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Reports and Migration


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SSR Team

Hey everyone,

USGS just published migration data for ungulates in the west! A lot of people hypothesize that Sasquatch follow migration routes for prey availability... but is that true?


I've added a screengrab of a quick map I threw together. To really get the picture, we would need to subset out reports in certain seasons to match the data, but by and large, I do not think the data supports the hypothesis that Sasquatch follow ungulates. Only 1 area on the map shows a good overlay of reports and migration routes/corridors (Eastern CA). BTW- blue heat is more reports on this heatmap.


I'll subset out by season later and get a real picture to match winter areas and seasonal migration times. But for now, here's a shotgun spread. Who knows, subsetting may bring out a better picture. Remember that correlation does not equal causation!


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SSR Team
On 7/2/2022 at 9:34 AM, Huntster said:

Got a link to the USGS site?

Here are the data. You'll need some kind of mapping software to view them though.



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