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I Think We Might Have a Sasquatch on Our Hands! - Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 381


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Tonight’s guest, Dan Dennis, lives in Indiana on a 10 acre property that he bought 10 years ago. His property butts up against to a major forest. For the first 7 years Dan and his wife lived on their property, they didn’t know that his property had other residents that lived on or near it for a good part of the year. About 3 years ago, Dan came to realize that a family of Sasquatch called the 5-acre area of woods on his property and the huge forest around it home. Since he came to that realization, Dan has been interacting with them on a regular basis. As time has gone by, they’ve seemingly become more and more comfortable being around him. In fact, the night before Dan and I recorded tonight’s show, the huge male who handles security for his family introduced Dan to them! We hope you’ll tune in and listen to Dan chronicle several of the experiences he’s had with them, including the aforementioned introduction.

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