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MK Davis exposes the cover up and covert genocide against Sasquatch

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15 hours ago, nightlistener said:

For you newbies, there is absolutely nothing to either of two massacre concoctions out there.  MK Davis shot his credibility in the foot when also claiming to see braids on Patty after photoshoping them onto her head shot, a stick in Patty's left hand, a fresh bullet wound on Patty's right thigh that somehow was not bleeding (which was his prima facia evidence of a massacre), lips on Patty by photoshoping them on her head shot, blood in a murky pool of water that he tampered with the still shot by altering the red/blue/green color balance, when the original photo showed crystal clear water in that pool, a single dogs paw print that did not look like any one legged dog in existence, a Bigfoot bloody hand print on a log (by altering the color balance once again), a Bigfoot hide on the ground that was actually a clear pool of water that showed the white dogs reflection, and last but certainly not least, MK diagnosed internal hemorrhoids on Patty from 100 feet away in a 40 year old video, without a medical license and without any sort of viewing device to probe up Patty's rectum.  You just can't make this crap up.  So there was no Bigfoot massacre as hypothesized by MK Davis.  The other one as promoted by Carpenter, has no details to it either so it is equally ridiculous.  The logic for why all Bigfoot massacre stories are ridiculous, is because the purpose of the expedition was to get evidence that Bigfoot are real.  Which would be better evidence, a Bigfoot body or a Bigfoot on video.  So if there was a massacre, then there would have been bodies that Roger Patterson could bring home and make money off of.  Which never happened otherwise we all would have heard about it by now.  It would appear that MK Davis has some schizophrenic skills at concocting outlandish stories that have no basis in fact.  Not that there is anything wrong with being schizophrenic.  Canadian John Green threatened MK Davis with a lawsuit while he was alive, if MK ever repeated MK's massacre story.  Once John Green died, MK was back at it telling the phony massacre story, trying to keep it alive.  Which is where he is today.


This cant be emphasized enough, the massacre theory is a product of MK's diseased imagination and nothing more. It is but one of the poisons out there in way of getting to the truth of this mystery. MK is not credible and is in my honest opinion, a complete waste of time.

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