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a bigfoot hunter film from Dixie Cryptid


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I wanted to post this for you guys to discuss and to view if you have not already.  These guys have a really neat approach to bigfoot sightings and how to ensure they have activity.  Two of them are expert trackers and they all bushcraft way out off trail in the woods.  Once they find some kind of sign of bigfoot activity they TRACK these things for miles and miles and they do it again and again in an area over the course of weeks or months until they have  map of the activity in that area and they keep records and data points on all of this for later analyzation.  The whole approach is very interesting and it seems like a nice addition to the body of wisdom and knowledge that so many are putting together.


The only criticism i would give is that while employing a sort of new and highly specific skillet in expert tracking they see this approach as better than other approaches and personally i dont buy that even if there is great value in what they do.  But even so they are very respectful of other approaches.


i could not embed this link but it should work it you go do youtube.



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