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Scariest Sasquatch Encounters You've Read/heard


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I thought with Halloween coming up this might be a good time to get a thread going of the scariest encounters you've heard or read about. (We've had threads of favorite encounters, and creepiest things that happened to you, but I couldn't find that we have any with scariest encounters so sorry if this is a duplicate.)

For me, this incident of kids seeing Sasquatch motioning for them to come outside ranks pretty high up there:


YEAR: 1976

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 7/10/76

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Barron County

LOCATION DETAILS: Approximately seven miles from Cumberland out on HWY 48 is the general location.

NEAREST TOWN: Cumberland


OBSERVED: This incident happened a long time ago, and never told too many people about it. I am a 31 year old Native American, and I was maybe 6 or 7. I am glad to know that there are people like you who take this seriously. It was night, and my sister and cousin were playing around on the phone (they would dial our number & hang up the phone so it would ring). They had music playing (loud), and were just playing around. The door bell rang, and one of us answered the door, but there was no one at the door. Well, this happened 2 more times. We had a little housedog (we also had a st. bernard), and my sister and cousin noticed that the house dog was crouched under a chair in our livingroom. The last time the door bell rang, we all went outside, and couldn't see no one around (we all stood out on the porch). It was maybe a half hour later, my oldest brother went to the refrigerator. The rest of us kids were playing in the hallway when he came running down the hallway with his hands to his face, and crying hysterically. He ran in our parents room and jumped on the bed landing on his stomach. He was crying pretty bad. We all kept asking him what was wrong, and he finally told us what he saw. He said he saw something peeking around the tree, and he said it was motioning to him to like "come out". That's when he freaked out. After about 15 minutes (he calmed down some), there was knocking at the back door, and the way they were knocking, it was like, open the door now! When we opened the door, a guy who lived a few houses away, came in as white as a sheet, and was shaking pretty bad. He said he broke down a ways from our place, and when he was walking up the road, he heard something walking in the woods with him. He didn't know what it was. He said he was really glad to see our lights on. Our parents weren't home (mother working; father-didn't know where he was), but we ended up calling our Uncle's, who lived next door to us. They arrived a few minutes after we called them, and they had their shot guns with them. They came and talked with the guy that came to our house. I think one of my uncles took him home. There was 6 of kids home (one was our cousin). My uncles went outside to look around, my oldest sister and our cousin wanted to go outside too. Well, when they opened the back door, our st. bernard, well let me tell you, for the size of those dogs, that dog would not let those girls out, and he even growled at them. Well my sister and cousin backed up from the door, and as they did that, the st. bernard came running into the house. Well, my sister and cousin still went outside, and as they were standing by this little trail by the house, they noticed some dark form at the bottom of the hill/trail. They thought maybe it was a stump, but then the stump moved and turned to look at them. My cousin said it had red (?) eyes. They came back inside right away. Our cousin went out again (back door), and went around the house to the front, and when she got to the corner of our house, she looked up towards my uncles garage, and said she saw something peeking around the garage. She said she thought it was one of our other cousins, but she noticed this had a cone shaped head as it looked around the garage towards our house. They ended up putting us kids to bed (3 of us). My sister and I were pretty scared, and our little brother (he had a crib) didn't really know what was going on. My sister and I were shaking in bed. Our brothers crib was right next to the window. We were really hoping whatever was out there, didn't come to our window. Well, we did see a big figure go by. We were just so scared! It seemed like forever when our parents got home. When they did we told them what happened. My mother ended up calling a spiritual guide, and he told her that there was probably 3 of those things around the house that night. He also told her that they were looking for a boy to take. He said that one of them may have lost one of their own, and came looking for a young boy to replace the one they lost.

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I've heard of stories of Bigfoot appearing to try and lure young boys and girls, perhaps as stated in the article it was trying to replace a young one, or looking for a mate who knows? And there are those glowing red eyes again, I wish I knew if they need light for reflection or if they are "backlit" so to speak. Just because they may be self illuminating doesn't mean they paranormal as some would like to think.

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My personal favorite for chills is a report where a young girl went into a dark barn to investigate a disturbance among the animals. When she reached for the light switch in the dark, her hand fell on a big hairy something that turned out to be a bf instead of the switch.

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Guest BFSleuth

My vote definitely goes to the poor fellow who spent a night up a tree soiling his drawers after dragging pheromone chips and a used tampon around a pond to "try and draw them in". It was Don Young, but unfortunately it seems like the BFRO link to the posting on their forum isn't working. Basically he had set up a camp next to a pond, with camera traps, etc. and wanted to draw them in.

