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John Mionczynski: The Biologist and Bigfoot | ST 027


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On this special holiday edition of Sasquatch Tracks, the team is joined by legendary biologist John Mionczynski, whose personal experience with a Sasquatch in 1972 while camping in the Wind River Mountains propelled him on a decades-long search for answers about the creatures and their existence. 

A naturalist, ethnobotanist, and musician with a penchant for old BMW motorcycles, Mionczynski is a revered and well-regarded field scientist who has worked with the U.S. Forest Service and a number of agencies on various wildlife projects. His study of Sasquatch in the decades since his 1972 encounter has led him to pursue indigenous American knowledge about the creatures, their habits, and behavior. Our conversation with Mionczynski takes us deep into the lingering questions about Sasquatch, and how science can be applied toward their study. 

Stories and other links discussed in this episode: 

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