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    I made a day trip to a quiet valley on the S side of the Fraser River, between Chillwack and Hope, where I had seen lots of deer and bear sign on a visit earlier this summer. I found the steep creek valley almost as quiet this visit, only encountering 1 couple on a side by side ATV, but there were numerous logging slash piles burning, leaving a blue haze in the air, and sometimes bits of ash falling around me. Only 1 pile of bear scat was seen, and no tracks of anything else in evidence. I stopped and glassed several areas, with nothing of interest except for the smouldering brush piles. The logging companies do these burns after several weeks of fall rains, so there's no danger of the fires spreading, but it is annoying to see. Looking N towards the Fraser Valley East view. Fire haze from below, and a clear cut at top centre that I reached 3 yrs ago via a road that is now washed out. Looking S towards the US border, with an unburned slash pile at the bottom left, and several burning on the horizon.
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    I think he contributed in one major way to the subject of the PGF: His complete fail of his Bigfoot suit. This is esp true of the walk. Convinced skeptics fall into two camps: One, Roger MADE a suit himself. Two, Roger used A PRO SUIT PROVIDED to him to make the PGF. Mr. Blevins seems to put to rest the idea a motivated 'average Joe' person could- on their own- make a suit like the Patty. His failure, if nothing else, shows a regular joe even highly motivated could not accomplish a Patty level suit. It's a fail. <--------------- a MAJOR fail. That leaves Patty either being a real creature or a suit made by a master by some yet unknown process. One thing Patty is not, is some suit effort from just anybody. I wish no ill will on the man, and I never even knew the guy. But, his suit is a stinker. His failure is educational, just not in the way he intended.
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    I have the FLIR H-Series 324 Command with a 16gb sd card. I can record at least 2 full nights with the help of a fully charged spare car battery, an inverter, extension cord, wall charger, and turn the FLIR's standby switch to the off position. Then I mount the FLIR on a tripod either in a blind, tent, or in the back of the truck with an open window. I also setup two or three trail cams to cover the other sides the FLIR can't see.
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    Leroy Blevins was my neighbor for years, I have lots of videos of him and I setting up Halloween dummies to scare the neighborhood kids! His precursor to his Patty Bigfoot Costume which his wife did most of the work on! I think Leroy just did the head!!! Leroy was real religious but he loved Halloween more than any other holiday! I have bunches of DVD's of us making full size Monsters complete with Fog Machines to make them Spookier! Half buried Skeletons, Ghosts in Trees, Dummy Humans hanging from trees, etc... Now just because we made realistic Human Dummies doesn't mean Real Humans don't Exist!! lol This thread I wanted to post what remains of his Patty Bigfoot research of which I got him started on by saying the the Patterson Film was real which launched him on a quest to prove me wrong!!!
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    ^^^ I don't consider an anonymous internet post to be reliable... but that's just me.
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    Daye & Time - Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 730-9pm or thereabouts Location - Forest road 10 miles beyond a lake in the Oregon Cascades Weather - Still, 45°F, clear skies What Happened- NorthWind and I went nighttime bigfooting up a recommended road. A truck with bright lights and ATV's were across the small valley that we were in within 2 minutes of us getting settled. Probably scared every living thing away within a 5-mile radius. Jerks. We tried pulling over elsewhere, but got nothing. Milky Way : 1B; bigfoots : 0.
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    He used to be in Los Angeles recently transplanted to Pacific City OR. I was at his 90th birthday celebration there several years back. He has an International Wildlife Conservation Society nonprofit whose website seems under construction or redevelopment https://www.kptv.com/news/pacific-city-man-spent-more-than-years-hoping-to-catch/article_f02f9266-adad-11e9-b8d1-b3bdd6f20935.html
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    Getting my HAM license is something that I have had on the back burner for years. I am going to try and get my license by the end of the year, schedule permitting.
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    It’s starting to seem to me that the supposed evidence we have is not enough to get the ball rolling any more than it already has. We can scream all day about a finger bone that lead to a discovery but we cannot even produce that in regards to a creature that supposedly inhabits most of North America currently. The biggest claim of evidence we have, sightings, are detrimental to our argument. We expect them to believe that BF is damn near everywhere yet leaves virtually no tangible, verifiable, repeatable evidence. That’s egg on our face as a community. I don’t want to hear about the secret evidence in private collections, the vids or pics that may exist etc. We do not produce the goods.