So he tied a used tampon and a pheromone chip to his shoe and started walking around the pond, about a two mile walk. It started to get dark at the far end of the pond when he heard what sounded like very angry roars and then rapidly approaching heavy bipedal steps. He ran until he figured there was no way he was going to make it back to camp, then climbed up a 12" diameter evergreen tree as high as he could. The creature started to climb up the tree after him, shook the tree, then climbed down and made a lot of noise for a while.

Don spent the entire night up there with his leg falling asleep, tied himself to a branch and didn't sleep a wink. He hightailed it out of there at daylight.

(Note to self... don't call them in with used tampons and pheromone chips...)

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Yeah, the Cowman Story is pretty good. Makes a person think when they look out their windows at night. Well at least I do, but I back to a large field and the woods so, how ever remote, there is still the possibility of seeing something.

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My personal favorite for chills is a report where a young girl went into a dark barn to investigate a disturbance among the animals. When she reached for the light switch in the dark, her hand fell on a big hairy something that turned out to be a bf instead of the switch.

I've read a lot of Bigfoot, scary stories but don't recall this one.

Link please....

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My vote definitely goes to the poor fellow who spent a night up a tree soiling his drawers after dragging pheromone chips and a used tampon around a pond to "try and draw them in". It was Don Young, but unfortunately it seems like the BFRO link to the posting on their forum isn't working.)

I tracked that story down the other day. It's a good one. Here it is:

February 4th, 2011 07:22 PM


Don Young posted a report on here a few years back that gives me the willies. Here it is again:

I parked the truck at the big bog camp site, and set up a small dome tent. I then started walking and scouting down *** trail till I reached the old log trail that circles the waterfowl refuge. Half way around, I found a well used animal trail, I took a picture and continued on, about � way around the refuge I found another animal trail in a bottleneck that led to the waters edge, I followed it to the edge no tracks. Finally I got to the creek and noticed Cattails pulled up and flattened on the other side, I took a picture. I walked all the way

around till it joined up with **** Road, from there I followed

Priest road back to **** trail and back to the truck at my camp site, in total this was about a 3 mile hike, and it took me about 2 hours.

I had a couple of pop tarts and a snickers bar as a snack, and

started to set up my game cams around the camp, two facing in at the truck an tent and three facing away into the surrounding woods, I then threw out apples all around the camp area and put slices of fresh beef liver about twenty feet in front of both cams facing camp, I poured some honey in front of the other three cams and put black licorice on the honey. Since I planed on sleeping in the truck I put a pheromone chip on a stick next to my small dome tent, inside the tent I put my sound recorder with sounds I recorded earlier at home of sounds of snoring, when I was ready to go to sleep at night my plan was to turn on the recorder and play the snore sounds, while I slept in the safety of the truck, a bluff tactic.

After this was all done and ready, I sat down on my tailgate and ate a can of soup. When done eating, I tied a string about ten foot to my belt loop, on the other end of the string I tied a used tampon and a pheromone chip. My plan was simple, I have done this with tarsal glands and Doe in heat during deer season, to leave a scent trail back to where I would want

the deer to travel and go for a good shot. My plan this time was to go once again around the same route I took earlier, around the Waterfowl refuge straight back to my camp, a big loop to lead what ever would follow straight into my camp trap. It was close to 6:30 PM now, so I put on my pistol belt with knife an canteen and headed on my way dragging behind the string with attachments.

As I walked along I would take out my canteen and pour a little water on the chip and tampon so it would leave a damp trail and now an then I would step on them to soak a spot with the scent. Instead of going straight through and around the refuge as I did the first time, this time I went and checked out the walking bridge by the old clear cut, and sat on the bridge for about a hour just listening to nature. It was totally still not even a breeze, and off in the distance towards **** creek I could hear a bunch of crows going off over something.

It was getting late and would be dark soon, so I started back towards the trail around the refuge. When I got to the first animal trail, I watered down the tampon and chip and stepped the scent in, then watered them down again and continued on. The sun was down now and only the sky was lighting my way as I passed by the bottle neck, I stopped to water the attachments and step them in, as I did this I heard a

branch snap back down the trail about what I figure to be a couple hundred yards, I moved out and started to hear moaning coming from down the trail.

The moans sounded like MOOOOWAAAA. I started to run but it was getting hard to see, I pulled my knife and cut the string and threw it down the trail, and climbed a small Balsam tree, the tree was about 8 inches in diameter, I got as far up as the branches would allow, rapped my arm around the trunk and kept totally quiet. I could hear the moaning and sound of steps coming closer down the trail. I then could hear it stop and the sound of breathing, then steps again

getting closer, it was right under me on the trail, then a loud moan and a snort of air and it was shaking my tree, I couldn't see a thing, I was terrified, I could then hear it trying to climb my tree and branches breaking, then again, and again, at one point it seemed to be right under my feet, I started to yell, GET THE F*** OUTA HERE, AHHHH, F****!!!!!!!!! I drew my knife and tried to climb higher but the branches were to small, the breathing seemed to be right under my feet then crashing again down to the ground.

