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Book Review for Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science


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I have been compiling quite the Sasquatch library lately, and have started writing reviews on the books to share with others! This is my first one👣📄📚




Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science
Written By: Dr Jeffrey Meldrum of Idaho State University where he is a professor of both Anatomy and Anthropology, and an expert on foot morphology and evolutionary bipedalism. 


In his book, which is a companion piece to the documentary of the same name, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum beautifully lays out the extensive amount of research, studies, encounters, and physical evidence (foot prints, PG film), and more that has been amassed by many people over centuries, worldwide in this (in my opinion) groundbreaking book! 


The purpose, and importance of this book to me is the fact that Dr. Meldrum isn’t trying to CONVINCE you to believe in Sasquatch, but he is simply presenting the case, from a scientific aspect of why the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch needs to be taken seriously by the scientific community, and properly studied and researched no differently than we do any other primate or hominid species (whether discovered OR undiscovered). The footprint evidence is Dr. Meldrum’s main arguement in terms of best evidence currently available, as from studying the morphology of the prints, specifically in regards to the midtarsal break (show movement with hand) can reveal a great deal about the hominid that left the print/prints. 


Early on in the book, he touches upon the “established formula” of research methods for zoologists, biologists, anthropologists etc. discovering new species. That formula is basically an ears to the ground approach. Typically starting with murmurings, or rumours being discussed amongst a group of people about a creature or animal that doesn’t seem to match anything known to the scientific world. Dr. Meldrum then explains the importance of listening to, and learning from the local indigenous communities, in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the local surroundings, wildlife, terrain and culture, before embarking on HANDS ON research. 


If this is how so many species have come to be discovered and consequently documented and classified, why are we NOT doing this in respect to the Sasquatch, where we have an absolute abundance of cultural knowledge, physical evidence, thousands of eye witness accounts over centuries that can be linked by ‘trademark’ physical or behavioural tendencies. The book explains that, “During the past century, over two hundred additional species of primate have been discovered. In the Neotropics alone, twenty-four new species have been described since 1990, and at least ten more await formal description”. This right here helps debunk those that claim such a creature would HAVE to have been ‘discovered’ by now, in my opinion! 

This book is written and laid out in such a manner that anyone who is interested in the topic (scientifically or not) can read this book and they’ll understand it! Dr. Meldrum includes many photos, charts, diagrams etc along the way to help explain what he is speaking about, which is incredibly helpful! Dr. Meldrum to this day encourages the collaboration of the scientific community, and the Bigfoot community (regardless of educational background). I think this is so commendable and important, because right now, from a strictly scientific aspect, it’s those weekend warriors, and field researchers that are out there putting in SO much time and effort into finding hard, physical evidence that will hopefully lead to definitive proof for the scientists to then work with and establish what a Sasquatch is. 


This book in my opinion is the perfect introduction into the whole subject matter of Sasquatch/Bigfoot, and an excellent reference to frequently return to for those already well into studying or researching this subject! I would consider it a “Bible of Bigfoot,” and should be a part of any Bigfoot enthusiasts library! 

So does Sasquatch exist?! As the back cover states, “Consider the evidence, and decide for yourself!”


A solid 👣👣👣👣👣/10!

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