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Strange Stories with Jeremiah Byron 14 (11/10/22) Rake attack in Long Island, ApeMan of IA, feeding Sasquatch


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Recorded 11/10/22

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of Strange Stories with Jeremiah Byron.

A live call in show on Youtube where I talk to people and hear their story live about the weird and unexplained.

Call-in guest(s) on tonight show:

Mike from Long Island Bigfoot shares of his Rake attack on Long Island and how Bubba the Bigfoot defended him.


Patrick from Iowa shares a 1930s account of an Ape Man seen in SW Iowa.

Rex from Wasatch Sasquatch shares about capturing a Bigfoot hand on camera by accident


David from Northern Missouri tells about the time he fed a female Sasquatch by hand in his yard and a Bigfoot broke into his kitchen to help himself to canned dinner.

Do you have a story to share or know someone who should call in?

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday nights at 9 pm CST.


We'll see you at the next Open Phone Lines on Youtube!

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