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The Ketchum Report

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If you go back and read my report, they tested to make sure the contributor was not a match for the technician that worked on it. However, there WAS a match for Justin. My memories could be fallible, but it seems to me that Melba has changed her story and her haplotypes several times. People involved with Justin and privy to direct claims from Melba early on, will tell you that bear WAS in fact detected at the start. Suddenly, they started claiming there was not any bear and/or there NEVER was any bear.

Fahrenback thought it was not a match for Sasquatch, same for Meldrum. Martyn Obbard was the third phd and he concluded it was bear. But hair morphology analysis is not definitive.

This would be the first time I've heard that Melba had changed her determination of haplotype during the coarse of testing the SK sample. Of-coarse I wasn't privy to any pre-release info other than it was supposedly positive. This would be another baseless accusation however without documentation.

It's becoming more apparent to me that Fahrenbach is wrong about the sasquatch hair medulla, since I now have documentation that he did think my sample was bear, while it came from a place where they are not currentluy documented to habitate and Ketchum's team extracted human mtDNA from it.

So this interpretation keeps recurring....Nonhuman morphology in the same hair that produces modern human mtDNA and in most instances without a second contributor. Skeptics keep assuming contamination while the "truth" in it's face value is lost.

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