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    How do you know there is no hoaxing? Are those wood knocks out there a BFRO cadre with a stick? Howls? Etc. I dont trust "no kill" people looking to turn a buck. They can just do this forever. If you were a fishing guide that never produced a client ONE fish? Kinda like the BFRO guides have never produced ONE Bigfoot? That would be on par with each other.... But of course you did! While not a guarantee? The two examples do not reside on the same planet!
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    I've been on one BFRO trip. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and I have every intention of going again with the same group of organizers. Sure, it cost a little money, but compared to other activities, it seemed overall a bargain. There was no hoaxing, no hype. If there were I would call them out on it. I don't care about the for profit aspect. I used to be a fishing guide. Do you think somehow being paid disqualified me from teaching people to fish, teaching them about the local flora and fauna, history, etc? I don't. And I don't see this as any different. No bigfoots are guaranteed. You know what? I could not legally guarantee fish, either. MIB
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