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  1. I concur. Any idea of putting a man in an animal costume and pretending to be said animal, around a man with a gun, who isn't part of the hoax, is beyond deranged. It's so far out in left field as to not deserve further discussion. I certainly won't.
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  2. Completely unbelievable, that anyone would risk the life of a mime in a bigfoot suit. Ridiculous. Resisting clicking a down-vote to your posting. Completely unrealistic.
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  3. I think camo selection can be like fly fishing....match the hatch. As mentioned before, where I go ASAT works wonderfully BUT I've also tested (and use) Sitka's Subalpine camo. It has a limited amount of green and that pattern does an excellent job of breaking up a person's silhouette and confusing the mind. The Subalpine works well now through early Fall. If the camo was being used in a life-or-death scenario, I think a ghillie suit that "matches the hatch" is about as good as it gets. I've always thought that someone who perfectly matched the environment with a craf
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  4. I can't imagine for the life of me why someone in grizzly/brown bear territory wouldn't carry both bear spray and a firearm. Antivenon isn't always quickly available and while it may help save a life many people have lasting effects of the cell and tissue damage done while waiting for the antivenon to arrive and take effect. In my case, I am always out of cell-phone range and if envenomated, I might have a several-hour hike to get to my car and then a road trip to the hospital. All-the-while the neurotoxins and hemotoxins are coursing through my veins and doing their d
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  5. The victim of the Grizzly attack has died.
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  6. Bob G. is such a straight talking, believable guy that he very well may of been the perfect "patsy"...unwittingly the straight man set up to perpetuate a hoax. Sure, he was the guy holding the 30/06 and just in case a man in the monkey suit got shot, the hoaxer (Roger P.) could of claimed he was fooled, too. "Oh my god, Bob, you shot a man in a suit!!!" Unless, in a dying gasp (B. Heironymous) "Why Roger, why?????" Bob Gimlin was the perfect guy to clandestinely involve in a hoax ---- either the monkey man gets away (and filmed) or killed dead on the spot (cannot i
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