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Honobia Bigfoot Festival- Oct. 6 & 7, 2023


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This will be the 17th Honobia Bigfoot Festival. It's normally well attended; I've read there have been 2,000-3,000 people come to it in the past. As anyone could imagine, with that many people converging on a town with less than 100 in population, this festival is the town's big money maker.


Attendees do have to rough it at the festival; there is no Wi-Fi and the closest gas station is 18 miles away. 


I had been waiting to learn who the speakers were going to be and they've finally been confirmed.

They're all from Oklahoma, and none are household names in the Bigfoot world.

Brian Hulan, from Okla. City. He's been investigating Bigfoot since 2016. In 2018 he spent 62 nights in remote SE Oklahoma and finally had a face to face sighting.


Lance Hightower, from Tulsa. He established 'Cryptid Brothers Investigations of Oklahoma.' It's himself, his brother Layne , and someone named Bill. His brother was chased by a Bigfoot in western OK.


Pete Buffalohead, from Ponca City, OK. He's a member of the Ponca tribe. He's been researching Bigfoot since 2013.


David Wilbanks, from Calvin, OK. He's been researching and documenting sightings since the 90's. I've seen him on TV before.




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