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    Yes. Griz are endangered down here. I don’t anymore. Its best to mix it with pork.
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    Beautiful country.
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    Took my future son n law Bear hunting today. Saw one smallish one. Huckleberries and salmon berries are ripe! Cool only 55 degrees.
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    @wiiawiwb I do cherish those sightings, fully aware of what a privilege it is to live in a place where that's possible. Besides hunting, I've spent many, many days in the back country, prospecting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and just wandering to explore. It's all a great antidote to the pressures of modern life. A few days in the woods soothes away weeks of stress for me.
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    I also just got a cheap rail mounted 1000 lumen light that I just got for Veronica, my AR. Mounted it last night. Sheesh, why didn't I do that sooner! Now Veronica has a light, a red dot with a laser, and a 60 round double stack mag not much longer than her standard 30. Also, a barrel clamp light mount should be arriving for Betty, my Winchester 1300 Defender as well (mounts on the mag tube below the barrel). Yes, Betty and Veronica, for those of you old enough to know. And, since I am here, I wanted to let folks know something that I discovered on eBay recently that I like. This is probably common knowledge to most of you, but thought I'd share. When you do a search for an item, you can specify "USA Only" to eliminate all the listings that are from China (and take forever to ship). There is a little checkbox off to the left side you can click. Still too often the stuff you get is made in China, but it helps to trim down your options a bit. I like to buy Amercan if I can.
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    The proper response in this area of interest would be to try and dig up dirt on the people who came up with the idea that you didn't find believable, write a blog about it, go on a couple of podcasts to really go after them, and then finish by writing lengthy diatribes on social media. You're never going to get an invite to Beachfoot with that attitude, man.
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    I have run across a few reports over the year of bigfoots fighting each other. Here is what is probably the best report to date: https://bigfootforest.com/deer-hunter-witnesses-two-huge-bigfoot-like-creatures-fighting/
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    I just got this beauty in the mail. I bought it before i started taking this whole Coronavirus situation seriously, but I have zero regrets. It's comfortable, rugged and bigger. I love it! Only thing I wish is that it had at least one internal pocket. Not a biggie. Now, if I could only get to the woods to actually USE it! 30L Savotta Jaakari. 👍
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