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    Unwarranted criticism: So simple even a caveman can do it.
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    Hey guys, I am new here and have a little bit more information as to where they are and also was looking for a place to vent about this show. First I do believe there is substantial evidence showing something is out there but without actually encountering one it is hard to say for sure. The area they are in is on private property, it is known as Antone ranch here is a link to their website www.antoneranch.com So either Antone ranch got a hold of someone to report a bunch of sightings and bring them in to search or the production is paying a lot of money to be there because the ranch looks like people pay to go hunting, fishing and other things on it. The airstrip to the north is so clients can fly in and hunt and fish. Now for the venting.... If you are going to make a show about something as controversial as bigfoot and be authentic you had better be accurate with everything you say on the show. As others have said their distances are way off they say something is 4 miles away when it's actually only 1 mile, for example the clearing they are investigating they said it was 2 miles long when it's about a half mile long. If the reason they are doing all this is to try to hide where they are then DON'T SHOW THE LAKES. Between the big lake and the small one that looks like a bear, which was shown on the lidar scans in the first episode, I was able to find this place in 5 minutes on google maps. Besides that I do enjoy the show but I find myself doubting more than I should. Ok now I feel much better thank you for letting me do that.
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    Unless I'm not recalling correctly, didn't she record that on a basic, handheld digital audio recorder? Given the frequency response of the mics on virtually every handheld device I've owned, they're not going to record anything that low. And given the laws of physics and the estimated distance she had to travel to find the suspected origination spot, there's no way an 18hz signal is going to travel thru a forest. The earth has a natural resonance of around 8 hz. There are all sorts of natural creators of low frequency energy, including air movement (even if not felt), and just holding on to the recorder can add handling noise. Secondary to that, it's not likely if the creatures can generate an actual infrasound frequency, it's not going to be embedded beneath an active vocalization. We've experienced countless vocalizations at close range for years and never found a hint of infrasound. I HAVE however, experienced a growl once that was so deep that it literally confused me and caused me to just stand there for a moment unable to process what had just happened. Once it was over, I was able to realize, "Wow. THAT was an unbelievable growl." The show manages to use a LOT of confirmation bias to validate what they want it to be. It's entertaining, but I don't count it as credible research.
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    Lol. I saw that... I threw an upvote at both of you to counter that vengeful downvote.
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    And our mysterious cave with the exposure adjusted just a bit in Topaz Adjust5.
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    OMG... the drama.... How could a cow skull get underwater in that remote swampy area? Here's the answer... You are on a ranch. Ranches have cows. "Abandoned truck in the middle of nowhere?"
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    Someone mentioned that a permit to film on NF takes months to get and requires an environmental impact study to be done before it is issued. No one in their right mind would do that when private land is available. I wonder if Dr Mayor knows she is on a fast track to infamy being associated with a film crew that seems to be intentionally dishonest. Film crews can make things happen that the principal characters have no knowledge of if things get boring. The crew wants their contract renewed. Perhaps Bryce separated from the on screen characters to orchestrate things happening they are not aware of.
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    I got you for a plus this time...but it's obvious you aren't committed to this cause. Get out of your armchair.
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    We need to get somebody at the spot on 02/22/20! They have predicted the future!
