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Nathaniel Bronis: Michigan Encounters and Sasquatch Studies | ST 040


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As the team returns from a seasonal hiatus to officially kick off 2023, we are joined by Nathaniel Bronis, a Sasquatch researcher from Michigan's lower peninsula who currently resides in Idaho, and previously spent time in Washington. An avid outdoorsman, he has been collecting reports and conducting field research into the relict hominoid mystery since having his own daylight sighting in the summer of 2009, and now applies data collected through his studies, as well as through networking with fellow researchers, to help build a comprehensive view of the creatures, their behavior, and their habitat. 

In addition to a detailed recollection of his own sighting and how it propelled him into a decades long pursuit into deepening his understanding of the Sasquatch enigma, Nathaniel shares examples of additional sighting reports he has received from others over the years, along with details about his primary research areas in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, current projects, research approaches and practices, and much more.

Stories and other links discussed in this episode: 

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