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Reviewer needed for new Bigfoot book: Cancer & Bigfoot My Story


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Finally, a BF book of recent that isn't a "BF in my Backyard" variety.  The title indicates the story, some of which is heart wrenching, some outlandishly funny.  In about a week Willamette City Press receives their initial shipment.  I, Joe Beelart, assistant to the editor, offers three or four copies to persons who will try to write a review for public use on a website, press release, etc.  If interested, please send a note to wcpress@comcast.net     Thank you, joe


Ps:  This book has been approaching three years in progress.  It is very difficult to write about cancer #1 that took 700 hours of chemo, then cancer #2 that required 92 days at the Stanford Medical Center / Hospital.  What carried the subject through was remembering his friends and adventures in the high country.  

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