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    ^^^ These old ads are rather quaint aren't they? Yes, you are quite correct in your conclusion that just because Payless Drugs or Savemart advertises that they provide Kodachrome processing, it doesn't mean they they have a Pako K-12 processor in their stock room! All of the major drug chains outsourced their work to large commercial labs such as the one that I used to work in. At one time we had a near monopoly of their business in the entire western states. At that time we also processed all film dropped of at west coast Safeway stores. In those days Safeway was our largest account and disaster ensued when we were undercut by a competitor and lost their business. If we received any Kodachrome it was outsourced to the Kodak lab across the Bay in Palo Alto. As far as your theory of "connections" between labs leading to "favors", forget about it. Kodak didn't do "favors," Kodak did whatever it pleased. Being closed on weekends was one of those non - "favors". The exception to the above commercial model would be some small independent camera stores who could do a limited amount of processing color as well as black and white print film, perhaps even Ektachrome but certainly not Kodachrome ll. Let's talk about pre-paid mailers. Patterson was known to frequent Harvey Anderson's camera store in Yakima in order to get his films processed. If the film happened to be Kodachrome, Anderson would put Roger's exposed film in a pre-paid Kodak mailer and have it picked up by Kodak's vast network of couriers or simply place it in the mail himself with the camera store as the return address where it would be sent following processing in Palo Alto. It is unknown whether Patterson ever just skipped the middleman and mailed the film personally and had it returned to his home address. Perhaps it was quicker and more convenient if Harvey did it. Either way, it took a week or so. As far as Technicolor NW in Seattle, we know from the late Mr. Ishihara that their business strategy was also based on pre-paid mailers. In fact it was Frank himself who developed and implemented that plan effectively. I find the Payless ad above especially fascinating. A bit of background is necessary: Following the case of United States vs Eastman Kodak in 1954, the Kodak monopoly on Kodachrome processing was essentially over and pre-paid mailers to Kodak licensed labs finally became available. So going by the Payless ad in the Oakland Tribune, if in 1965 as a teenager in Oakland CA, (I actually lived very close to there) I had purchased a magazine of 8mm Kodachrome for $3.39 I wouldn't have to pay for the processing! It was processed for free by Technicolor (built into the cost)! Almost equally as good, If instead I had already purchased a magazine of Kodachrome 16mm film elsewhere, I could still get it processed by Technicolor (thru Payless) at an astounding price of 99 cents! Which brings us to the topic at hand, the PGF. So it seems quite possible that during that era Patterson had already pre-paid for the processing of his legendary film. At worst, he was going to have to cough up a few minimal dollars. Yet the story goes that the film was shipped by plane to Yakima at no small expense and then processed somehow and somewhere in Washington. Since we know that Technicolor NW provided pre-paid processing and was open on Sunday 22, at 6:00pm, why not just take it in then and get the film processed for free or at most a couple of bucks and have it back by Monday morning? Instead, we have a highly risky scenario where the lab is opened illicitly and against all protocols on Saturday the 21st and Roger's film is developed. Ishihara has stated that they would charge $400 just to open up the lab on a Saturday and that only happened one time.That is over $2,500 in today's money! Free - 99 cents- $2,500! For what exactly? $2,500 plus shipping expenses to find out if there was anything on the film?
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    Where did you stay there? How did you get to know this pilot? Do you think he was sworn to keep his mouth shut? What was your job there? Was the pilot hauling out animal corpses like deer, elk, and bear? I read a report written by another person that was hired to be there, and he that discussed bigfoot bodies being hauled out. Probably more fake news. If bigfoots lived on Mt. St. Helens it makes little sense. Their search for food up there might yield a few ground squirrels. If true, it may have been just one family up there living in a cave. Nice warm cave at that. So maybe this bigfoot family was being studied by the DOI and they had to evacuate them by helo. The pilot freaked out when he saw the passengers and remained freaked out with PTSD. This reads like a good novel.
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    It could have been an Elk walking away . I catch animals on thermal every time I go out at night .I don't think there's ever been a time we haven't caught a deer or a yote if we stay out the night. I mentioned that when they used the balloon thermal and pretended they couldn't find the spot when he was telling them it's right in front of you. They used flashlights , that made no sense at all when they each had a thermal they could have pulled out. That was really fake and so was the dramatic music they used . I wanted this to be real and I bought the series and still have the last one to watch but the more I watched it I could see it was fake. Sure BUT have you even been on the EDGE !!! of discovery before ?
