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    The Patterson/Gimlin event is so strong for many reasons. First, there were two eyewitnesses. Secondly, there was a very good movie film footage shot. Thirdly, there were numerous castable prints left in soft soil, which had the added benefit of having the bottom of the creatures foot shown clearly in the film footage. Finally, numerous people visited the site as soon as three days later and recorded evidence themselves of the footprints and site. One of those witnesses was an employee of the United States Forest Service, Lyle Laverty. His job as a timber cruiser put him in a position to be a point man in seeing sasquatch evidence. Sure enough, I have found reference to him finding other evidence independent to the PG event: http://www.bigfootencounters.com/articles/laverty.htm I have found reference to Laverty being interviewed by at least four other bigfoot researchers, but I cannot find the texts of those interviews. Mr. Laverty's involvement appears to be quite private despite his interesting position at the time of the PG event and era in northwest California from 1955-1972. Did he approach his superiors about his experiences? Was he told to keep his mouth shut? Did he pursue evidence on his own, anyway? There is evidence that he collaborated with Dahinden, at least with regard to the PG filming event. Was he quiet about it all for fear of his job security and supervisor's orders? If anyone has access to interviews of Laverty, I would love a PM. I would love to read them. I find him to be the most interesting character in the entire saga.
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    Fix sasquatchery? From your reference: So even the harvest of timber after it burns is a freaking "controversy"?
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    Would have been nice to know which way the tracks were heading, very important information (major clue) that was left out. My guess is that the Bigfoot was heading &#@+& ☃️ to a certain location to do some night hunting. If they were heading west, the Bigfoot would have crossed from the left side of the road. There was a lot of sightings back in the early 70s in this area, most of them agressive. The location, time of day, and time of year fits another report that was of an actual sighting of a eight foot Bigfoot crossing the road seen by two deer hunter's (report is no longer available). When you can have multiple reports of which way a Bigfoot is traveling during the same time, month and location, it can tell you a lot about where it is hanging out during the day time laying low till evening, and where it is heading which I already know.
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    That’s a vacation right there! I’ll pass all day on beaches or big cities, give me remote country any day!
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    I just cut about 50 acres of timber in Georgia. From this experience I can say that there was not a single concern about large primates. However, the forester and the cutters were scared crapless of creating a little bit of mud down the stream that goes through the property.
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    I don't know why this is surfacing again. This was nonsense a decade ago and still nonsense now. Bill Miller and Thomas Steenburg did a rebuttal on this a decade ago. I am surprised that it took 2 years after John Green's death for him to be attacked again
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    You post as if a hoax has been proven.
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    I can't delete that duplicate post sorry! Date and time: Saturday, January 12, 2019 and 9:00 am Where: Forest road off of CGL Weather: Very foggy, 32 degrees What Happened: A friend and I explored a couple of miles up a dirt road, into the hills. We found all sorts of interesting things!
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    The new sheriff. I'd suggest you don't jaywalk or spit on the sidewalk until you know it's safe..........
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    Agreed, feds would jump at the chance to shut down logging. Using Sasquatch or the spotted toad works either way. So many BS stories still revolving around this phenomena. Sasfooty please do us all a favor and get a great picture?
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    I'm still not so sure about that. Those tree hugging administrators are still under the authority of politicians who recieve campaign contributions from timber corporations, and I think government at the political and administrative level are rather satisfied with the amount of control they have over the industry. They already have near complete power, even over private corporate lands and the export of their products. But the presence of a "nation" of indigenous, primitive relic hominids goes way, way beyond timber industry concerns. It has international political ramifications that are actually quite staggering, and not just for the United States and Canada. The "concerns" about the rights, well being, and autonomy of sasquatches that a number of nations in the international community would certainly voice could present a whole host of problems..............
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    Hmm, what's your source for this? An outdated article from Fox news? This recent article isn't from Fox. I guess it must be fake news. "Regardless, logging in national forests is costly for taxpayers, says Hanson, who estimates they are on the hook for $1 billion a year, at least $500 million of which is directly related to post-fire salvage. That's the amount the government pays to build roads to remote areas destroyed by fires and for herbicides the forest service sprays prior to logging to make clear-cutting easier, among other costs. Meanwhile, the federal government pulls in about $150 million annually from selling the timber in national forests, about one fourth of which comes from post-fire logging. "It's a bad deal financially for taxpayers, but it's a great deal for the mills," says economist Ernie Niemi, who has studied the impact of forest management since the 1970s. "It's very hard to justify any salvage logging. It's like they're bandits." https://www.forbes.com/feature/archie-emmerson-timber-forest-fires-logging/#5f8ffbb564f9
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    I'm not so sure of that. If these creatures are human, I can easily see state, federal, and foreign governments going to extreme lengths covering up their existence. More interesting to me is the complete silence of the environmental industry, who have no problem manufacturing and using ridiculous fantasies like anthropogenic global warming to advance their agenda. Why are they so completely silent on sasquatchery?