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    I made an afternoon trip out to the location of the sighting from 2007, reported to me by Mike, which I mentioned in my post of Sep.22, on the previous page. He had said that the creature seen by himself and a companion that day in Oct of 2007 had crossed in front of their vehicle in daylight just at the Km 4 marker on the Harrison East FSR. It was seen to cross the road from the forested downhill side, and proceeded uphill through a recent clearcut, then cross the Slollicum FSR above the cut, and disappear into the old second growth timber above that road, a distance of about 250m (280yds). The Slollicum FSR had been gated for the last 3 years, but I was fortunate to find that the gate was now removed, as logging operations further uphill had been completed. This allowed access to that road, but with the challenge of newly cut drainage channels every few hundred meters, as the road was now considered "decommissioned" until needed for logging in the future. My newly lifted Outlander, with larger tires installed earlier this week, could just barely crawl through the trenches, and I did manage to scuff both the front and rear bumper skins in doing so. Oh well, it's 18 months old now, and over 80,000km, so not a new car to cry over a few scratches any more. I got a few shots of the sighting location, and a few of the fall colours for fun. Looking down the now 12 year old clearcut to HarrisonE FSR from Slollicum Rd The second growth timber above Slollicum FSR Parked on Slollicum Fall colours higher up the Slollicum road
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    Based on this recent human skeleton find, more insight into dna ripe areas for study in BF might be deduced if a fairly fresh body is not present. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/19/us/skeleton-found-mount-williamson.html The petrous bone surrounding the inner ear in the temporal lobe of the skull is one, teeth are another, especially in cases of unique or old finds. I guess hair is in the mix when available. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0129102 This protective bone near the inner ear is news to me as a dna goldmine, learn something everyday
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    I've never yanked a tooth, but I did have one pulled a few months ago by a qualified, experienced dentist who had all the right tools at hand. It was real work, and it took him a while. I read of GIs taking the teeth of dead Japanese soldiers and civilians for the gold fillings, but their methods were rather crude and destructive; using their rifle butts as battering rams. You'd probably not get good samples that way, and later discussion would likely get you in as much trouble as the soldiers caught desecrating enemy bodies got into. In much less time than my dentist pulled my tooth, I can decapitate a caribou, bear, or moose.......less than two minutes, and maybe less than one, if one starts timing when knife is in hand, I'm all ready to go, and I know I'm being timed. Removing a hand or foot would be even quicker, since an arm or leg is easier to manipulate than a head/torso. I was party to the skinning of a coastal brown bear while under duress. I wasn't one of the skinners; I was one of the guards keeping the other bears at bay while the skinners worked. Seemed like a long process at the time, but I know that it was really the fastest bear skinning that has ever occurred since Jeremiah Johnson was put to the test skinning bears.......
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    The whole premise is interesting but still a big fat wad of conjecture.
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    So if you find a body, yank a tooth? Small, easily carried, relatives might not notice it's absence... Potential!
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    Can't let the day end without wishing the PGF a Happy 52nd Birthday!
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    Here are three academics that can easily step into a university position with an emphasis in Sasquatch. In my opinion more and more evidence is mounting in bigfootery and universities may eventually welcome more PHDs in this area of zoology. Oh, Jane Goodall is coming around too. Esteban Sarmiento is a primatologist and biologist. He is noted for his work in primate anthropology and for appearing on the Monster Quest television series. Biography[edit] Sarmiento earned a biological anthropology Ph.D. in 1985 and from then until at least 2008 he worked as a research associate at the American Museum of Natural History. His main field of study is the skeletons of hominoids,[1] including both extinct [2][3] and living species.[4][5] From 2002 to 2004 he was a Fulbright scholar teaching physiology at Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique.[citation needed] Presently,[specify] he heads The Human Evolution Foundation whose main goal is to understand humanity's place in nature, and fight to end to racial discrimination at Public Universities.[citation needed] Sarmiento is one of the few mainstream experts to give serious attention to cryptozoology, particularly reports of Bigfoot. Sarmiento does not suggest that the existence of Bigfoot has been established, but that its existence is possible and that claims and evidence deserve careful scrutiny. He has stated, "If the animal in the P&G film [Bigfoot] is real, this animal is exceedingly human-like...t would be our closest relative on earth.”[6] He has appeared on several episodes of the History Channel series Monster Quest discussing Bigfoot and other "cryptids." Marc Edward Wolfgang Miller (born in Lancaster, Ohio) is an American doctor of neuropsychology, explorer, and author. Dr Miller was chief of neuropsychology at Good Samaritan Hospital[which?] for 25 years and is currently in private practice. He has led over 30 expeditions around the world in search of rare or extinct animals with his friend Bill Cacciolfi. Jack Hanna once said that "Marc is an adventurer in the true sense of the word and among the great explorers of our times."[citation needed] Early life[edit] Coleman was born in Norfolk, Virginia, grew up in Decatur, Illinois and graduated in 1965 from MacArthur High School.[2] He studied anthropology and zoology at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale,[3] and psychiatric social work at the Simmons College School of Social Work in Boston. He did further studies in doctoral-level anthropology at Brandeis University and sociology at the University of New Hampshire. Coleman taught at New England universities[which?] from 1980 to 2004, having also been a senior researcher at the Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Policy from 1983 to 1996,[citation needed] before retiring from teaching to write, lecture, and consult.