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    Agreed - It's made for the tv audience, not for researchers. The problem is that Russell is an author and runs a bigfoot conference. Ronnie is also an author. Presenting this contrived and sometimes outright dishonest activity could do damage. We can be an unforgiving bunch. (but see below - risk/reward may be worth it) I perused that page on Facebook, and just decided to stay clear. I'm sure somebody will take what we've found and share it there, and the reaction could be epic. It's not gonna be me. Dr Mayor sharing her dream may have been the most honest part of the show. I am a vivid dreamer and pay attention to what is presented in dreams. My dreams get more vivid when I'm camping, and especially when I get too hot or too cold. One cool night and the dreams can get a little crazy for me. I have shared some thoughts about my own dreams in the paranormal section, so I won't mock too much about that part of the show. However, it's my opinion that they ended up at the cemetery because they knew it was there. They have the same map as I do and I can see it on the map. I can never believe they just stumbled on it. They needed the drama. I think they should be concerned, but here's a thought as to why it would be worth it. Russell runs a bigfoot conference that caters to the BF community, and dishonesty of a show like this could hurt that a little. As I just mentioned above, we can be an unforgiving bunch. BUT - It might also help him bring in many others to his conference. Risk/reward was likely worth it. Russell is also Bob Gimlin's handler, for lack of a better term. He helps Bob manage his appearances and I know he has been looking to get Bob some paydays. I think that's why they included Bob G in this series, and Bob deserves a few paydays. Can't fault them for that. One could theorize that RPG didn't like the dishonesty and got out as soon as possible. Like so many other things in the series, maybe the illness was contrived to allow him to exit gracefully. <- just a 'theory' I also can't fault Ronnie too much for jumping in when the opportunity presented itself. As an author, the publicity has to help. I just wish he didn't need to pretend that finding the abandoned truck was a 'surprise.' As for Dr Mayor, I have nothing bad to say. It's difficult enough to get scientific types involved with Bigfoot. If she's in it now, I hope she's here to stay. Mostly, I blame the producers for the garbage product. They are not concerned about 'us' and evidently not too concerned about the reputation of the cast. I'm hopeful that the show just ends with this season and we can all go our merry way.
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    Bipeds give horses and other animals food, water, and shelter. It may not matter whether a biped is Human or not.
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    You have a point Huntster. Yes, if bigfoot is brought into the Fish and Wildlife Service in Oregon, their funding for animal studies would need immediate reorganizing. It would be worth the effort if bigfoot is brought in tomorrow. Oregon state and the DOI should all ready be in the process to stop any hunting of bigfoots with fines and jail time that gets the attention of the most stubborn hunters. The federal government and state would need to pass premade laws regulating entry into bigfoot habitats. Areas where bigfoot resides with its family would be closed off until the DOI gets a handle on the situation. Yes, funding of less important creatures would be pushed to the back so bigfoot could be funded and studied.
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    I thank you for that. I would also like to thank many other members for their encouragements and support since I began this venture. It has all helped greatly in keeping me motivated to stay the course. Anyone wishing to embark on a particular path of discovery, whatever it may be, there is much to be said about learning as much as one can ahead of time should an opportunity for follow through ever occur. In the confidence-building department it can't be beat and allows one to start out so much further along in any dialogue that may present itself. I can't tell you how glad I am for knowing what I now know. I owe the nudging to learn more all to everyone here on the BFF and am grateful.
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    I ain't buying it There's something else going on. It has nothing to do funding for research .Grants are a dime a dozen if it's asked for by the right person or organization . So I raise the b#ll Sh#t Flag https://www.businessinsider.com/james-lankford-federal-fumbles-report-of-government-waste-2017-11
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    ^^^^^^^Good catch. And I bet we can come up with a handful of other reasons, too........
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    When the ratings of Finding BIgfoot started to fall, the producers approached the crew and wanted to "enhance" things to make better TV. The crew threatened to quit if that happened. Producers have the most interest in a successful series, if they want to keep doing one. You cannot know who knows what because they sign nondisclosure agreements. I have had one experience with TV news. Was approached in an airport when I was an airline pilot and asked about something pertinent to something that had happened recently in aviation. I responded with my opinion and it was so botched and edited on TV that they had completely changed what I was trying to convey. Even news producers seem to have an agenda, and truth is not part of it.
