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What Video Recorder settings do you use?


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A few months ago, I got a new GoPro. I have no understanding of how to use a camera in manual mode and certainly not how to use a video recorder. Not knowing exactly how to adjust various settings, I went to YT and watched a number of videos explaining why certain setting should be this or that. I changed the setting and took a few videos. They were terrible in terms of clarity and noise artifacts in the video. 


I've read that modern video recorders, like GoPro, are best used in normal to bright light. I'm always under the canopy of trees, as I suspect most of us are, and trees are everywhere. I've found that low light creates challenges or limitations to clarity. Trees had a lot of "noise artifacts" resulting from the low light making it difficult to watch those videos. That cause me to fiddle around to improve the end result. I painstakingly took over a hundred videos where I would change one setting and then record at 5K at various fps and do the same with 4k. I figured by only changing one variable at a time I could better see how it affects the recording. I then reviewed all the videos and selected the ones that looked the best.


Here is what I'm now using for most videos:



Lens mode - wide

Hypersmooth - standard

Bit rate - high

Shutter - auto

EV Comp - 0

ISO min/max - 100/400

Sharpness - medium

White balance - auto


What settings are you using that you've found work best for you?




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