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SC EP:1011 The Swamp Monster On Grandma's Property


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Kyle writes "I live in Kansas along the east border. I have been listening to your show for a while now after stumbling across it and have been hooked ever since. Now to begin my encounters. My very first altercation happened in 2007 in July I decided to fool around outside at around 9:45-10:00pm.

As I was fooling around out in the pasture I began to hear a bipedal footfall just inside the tree-line to my south. From just inside the wood-line where the footfalls were coming from the most guttural piercing scream rang out in response to me. At that moment the most amount of fear and desperation to leave I bolted to the house. When arriving to the house cresting the front porch steps my dad threw open the front door asking rather frantically what that sound was me still excited stuttering out an answer of an I don't know.

My second experience was August 23rd 2015 around 3:45pm. I recently got off work and was heading out to check trail cameras for the upcoming deer season. While walking down the trail I got the urge to use the restroom so I step off the trail and pee. Directly after stepping behind the tree I heard in the direction of my camera a tree sounding like it's breaking and falling over, but it was odd it cracked and freaked paused cracked then snapped then had a long pause then giant thud. I thought to myself that was weird didn't sound normal so I finished my business and moved on to my camera. Roughly 25 yards In front of my camera just out of line of the lens was a sycamore tree 6 inches in diameter broke off 3 feet from the ground and shoved back into the ground upside down. Then the most peculiar smell came about like a skunk bathed in the mud of a stagnant pond.

I found this all quite odd and out of place and felt as though I wasn't alone so I quickly got my camera and got back out of the woods. Third encounter me and my little brother were out fishing at the the back pond and we were having a good time fishing catching and releasing bass. We were carrying on and on either side of this pond when out of nowhere a rock that is about 10-15lbs come flying and crashing out of the wood-line about 30 feet in the air and dropping into the pond. Me and my brother both watched it crash into the water then looked at the woods and then locked back onto each other and I began packing up he yelled what was that I told him doesn't matter time to go. I then got over to his side and the truck and told him let's load up he at first wanted to stay until we made eye contact and he saw the seriousness I had of the situation so we got everything loaded and got out of there. Fourth encounter was at 4:42 am January 18th 2023. I was on my way to work when I looked at my clock then looked back up and noticed movement. After locking onto this thing it looked at my truck but it's eyes were a foot and a half taller than the mile marker (6'6") sign on the side of the road. After that it proceeded to pick up it's pace take 2 more steps clearing the other half of the road then planting it's foot by this sign and jumping across the ditch (22') and landing firmly on the opposite side. Then sprinting through a drainage where a tree-line used to be that was full of 5' tall teasel plants arms above said plants and getting away from the road. Those are my encounters look forward to talking with you and I can elaborate with more details easier to tell the stories than type them."


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