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    I can't, in good conscience, donate to the defense fund. I perceive that as promoting a kill, something I stand firmly against. MIB
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    So, the owner of this alleged "Original Reel", is John Johnsen....who just happens to have been the co-Producer and co-Director....(along with Tom "There's a Bigfoot in my freezer!!" Biscardi)... ….of the pathetic documentary..."Hoax Of The Century"...which supposedly exposes the "PGF hoax". This guy just happens to have stumbled across the Patterson Film "original reel". Yeah….right. He has co-produced a documentary which is full of BS.....co-produced by good ol' Tom Biscardi...who has had a few close brushes with BS, himself....not the least of which, was his "confirmation" that the Georgia Boys did, indeed, have a real, dead Bigfoot in their freezer. One other dubious aspect of this claim, is that...in 1980, Rene Dahinden and Bruce Bonney made the very high-quality Cibachrome copies from the original reel. But yet, John claims that the original reel is now in a highly-decayed/brittle/curled-up state. To me, that doesn't add-up. The decay rate of the film went from near-zero, as of 1980...to a highly accelerated rate of decay, since then??
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    That's why I think e-DNA is the best approach. It gives us a peripheral advantage that we've never had for determining the creature's existence. It's our best chance for discovery and that's where our focus and energy should be focused. I think there are citizen science programs linked into universities and F&W agencies that would allow the general public to be involved. Need to look into that aspect to be sure though.
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    I think this guy is just seeking some attention or notoriety. He mentioned that he was surprised about the "silence of the bigfoot community" so far and then took a nasty shot at the BFF in particular. Unless he can provide any evidence and soon, I have to conclude that his story is a hoax.
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    Forgive me, but the questions seem unfair. If a person says they would not donate as a response to question one, the next question should not ask how much they would donate and not have a "0" as an option. The final question, too, there should be an option that says "I told you already, I would not donate." Sounds like the writer is assuming everyone would give money. Respectfully submitted.
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