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    As a non spokesman for the DOI ,USGS, and having worked for this agency for 20+ years. I can honestly say, it's all about funding. We would study algae in Antarctica if the funding was there. To give an example. When the Ivory BIlled Woodpecker(IBWO) was supposedly rediscovered......the funding coming from FWS was on the scale of the budget of most countries. Why? Because the IBWO was the poster child of Ecology and within the Ornithologists circles due to the debate of old growth forests versus the first inhabitants and arrival of Europeans as far as practice of forestry. Old growth versus slash and burn versus slowly culling forests and moving on, to allow the IBWO to thrive on slowing dying trees (grubs to eat). To give an example of amount of funding involved for just one aspect of the funding we received. We purchased 1950's aerial imagery in stereo at approx 1:18k scale for all of Tensas parish, Louisiana (641 square miles ) at around 40$ per frame for me, just me to map the whole parish for potential IBWO habitat (second growth versus newer harvests, and basic habitat mapping). Then scan and rectify this imagery. Crazy $$$ We even sent teams to the parish courthouse in Tensas to look up property records dating back to the civil war ( fyi, all parish courthouses in Louisiana have period data on property records and lay of the land b/c generals would send teams to every court house). Here is the kicker of it all. I gave a presentation in front of a group of Cornell scientists (very nervous) and at the end some guy in the audience invited anyone to come see his footage of a supposed IBWO....he set up shop in our office ( just because of the room available) and NOT ONE... NOT ONE person showed up to see his footage, only us who work in that office. It was blobpecker to be sure, but with all that money on the line, you would think any proof at all would be worth a look, but not one. Scientists are a hard nut to crack. To scientists within DOI, it will take more than a body on a slab, it will take a real to life Ecological concern, across a lot of disciplines to move the needle. I am a believer, but I am small potatoes within DOI. I just do habitat mapping. Give one final example. A lady in the next building who is head of the FWS here sent out a Request for Funding. To study potential bigfoot habitat in Big Thicket NP, Texas, and it didn't go well. And our office was perfectally set up to do this work and my supervisors just laughed at it.......It was funding.....FUNDING, food on the table and they still turned it down. Sorry can't find the link. In summary, it will take a lot of approaches from multiple disciplines to stir interest within DOI. We are all about guaranteed funding, we shake at questionable research and funding. *****We operate on reimbursable funds, which mean we rely on other agencies for funds, we don't just get money from the treasury, we have to go out and sell our research, it has to be on sound footing to sell and to receive multiple years of funding. And BIAS.........put a IBWO on a slab and we could fund the Army for a year. Sad
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    When you have walled off the possibility of something existing in yer universe? It’s a hoax.....it has to be!!! Remember when UFO’s were just swamp gas and pie plates thrown in the air? No more.
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    That’s the cripple foot of the Boss burg track. Just north of my house. Your on a Bigfoot forum. The PGF has NEVER been “debunked”. So buck up camper..... Simply putting yer hands over yer ears and yelling “La la la” is not a debate strategy! Again snow tracks are impossible to fake in the dimensions seen. Long stride and single file. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.
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    Forgot to quote Arvedis, who early on posted doubts on the "advanced algorithm" claim. Back then I gave Arvedis a + "ha ha"vote to support his statement. Anybody who hides their methodology can claim special advanced algorithms. They don't have to share their algorithm to get peers to support them, they just need to describe what data was used, the general type of model, and what was the optimization criteria. When I did my predictive analytics work for WA using the early SSR database back 5 years ago, I posted the methodology used fully transparent in the report (posted in the Premium section). I never claimed it was any good, just one way of looking at the data and trying to predict the most likely location and time period based on parameters from historical reports. I stopped doing that work, because I thought it was flawed (too long a story to discuss on this thread). I recall that early on the EB show claimed that 3 locations were selected for optimal BF hotzone but this one was the best (or most convenient). The fact that this location was such a convenient private ranch raises doubts on the other claims too. Who knows what mapping model they used? They probably had some data, model and mapping done, otherwise it would have been a total lie.
