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Sasquatch brain size

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52 minutes ago, hiflier said:

This is an excellent article. All we have to do is figure how it relates to a Sasquatch: http://mitp.nautil.us/feature/227/the-paradox-of-the-elephant-brain




I don’t think it does.


Presumably Bigfoot is a primate. And while it’s true they are reportedly bigger than us? That does not mean the have a bigger brain than us. Other families of species use their brains very differently. With the whale? A large portion of the brain is dedicated to echolocation. It’s how they hunt. It would seem that the biggest brain in the mammal family is not the smartest when it comes to problem solving. Albeit it’s far superior to many other species on the earth.


But in primates this bigger body mass equals a bigger brain? Just doesn’t hold true in either extant or extinct primates.


A sperm whale has a brain 5 times larger than ours, but it weighs upwards of 120,000 lbs. 600 times larger than a 200 lbs human. It also did not get bipedalism and arms, hands and opposable thumbs. Obviously we are not in a space race with sperm whales.









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