Then in the distance down the trail I heard a high pitched whine like WEEEEEAAAAA, under me it went silent. I stayed in the tree motionless almost in tears from fear.

After about a hour of not hearing anything more below me I undid my pistol belt and rapped it around the tree trunk and put my arm through it as a safety harness. I stayed in the tree all night, and did not come down until it was completely light out, my arm was numb my left leg was in massive pain from the way it was bent. When I started down the tree, the branches about 4 feet below where I had been trapped had been all but snapped off, I had to hang and drop at least ten feet to the ground, I ran back to the main road and got to

*** trail, and to camp, got in my truck and sped for home, I left the cams and tent there, I just went home.

It was 8:30 AM when I got home, at 1:00 PM I went back for the cams and tent, there was no pictures and the camp was untouched. Tomorrow I will go back armed and take pictures of the tree and look for tracks. I do not know what it was, it was big and very determined to get to me in the tree.


The next day, I went back to the tree, first thing I noticed there was no scratches or claw marks of any kind on the tree trunk, to me this ruled out a bear. Whenever in the past I watched or found a tree that a bear has climbed, it always left claw marks. I then started to take pictures of the tree from different angles before I approached it to look for hair or tracks.

My next search was to go and look for the string with attachments that I threw, it was gone, no where to be found, however about 75 yards from the tree was a very large patch of area laid flat about 12 x 12 foot, like something was rolling around, took a picture and returned to the tree.

I looked over the broken off branches on the ground for hair,

nothing, I moved the branches so I could check the ground for

impressions or tracks, packed ground so it was hard to tell, nothing that I could see that would indicate bear or squatch.

Strong odor in the whole area even on the tree that to me smelled like a wet dog, also the balsam scent was present but the wet dog smell over powered the balsam scent.

A cherry tree that was next to the balsam was also broken down, most likely broke this things fall. Went back to the camp site, the apples did not get touched, the liver

was still there just covered in flies and the licorice was also still there.

Now I started to follow the path I took when dragging the scent trail, before I got to the trail leading around the waterfowl refuge I found a fresh trail that was not there before, I believe this is where it came from, I took a picture and continued on. After awhile I came to the bottleneck and a bit farther there was the tree. I made it to the main road and looked back, I could not help but feel disappointed that I found nothing, but then thought as I continued to the camp site, if it was easy we would have had a squatch years ago.

I have no doubt that if the tree had been larger and the branches stronger this thing would have made it up all the way to me.

I will do the scent trail tactic again, but with lessens learned.

Next time I think I will place trail cams along the way as I drag the string and attachments.

From what happened to me in the tree, to my follow up afterwards, I can not say what for sure it was that tormented me. I would have to say that only by my life of watching black bears that this was not a black bear, it did not make sounds that I was familiar with as a black bear, and because it left no marks on the tree was the other reason I believe it was not a black bear. I have raised two black bears from cub to adult and watched hundreds of other wild bears, my experience says it was not a black bear. I can not say for sure it was a Bigfoot either.

Also the whining howl that called off the attack, what was that? Not a bear, not a coyote, not a wolf, and even though it was as loud as, and was as high pitched as a bull elk bugle, it was no elk. I didn't even hear the attacker leave, it all just got quit.

My wife asked me, would I have been more scared if I could see it? I told her no, because it's the same with the ocean, if you are in dark water and something bumps you and you can't see it you will be more scared, but if you can see it and know what it is, you can prepare.

Don's above story and a story told to me by Cindy Dosen are the scariest stories I've ever heard. I think Cindy's story was told on 'Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide" the other night, but I could be wrong. I haven't watched it yet, but think I heard someone talking about her story on there. Freaky story.

There ya' go...

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I've read a lot of Bigfoot, scary stories but don't recall this one.

Link please....

I'll try to find it tonight. I'm racking my brain now trying to remember where I read it.

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Guest BuzzardEater

Cowman of Copalis is certainly scary. It also features some unusual behaviour. The footprint referencing the wall smear is unique. The BF allegedly entered the house and trashed it, leaving a large pile of evidence on a bed, too. This is also unique.

How did this happen? What led to this unusual sequence? Did it even happen? If it did, why didn't the authorities hunt the BF down? Was it even investigated? Ever? Is the house still there? Are the kids grown up and able to give thier accounts?

Perhaps there is too much unique in this account?

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  • Researcher A
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Is the house still there?

And, if it's still there, is it for rent? :P

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Any story that involves looking up to see a sasquatch looking in your window makes my skin crawl, even worse if all I saw was a belly button.

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