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    Here's a man like me; bullspit has a very limited shelf life around me before Hell is released. Have a good campfire roast, Friend, and good luck with your trespassers. As a firearms kind of guy, and a shotgun lover in particular, I'd love more info on your new autoloader if and when you have time again to post........
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    Thanks for sharing. I remember this . As you know I am not impressed by snow tracks.
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    Not sure if you've made it through this whole thread, but we knew where it was filmed. The "Anton Ranch" info is new (to me anyway) so you got your first upvote. Welcome to BFF. And just like that we found the cabin. It's labeled Cougar Lake Cabin on the Antone Ranch website 'landmarks' page. I haven't found it on the map yet though.
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    There have been reports of Bigfoot playing with fires and embers. One was in the 1800s in California.
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    It would be more convenient if the Bigfoots would simply fall out of them once in a while. Unless no one's there. I mean if a Sasquatch falls out of a tree and no one is there to see it, do they bounce?
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    A definitive answer? A biologist- without question. Because you DON'T find it. You find irrefutable DNA evidence in the drainage and watershed systems. Check ponds downhill from ridges and caves. One wouldn't have to canvass an entire National Forest ecosystem either. But any results would save weeks if not months of boots on the ground. It would take a broad scientific effort though, not just one biologist out on a weekend, though it wouldn't be impossible for one in the right area. It's absolutely time to get smart about this and I've been saying that for quite a while now. This would be in addition to whatever anyone else wants to do. But it's a most important addition that should not be left idling. And here's the point, one doesn't need a Sasquatch genome in the GenBank for comparison. All one needs is something that LOOKS like Human DNA but have something different than Homo Sapiens sapiens even though it may read as Human. We can seem to determine a different Homo species that is VERY close to us, such as Denisovan and Neanderthal. Sasquatch wouldn't BE that close, and I'm convinced of that. So Seeing Human DNA that isn't quite normal should be expected. I'm weary of the "too degraded" excuse. The work around is to get fresh samples from the field that are under 48 hours old. Heck science is tracking winter migrations now by getting DNA from tracks in SNOW! My advice? Science has said numerous times that e-DNA can be used to find unknown organisms. So, for this case, stop testing for animals in remote habitat and start testing for primates! Just use Human, Gorilla, and Chimpanzee markers as protocol and stop all this foolishness.
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    I just wanted to note that last night I added #7 to the list as I had forgotten all about it. The sound recording of the howl response yielded infrasound which is a significant find, in my opinion. So, they have a thermal image, infrasound detection, hair with no medulla, eyeshine, and more. I'd call their expedition, no matter the expanse of their location (or lack thereof), a smashing success.
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    That winter storm arriving at your ranch tonight blew through here last night, and closed Hwy 1 all the way from Aldergrove, 15 km W of me, through Abbotsford, and out to Chilliwack, 30 km E. The snow wasn't deep, but stuck to the roads as a sheet of ice, and gale force winds created a total white-out. I missed my first day of work in 2 years because I couldn't get from my pick-up point in Langley, out to my deliveries in Chilliwack. We're still getting sustained winds of 50km/hr, gusting to over 80.
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    I am sure that the production company and their insurance provider probably look down on loaded firearms from a liability standpoint...but, concealed means concealed. Maybe he is armed and kept it quiet.
