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    Norseman, great shots of the Kaslo/Gerrard area. I hunted up there for 5 or 6 seasons, a couple of decades ago, with lots of success. Kiwakwe, I like your area a lot, too, though it does look a bit dry out there. I got out for about 5 hours this afternoon, 'cause I just HAD to try out the new lift kit in the Outlander. I chose a quiet valley about an hour from my home, and wasn't disappointed in the improvement to the ground clearance of the vehicle, or the peace and quiet of the spot I chose to explore. It's a steep creek valley South of the Fraser River, extending back towards the US border. Because the road access is not marked, and fairly well hidden from view of the main highway, it sees almost no traffic, with no lakes or camp areas to attract weekend warriors. I saw no one at all in the whole time I was up there. I did see a couple of grouse, some deer tracks, and a fairly big bear scat, but no other wildlife at all.
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    Sometimes i wonder if i should even be posting stuff here. But in the end, I'm not out to find scientific proof. I have no desire or means to kill a type specimen, no need for fame or infamy, and no wish at all for that media nightmare. I have no money for tests or studies, and no contacts or networks with the movers and shakers of bigfootdom (well, okay, i have one. Who just moved away. So, not really). I do it for my own curiosity, my own desire to find answers for myself. I hope nothing i post here gets any of the hairy folk in hot water. After i fell down this rabbit hole, for years i couldn't get out in the woods. Now that I can - usually - i post for folks who were (are) like me - insatiably curious. I love teading everyone's stories and adventures. Boldly go, and all that!
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    Back to the Book Cliffs, near the Reservation, escaping 100+ degrees by getting up to 9700 feet. Cool nights to low 50s. Only saw one Muley. Beginning to think there isn't enough water up there to keep a Sas happy. A very quiet night, not even insect sounds, sleeping in the Rover with rear door and windows open. Camp was perched with a panoramic view and again, spent time with binocs watching clearings in the forest below and walking along old trail and forest rd after dusk. Lots of open sagebrush out there too. Camp, facing S : Just below the sagebrush "rim" in font of the truck: Some of the acres sagebrush: Scanning the forest below: And to the N: On the way down:
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    There are some interesting looking bedrock riffles in the main creek. I'll have to get back up there again this summer with my gold pan. Ya never know!
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    Lol, I'd sleep in the truck to put some distance between us! My recorder can run all night easily enough. Plus you can see through windows - in or out! Right now she needs some minor repairs and an oil change/exam before i head out into the woods. Plus I'm broke now, and the gas tank is much bigger! But ... soon. Very soon.
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    Exactly what I fear; overreach in habitat preservation. That is most likely exactly why government and private landowners are suppressing discovery, too. Edited to add: One would think that rabid environmentalists would be all over sasquatchery today like flies on manure. Talk about a gift from Gaia! But no. I can only suspect that is because such unique persons are indoctrinated by academia (or rabid environmentalists who control fantasy nature tv programming, who themselves were indoctrinated by academia), and academia is chained to skepticism ideologically. But if some well intentioned deer hunter were to drag in a dead sasquatch, the environmental industry would certainly go ape s**t, so to speak. The entire PNW would have to be closed off to deer hunters and daisy pickers in order to save the species that they were all so smugly sure didn't exist just recently.
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    Norse, if you mean what was I hunting near Kaslo, my wife and I limited out on deer, both whitetail and mulie, several times there. We also hunted elk, but got skunked on those. Yesterday, in the creek valley south of the Fraser, I was hunting Sasquatch, since no other big game is open right now, except feral hogs, which aren't in that area. That might be what the scat was that you spotted the other day. BigTreeWalker, I found a spot like that on the Simillkameen River about 40 years ago, when the water level was at an all time low, and my young son and I were picking small nuggets out of the riffles with a teaspoon!
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    Last summer I found a creek that looked like the bottom of a sluice box for about a mile. Ripples in the bed rock. Need to take my pan back there again. Left it in the vehicle and I was a couple miles in. Great looking area, BC.
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    Beautiful photos, norseman and Kiwakwi! Looks like a couple of great locations.
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    Soaking in Ainsworth hotsprings this weekend. Took a drive today up through Kaslo to Trout lake BC. Hwy 31 turns to gravel. Saw a wolf cross in front of us about 200 yards away. Not sure what the pile of poo is. Kinda looks like Horse, but much too small. Kootenay Lake, Duncan Lake and Lardeau river looked full.
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    Your posts thee days re way different than when you first arrived onto the BFF. You're maturing in the subject and it shows. Good for you. As far as the above quote goes, it's a slippery slope. When you get to the bottom you'll probablylook over and see me rummaging around the seedy underbelly of Bigfootdom. Of course I will smile and welcome you
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    Good for you! Hope you continue posting photos of the awesome country you go to, and that your investigations are fruitful. I follow your adventures vicariously!
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    I'm buying a new-to-me truck tomorrow from a friend. 4wd, 4-door Ford Explorer that will be big enough to sleep in while camping. I can't wait to get back into the woods. Hooray!
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    Went north from Sherman pass to Boulder pass today. Saw a dead raven... never seen that before. Saw some whitetail including a buck. And a cowboy rounding up cows. Also saw a Bluff creek of sorts. A burn had caused erosion and a creek bottom to fill with sand and debris.
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    Nearly $60Gs for a freaking Jeep is a horror scene. Christ would judge the world before I'd pay that for any vehicle.
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