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Ohio Bigfoot Attack story: Example of Conman or Forgetfulness?


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I recently listened to a Sasquatch Chronicles YouTube summary of the best BF encounter stories from the show published back in Jan 24, 2019, titled “SC EP:493 Best of Sasquatch Chronicles II”.


In one of the stories selected by Wes Germer, he interviews a man who tells an incredible story about a BF attacking him and his cousin while bass fishing in an Ohio lake in October 2017.

According to the storyteller, his cousin got badly hurt (broken ribs, collapsed lung, and large cut on his chin), needed medical attention, and went to the hospital.


I was intrigued by this case since there should have been plenty of evidence:

-ambulance records

-medical records

-photos of injuries

-photos of location where this took place and tracks found

-photos of log thrown at his cousin

-report from LEO on what took place (even if the animal encounter was dismissed as a bear attack)


The Sasquatch Chronicles episode starts at 50:22 and ends at 1:23:30 on link below.




In the original Sasquatch Chronicles interview (Episode 413), Wes states that the eyewitness was previously interviewed by Lance Hightower of Cryptid Brothers podcast.

Thus, I listened to the original interviews to check if the story was consistent and whether there was any additional information.


The eyewitness was first interviewed by Cryptid Brothers (Lance Hightower) in Episode #24 (Ohio Bigfoot Attack and Fed Coverup part I and II) in October 18 and 24, 2017.

These original podcasts are available in YouTube at the two links below.






The Sasquatch Chronicles interview took place in Episode #413 "Grassman Gone Wild" story in March 11,2018 (about 5 months after the Cryptid Brothers interview).


When I listened to the original interview done by Lance Hightower, I found a discrepancy in the story that raised a red flag.


The Discrepancy in Eyewitness Testimony


In part II of Cryptid Brothers Episode #24, the witness states that the ambulance got there, and it took his cousin to the hospital and that the first police officer rode in the ambulance with his cousin.

You can listen to this statement at the 1:21:00 to 1:21:33 section of the Part II – Episode 24  YouTube recording.


In the Sasquatch Chronicles interview (re-posted in YouTube Episode 493) but also in the original full version in Episode #413, the witness states that there was no ambulance, and that he took his cousin to the hospital in his truck.

You can listen to this clip in YouTube Episode #493 between 1:18:10 and 1:18:27.


I can forgive the eyewitness for forgetting some details on story, but I find it difficult to believe that he could forget whether an ambulance took his (badly hurt and bleeding) cousin to the hospital or whether he took his cousin to the hospital. I find this contradictory statement to be troublesome and an indication of not telling the truth. If this guy is not telling the truth, then he is a great actor and conman!


I wrote to both Lance Hightower and Wes Germer to let them know about this discrepancy on testimony. I got no reply or acknowledgement from them. I suspect that the podcast industry is not interested in finding the truth but in storytelling.

Nonetheless, I had to let them know what I found.


This case is just an example of how good a conman can be in fooling podcasters and listeners. I am sure that if folks listen to the two podcasts again (with suspicious ears), they might find other red flags.


BTW, in the Sasquatch Chronicles summary segment on EP 493, Wes says at the end that all medical records are missing and that the cousin does not want to be interviewed. No surprise there, unless folks believe in MIB, conspiracy theories and bad eyewitness memory.

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