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    If you are talking about the Missoula Floods most of the Cascades were well above the flood level. I think the height of the flood in the Portland area was around 400 feet. It sloshed around Mt Tabor without topping it. That only affected the Columbia River basin drainage and large areas in Central Washington and the Willamette River drainage in Oregon, that are not BF habitat because they are grasslands. Most of Western Washington was not affected by the flooding. Flood waters actually have contributed to finds in areas as far South as Eugene in Oregon. Mastodons apparently killed in the flood have been found buried by flood debris. Volcanism has likely been more destructive to BF habitat in the Cascades. BF caught in pyroclastic flows and heavy ash falls were likely killed in large numbers but at the same time that would have preserved them as it did humans in Pompeii. I walk the stream banks in volcanic areas hoping to find a BF skeleton washing out of a stream bank. Mt St Helens is the most active volcano in the Cascades. It has erupted every couple of hundred years for millions of years. Lewis and Clark saw it erupting on their journey West before the 1980 eruption.
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    Hey hey! Whoa! If it wasnt fer cavemen.... where would you get yer clubs and fire! Huh?
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    I determined that the area that I guessed was the marshy area last night is correct. Here is a Google Earth comparison to a tv shot. We are looking toward the southeast. There are several features (trees, logs, creek) that match. GPS is about 44.419530, -119.828830. This is the 1/3 mile clearing that they claim is 2 miles long.
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    @Redbone I know that I am a newbie here, but on behalf of the community....thanks for all of your work on the SSR. I find it extremely useful and I am sure that others here do as well. That's a monumental task that I am sure sometimes seems thankless. So...thank you! Btw, I am going to use your height stick idea.
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    Keep in mind, my own criticism is based on 1 1/2 episodes. Looking for hair in a nest was a cool idea. It seems better as it goes along, but I'll always be bothered by the stupid background music. So here is some manufactured drama I spoke of. Russell had to rappel down a cliff to save time... or somebody could've driven a jeep to within 100 yards of where he was. Every distance they mention about their positions is greatly exaggerated. Russell's '3 day climb' was west of the base camp (44.437298, -119.814284) , not east, and there are logging roads going up there. That whole graphic that shows the ridge east of base camp is BS. At minimum, it is flipped left to right, but it also doesn't indicate accurate N-S lines. It's tilted. That's probably all done so that nerds like us can't figure it out. I guess they underestimated us. Russell on the ridge is at about 44.438740, -119.866810, overlooking Rock Creek Lake, which is Southeast of his position at 44.428260, -119.830200. When Russell points on the map at water sources, his finger is at about 44.435300, -119.878090, which is West Branch Rock Creek. This may be a meaningless gesture for the camera. The lake with the name scribbled out is Rock Creek Lake (pictured above). The 6200 ft peak he was on is slightly above, and to the right of his finger. "W" is the ridge, and "X" is base camp. "Z" is where his finger is at. "Y" was that little lake noted in the LIDAR scan.
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    Thanks for sharing norseman. Thomas did an excellent presentation! A logical progression with relevant pictures about the stories, places and investigations he was talking about.
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    I'm not watching the show, so no idea how this matches, but as I laugh out loud at the suggestion this is a bigfoot hotpsot. I think it could be a dummy map. The area Explorer found is Wheeler County, with a grand total of ZERO entries in the SSR. With a little digging I found two Oregon Bigfoot Reports that potentially can be added. (I have not read either report yet)
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    Ive always been open to BF producing eye shine but the idea of actually projecting light out of its eyes I cannot buy. I typically just toss that on the same pile of BF traits such as using portals or other amazing feats that perpetuate the legend and myth that is BF. No offense to anyone but I can’t buy it.
