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Strategy for choosing the location of your trail cam


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I'm curious what others are doing when deciding where to place your trail cam(s). The forest is vast and it could be put anywhere. How do you narrow it down? I have typically looked to place mine in one of three areas:


1) At the merger of game trails

2) A chokepoint in the terrain

3) Near a water source


The first location requires physically scouting an area to locate game trails. The hope is the menu is set and I'm waiting for a saquatch to take a seat at the dinner table.  The second is an area where terrain features force game to pass through. I usually narrow down this location by studying the topo map. Maybe it's a saddle between two peaks or a narrow hollow but usually it is at the base between two mountains/hills where travel is easier going through the passageway than up and over.  The final location is somewhere near a water source...a pond or stream.  I try to choose ones that are by themselves and a long distance to the next source.


I'm considering selecting somewhere along an edgeline. For example, where the treeline meets a field. Setting up the trailcam so it records things coming out of and back into the treeline. Maybe catching a sasquatch running out of the treeline to grab a deer. My concern has been the trailcam would be more exposed to a hunter poking around because it would have to be placed on a tree on the outer perimeter.  Most trailcams have a flash range of 60'-100' so it can only capture so much of the treeline's edge. I'm going to give this a try.


How do you decide where to place your trailcam?


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