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Implications of Apparent Consistency of Evidence


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Of course you would.  

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12 hours ago, Madison5716 said:

Sometimes i wonder if i should even be posting stuff here. But in the end, I'm not out to find scientific proof.  I have no desire or means to kill a type specimen, no need for fame or infamy, and no wish at all for that media nightmare. I have no money for tests or studies, and no contacts or networks with the movers and shakers of bigfootdom (well, okay, i have one. Who just moved away. So, not really). I do it for my own curiosity, my own desire to find answers for myself. I hope nothing i post here gets any of the hairy folk in hot water. After i fell down this rabbit hole, for years i couldn't get out in the woods. Now that I can - usually  - i post for folks who were (are) like me - insatiably curious. I love teading everyone's stories and adventures.  Boldly go, and all that!

Nice post. For that you get a trophy. 

Like you I am curios. .

Don't trust Meldrum either .Cliff is nice enough  but to easily convinced. 


I am very pro kill and believe it is important for the off chance the mythical beast does exist. 


Documented proof can aid in habitat and species conservation. 


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1 hour ago, Patterson-Gimlin said:

.........Documented proof can aid in habitat and species conservation. 


Exactly what I fear; overreach in habitat preservation. That is most likely exactly why government and private landowners are suppressing discovery, too. 


Edited to add:


One would think that rabid environmentalists would be all over sasquatchery today like flies on manure. Talk about a gift from Gaia! But no. I can only suspect that is because such unique persons are indoctrinated by academia (or rabid environmentalists who control fantasy nature tv programming, who themselves were indoctrinated by academia), and academia is chained to skepticism ideologically. But if some well intentioned deer hunter were to drag in a dead sasquatch, the environmental industry would certainly go ape s**t, so to speak. The entire PNW would have to be closed off to deer hunters and daisy pickers in order to save the species that they were all so smugly sure didn't exist just recently.

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