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    Messing around with outdoor hardware and peeking are commonly reported when BFs come around homes. It's thought to be curiosity rather than aggression. Hopefully, he'll be smart and not resort to violence. Here's a list I found elsewhere. Light ’em Up Put up lots of lights up high –over 15 feet high, if you can manage–around the yard for night time. Put a wire cage around the bulbs because they will throw rocks or yank them off the wall. Even Christmas lights are useful. Strobes are good, too. Shine lights out from inside the house. All lights must be able to be switched on from inside the house. Motion detector lights can be defeated, so don’t use those. Bigfoot are too smart for that. Zillion watt flashlights and spotlights. They hate that. I hear they dislike green and blue lasers, available cheaply on the internet. Lock doors both when out of the house and when you are in the house. Lock up tight at night, close windows. Small, inexpensive motion activated and very shrill alarms which firmly attach to windows and doors can be bought for around $5. They work surprisingly well. Bigfoot know and avoid cameras. Put up game cameras. Yes, they can avoid them, but it’s the deterrent factor you are after, not pictures. Ask the local PD or sheriff to do extra patrols to make sure you are safe from what might be a crazy drifter or a prisoner on the lam. Air horn, flash-bangs, fireworks, loud noise. Got a cannon? LOUD. Do not ever feed them or put food outside or throw leftovers outside in the woods. No trees or plants that produce food. Unintended consequences are a bitch. No deer feeders in the area. Bird feeders either. Store animal food inside. Discourage deer from hanging around. When you see one, use the air horn. Also other small animals, which bigfoot also eat. Do a little target practice around the property, using safety sense. Be armed and let them see that. HOWEVER, DO NOT SHOOT AT THEM except in an extreme life or death situation, because they will escalate their activity and threat level. Empty outdoor freezers or refrigerators. Cut down all weeds, brush, and trees around the house. Shade is nice, but quiet is nicer. Drain swimming pools. Lock up livestock at night, from chickens to bulls. Put big dogs in barn. Do not chain them up. Install powerful speakers outside high up, and, when you know they are nearby, start yelling through them. Etc.
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    The Travel Channel wrote: Researchers uncover Bigfoot clues in new Travel Channel series. Team believes advanced algorithm is missing key to solving legend.
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    That is interesting! Do you by chance know the backstory? The foot is peculiar. I notice the size difference (or lack thereof) between the big toe and the 2nd and 3rd toes. There seems to be a decent look at the hair on the leg as well. Another observation - look at the hair in the 2nd trail cam pic. Seems like we've seen that 'style' of hair on other trail cam pics as well. One question I would have is why is the trail cam pointed toward the ground? Not much field of view. Of course, it could have been moved/manipulated, but that is one thing that I'm scratching my head about.
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    Just like a scientist to be so arrogant to think that an animal is mystical just because it's smart enough to remain undetected. I bet scientist didn't consider themselves stupid either in the 1800s when the gorilla was discovered. What about the panda? And giant squid? Komodo dragon? The arrogance of humans is astounding, "if it exists then we would have a body by now." Well for one the government has had several bodies for a long time now. It's hard for them to declare an animal as real when you can't just lock it up in some zoo. Also the implications on religious beliefs with an animal so closely related to us. We haven't even scratched the surface of the earth and how much is still unknown, but yet we're arrogant enough to classify something as mystical because it's not right in our face. The truth is, where the creatures live there isn't anyone really out there looking for them. Don't be fooled by tv shows and amateur researchers hanging apples in their back yard. They do in fact exist and they exist largely in areas where humans don't go.
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    Todd gets a bad rap, everything he doesn't isn't a hoax. Nobody spends that much time and money on hoaxing. For what? Infamy?
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    Georgerm See Georgerm this has already happen when St Helen erupted which was a natural disaster . A lot of wild life did die in that eruption and this includes these creatures . Our Gov was able to get their hands on these creatures after the eruption. They were even able to get there hands on some live ones that were burned and treated for those burns. So there right there was their perfect case to confirm that these creatures were real. What makes it also so good is that that it also makes it perfect to deny that what people witness never happen. So do you really believe that you can trust the word of some government official who has no authority to speak about what our gov knows about these creatures . One who is all of a sudden coming on a forum talking about funding to study these creatures when the funding has already been given into the study of these creature and has been hidden from the public. If he is coming on a public forum and talking about these creatures and works for the gov then why should we PM. Why not make it public on what he really knows . Just come out with it and not make it so secretive . There is not a lot to hide that we might not already know now. Make it public knowledge on a public forum. Let people know what is really going on . Dugas cajan See I am for Open Disclosure.
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    Don’t listen to the advice of anyone here. They only exist to complain. It’s a good show.
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