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    This shouldn't surprise anyone who is a proponent of existence or a knower. But every time I brought it up or even hinted at it I was cast as a conspiracy theorist. It has been my contention that hit squads are out there and that it is a reason why the creatures have been moving to the more remote inaccessible reaches of the habitat. Those places too difficult or costly to harvest timber from. If any of this is anywhere near true then there may come a point where population numbers could drop below sustainable levels. Its why I have said that there are those just waiting out extinction. Hit squads may or may not exist but if they do then extinction would be almost guaranteed. There is a lot more to this scenario folks and I'm convinced it goes all the way to lab DNA, and now e-DNA, samples that consistently comes back Human and so get tossed. I still do not trust the results of the Olympic Project nest samples. There is just too much money to be made by keeping things secret. It follows the pattern of what greed has done to humanity and the planet it lives on. But hey, I always say that right? Mr. Suspicious.
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    Ok, I tried bathing the cat...I got a face full of claws and a lot of fur on my tongue.
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    Without talking about specific ones you've mentioned there, there are some that i'd be open to for sure, and others not so much. I don't fight with the "exist or not" debate so i'm probably, or at least should be, more open and receptive to the occasional strong story than others could be. Must say i don't for one minute think these animals are loveable cuddly Harry's and i also firmly believe that the US Government knows about their existence (they have to) so even though i wouldn't just simply fall for anything where those two things meet, i don't completely discount them immediately personally, no matter how far fetched they appear to be on the surface. I also think people exaggerate a lot, but that doesn't mean that they're actually lying about an experience/encounter, or at least the guts of it anyway.
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    My old ship the Coast Guard Cutter Sweetbrier. Someone put this slide show together and just happened to be when I was on it, I'm actually in a couple of the photos. We would take care of the whole Prince William Sound repairing navigational lights and bouys. We would also rescue fisherman who needed help during rough seas. One of the most adventuresome time's in my life.
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    Anything with the B name in the chain of custody? Run, don't walk away from it. But sure, I'll play... The first suspicious detail is the existence of a glass plate photo in the first place. Given the year of the purported photo, it would have been a "dry" plate technology...an improvement over the earlier "wet" plate process (Think: Brady and Gardner c. 1860 American Civil War). Although the dry plate method required a much simpler method of preparing the glass plate "film", as compared to the wet process, the cameras were still large format and were large, heavy and required bulky and heavy tripods to hold a camera that still required long-ish exposure times. All this by way of saying it seems unlikely this equipment would have been present in the remote BC wilderness in the late 19th century. Another suspicious detail? The poor quality of the image. Silver gelatin dry plates take remarkably detailed and crisp photographs. This photo seems to have been deliberately manipulated to give an impression of age, or to disguise details. The shape of the snowshoes are what is typically known as the "Huron" (a/k/a "Michigan) teardrop style. Styles of snowshoes are very particular to certain geographic areas, terrain and typical snow conditions. Somebody with knowledge of the style preferred in B.C. during the alleged time of the photo could probably offer an opinion on that.
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    But it's this stuff that's the interesting part, and this runs pretty consistent through the entire Klamath Watershed, consistent enough anyway for me to spend a lot of time on it. This screen shot is from the Lower Klamath Zone, our data.
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    As I understand the location description of these nests they are places where humans would not ordinarily go into. In dense thickets of brush with limited entry. No wonder that they are rarely found. Even at that there are indications that they are only temporarily occupied on a seasonal basis. Most likely theory would be fishing, hunting or gathering. Determine the reason for that temporary occupation and one should be able to extrapolate to find others in other areas. The methodology would likely involve examining scat found in the area of nests for diet, determine when that diet is plentiful, and look in that and other areas for nests when those food sources are plentiful. At times science is a slow and tedious process.
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    There is a lot of wisdom in this statement. It's easy to sit at a computer, mocking & calling someone crazy because they try to explain what they know. After you've seen & heard things over & over for years & compared it to what friends & neighbors have see & heard, you realize you're not imagining things. It may not fit into the beliefs of armchair bigfoot researchers, but that doesn't make a single word of it any less true. And, slicktrick, I don't feel that I owe them or the world anything, especially to try to expose them to a world that wants to kill them for "proof".
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    Owe it to the Animals ?? Owe what to the Animals ?? I think they're doing just fine personally without Human Interference or any Enadangered Species acts or such.. The last thing these Animals need, in my opinion, is the World being convinced of their existence. I understand where you're coming from though with regards to possible Land Preservation etc Slick but i also think that there is more than enough Land to sustain healthy Populations of them like there must be now, & there's also lot's of Pro's & Con's to Scientific Acceptance & i certainly don't think doing what you say is as easy as putting a Spy Cam in your Jacket etc either.. Pics/Vid won't do anything anyway, just give certain people the chance to rip the sh*t out of it, big deal.. A Body, or part of one, or nothing me thinks..
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