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Dyatlov Pass Incident Reopened

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I read a book on this tragic event which explored all the differing theories about what happened.  It's truly a mystery.  For each theory, there were some aspects that could be accounted for by that means of death, but for each theory, there were also other aspects that couldn't or didn't fit.  Avalanche-there wasn't one, hypothermia-they had a heated tent, asphyxiation-they were found outside, intruder-their tracks were the only ones, etc.   It was a good book on the incident, but I can't remember the name of it!


I doubt revisiting the case is going to produce any new results, but I suppose there might be chemical analysis that can be done now that wasn't available then.  The original crime scene doesn't exist, but there may be geological testing of the site that might produce some answers.


The autopsy reports and interviews of witnesses are available online at THIS LOCATION.  This is translated using Google Translate so some words don't make sense, but in most cases you can figure out the gist of what was intended (In other cases, who knows?).  For anyone truly interested in factual details, this is probably as close as you can get. There is some interesting stuff in there.

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