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    Thanks, Georgerm, for that Smithsonian link. Would be interesting in terms of bigfoot to learn more about sandal-wearing “giants,” the 6-foot-plus individuals. If I had the time to delve into the website I sure would like to know what other bones are at the Smithsonian. Even though it looks like the Lovelock bones are not related to Bigfoot, I strongly believe that studying these archaeological mysteries brings fresh ideas and unexpected connections to the search for BF in the fossil or bone record. P.S., Northwind — gotta love those sagebrush bark Tevas in the photos from the Smithsonian!
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    I carry a handgun HK USP 45 with hard cast +P ammo I also occasion will carry a S&W model 29 44 mag loaded with hard cast ammo.
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    Not saying these are real but if you know the story behind them post it here or if you've got some decent Trail Cam pics post them! I have several scattered around on my Android I'll find them and post them here, ones I've found floating around on the internet... Heres a common one found all over the place with no explanation of where it was took and it's been lumped in the pile of man in ape suit, has anyone confessed it was a Hoax? I've only seen one Bigfoot and it was only illuminated by the moon light so details are only a silhouette of a large biped hairy ape like creature is what I saw probably around 8 foot tall but details this clear I didn't see! Yeah it does look like a suit but I've seen some weird trail cam pics like the mangy bigfoot apple theif pic and it's been deemed authentic!
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    Telling friends when and where game cameras are deployed is a sure way to get a hoax created.
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    Do not keep on going on and on or be naive that the Gov. and science does not have a body. Cause they do have one in their lab and might even have one that is alive. But they will deny that they do since it is only best to do so. We can question them all we want and they will deny it since this is the best course of action. After all they do not care if you do question them since they do not really have to answer to you or us any how. Unless you are in that position to know what they know then we will never know whether they have a body or a live specimen . You are either in the know crowd or you are in the out crowd. Either way the know crowd is so small that no one will never know the truth since it was made this way to prevent leaks from the inside . I am really speculating on this and the way I figure ,it would be a tight unit that accomplished this feat. This data will not be located anywhere and I mean it's DnA. I feel like the search for this creature should just be a closed case . Any DnA that gets tested will just come back with the same results that we have seen in the past. Even if you were to throw a dead body in their face it will be denied it's existence. Try proving me wrong .
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    The one I found would not be a good candidate for GPR because it was in an area of rocks, softball or larger in size. I just discovered an interesting fact. When my computer was hacked the pictures of the grave were some that were lost. I have an aerial photo of the area taken a year later and so much of it had washed out, it was difficult to tell where it was. There was a log about 3 feet in diameter that was very near the "grave". That was gone. South of the Lahar on the flanks of Mt St Helens I found rock stacks typical of others I have found in the area. Near those were large fresh BF footprints. There have been recent reports of people at the Ape Canyon parking lot late in the day hearing vocalizations. That is just East of the "grave" location in the lahar. Something about that area seems to attract BF which is strange because the 1980 eruption has taken out most of the trees. They have little cover other than what was behind a protective ridge that saved a good size patch of trees in the Ape Canyon area. That tells me if that lahar is a common burial location all one needs to do is be there in the spring and hope bodies or bones wash out with the spring runoff. I have not made it there in several years because I was having lung issues in that time frame. I just would not feel comfortable disinterring a body. Might be something that would get you killed. Those who cannot get out in the field or who do could use Google Earth and look for odd rectangular patches in talus fields. The one I found was certainly large enough to have shown up on Goggle Earth.
