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Lailani Upham and Carrie Lynn Bear Chief: The Pikuni Bigfoot Storytelling Project | ST 044


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In this installment of Sasquatch Tracks, the team is joined by Lailani Upham and Carrie Lynn Bear Chief, Blackfeet Tribe members and creators of the Pikuni Bigfoot Storytelling Project.

Lailani Upham is a member of the Blackfeet Nation, and is president and lead creative of Iron Shield Creative. A journalist by trade, she loves adventure and exploration, along with photography writing, and storytelling, which she often does while traveling throughout Montana sharing stories from an Indigenous perspective. Her production studio is based on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana.

Carrie Lynn Bear Chief of the Blackfeet Tribe, who currently resides in Browning, Montana where she works for the Rocky Boy Veterans Center. She is also the Associate Pastor at Faith Dominion Center, and loves being outdoors. And I also hear that Carrie is quite the Bigfoot enthusiast. 

Lailani and Carrie Lynne share their numerous stories and perspectives on Imoiitapi, the "Hairy Man," and much more on this installment of Sasquatch Tracks. 

Stories and other links discussed in this episode: 

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