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How To Get Your Event Featured

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The BFF is here to serve the community and we want to be the go-to site for members to find out about conferences, symposiums, seminars, etc.


We will feature your event if you follow the guidelines below:


  1.  Start a new thread about the event in this forum
  2. Include a description of the event.
  3. Clearly include the Date and Location of the event.
  4. Clearly include contact information for the event.
  5. Include any fees associated with the event. If it's a free event, indicate that it is so.
  6. Include a link to the event website
  7. If you want the event featured on the BFF "side slider", you must include a cover picture (see example below).
  8. Create the thread at least 30 days in advance.
  9. Important: Send me a Personal Message (PM) that you have posted the thread and would like to have it featured.




Example template of a suitable event that would be featured:



Event: Sasquatch Summit.

When: January 1rst to Jan 3rd 2017

Where: Some Park, any city, state, zip

Fees: $100 for expedition. $20 food ticket. Free presentation. BYOB, etc.

Contact: John Doe, email, phone

Website: http://www.eventwebsite.com

Event Description: Leading researchers will present abc. Camping available. Expedition schedule is blah, blah, etc.





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