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What Sasquatch Really Are - Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 392


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Tonight’s guest, Gordon Dodds, has been fascinated by the Sasquatch phenomenon ever since 1967, when the Patterson/Gimlin Film was released. Little did he know that, years later, he’d be so immersed in the subject. You see, Gordon lives in Hampshire, England but a lot of what he knows about Sasquatch, he learned from Dr. Matthew Johnson, here in the U.S. This knowledge wasn’t strictly imparted on him via telephone either. He actually travelled to the U.S. to spend time, in the field, with Dr. Johnson. A lot of what you’re going to hear, on tonight’s show, varies from the opinions most enthusiasts have about Sasquatch, but who’s right and who’s wrong? There are a lot of credible eyewitnesses who say that they’ve witnessed Sasquatch do things that defy explanation. We hope you’ll tune in and listen to Gordon explain why he says what he does about their abilities and what they really are.

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