bush craft, it made me realize how far we've drifted away from where we began.

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