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    Around here fathers would get the bovine testicle crimpers out..... I would rather be shot.
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    Thanks for the information, I was told that the stock barrel and spring would be a tough run even in the Gen 4 ( they noted barrel flowering and cracks reported on gen 4 when running even about 200gr ), I will look further into it. I was going to go ahead and jump on the lonewolf 6 inch barrel this spring.
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    Okay, when I posted my comment I was thinking more of other animals not so much Bigfoot ,Four and Two legged . I understand your reasoning now when it comes to a Bigfoot . I also only carry for self defense unless I'm out in the field hunting and no round is chambered in my rifle until I get in my stand or in my blind but my sidearms which ever I have at the time are always condition one . You just never know . As to the .50 it is a hoot to shoot but no it's not a hard rifle to fire at all . The muzzle break takes most of the recoil and it's more of a long steady shove against your shoulder .I've owned shotguns before that had a more punishing recoil . At 28 pounds it's not light but believe it or not with that drag bag I have pictured , it has shoulder straps and it doesn't feel that heavy if I had to hump this thing . But I'm glad I only hump it from my truck a few feet away to my firing range
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    52 years and nobody can replicate the Patterson Bigfoot Film yet?
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    Wonder if that rock that "slid" into the Thomas site excavation is still there. Didn't go up to look this year. I sincerely hope people don't vandalize the site. I'd have to check my notes, but about 15 years ago a large rock did slide into the excavation. The next summer it was out and on the northwest side of the hole as if it was just "flipped" out. There were no scratch marks on rocks in the hole. Also, it looks like some of the ridgeline stone work has changed. I don't know who goes up there, but whoever it is doesn't leave people trash. Once in a while we'll find some hunter discard, but that's about it. Pika photo ! They are up there and in talas south of the site. Love those little guys. They sure like to "talk." Those big bare rock piles are called "talas." There are many of them in the area. Look at Google Earth. There are also big talas near Signal Mountain to the north and Mt. Lowe to the south. Be careful on them. We have found at least four more clear excavations similar to the Thomas site. They must not be confused with rare Native American vision quest sites which are also up there. Be careful on the rocks. An accident can happen lightning fast, especially of the bare rocks are wet or icy and you don't notice. I have three pins, a connector joint and some removed small bones in my left foot to prove that. I was foolishly wearing Nike prowling around on one one day. Joe here
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    Ghetto Booty! Blevins forgot the breasts! I told him but he said he didn't want to expose his kids to that! I also told him to put more padding in the Booty area!!! lol
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    Great thread, 7.62. I spent 30 years behind retail gunstore counters. This is dear to my heart. When "in the field," a .45acp Colt 1911 stainless Commander, condition 1, on my hip. These days I find my "field" more likely to be suburban. Since I was intricately familiar with a 1911, I most often carry the 9mm Sig 938, a smaller 1911 clone. I also often opt for my S&W 638 .38 "humpback" snubbie. Edit to add, licensed concealed carrier, in my state. Enjoying onset of cooler weather, generally carry heavier caliber as conditions allow.
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    You see people in the comments sections of videos like this saying "Finally we know the Truth!" and they have no idea about how Bob has contradicted his story over the years! Couldn't get the other video to post and it reposted the same one and it won't delete now... but it looks funny anyways!
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    The good thing about that is at least it's not overly expensive but I agree since you already have firearms night vision or thermal should be the next thing to purchase . I went kind of cheap with mine and now I wish I had spent a little more to get something better . I bought a ATN OTS It's okay and the thermal works fine( got it on sale for $1600 but I wish I had spent another grand for something better now after using a friends thermal .
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    Who’s Batman and whose the Joker?
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    Yep. I just socked away another $60. Getting closer.
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    Sometimes our forests are incredibly dense and you can't see 10 feet into it. A FLIR would have been awesome when I was hearing steps in the forest behind an impenetrable screen of bushes snd bramble at the Meadow, and then my bigfooting buddy saw something duck into the woods. We could have busted it bigtime. Save up, NorthWind!
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    Colt 1911 with Hydrashoks or hardball, depending on my mood. Camping, I bring my AR and a Winchester 1300 with a side saddle that holds an extra 6, 000 Buckshot in addition to the 1911. I like my little .357 lever action carbine, too.
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    Hey JustCurious.....took a close look at the trail block yesterday from above, and that is certainly possible.......one of those 'perfect storms' for it all to line up naturally, but there was still something odd about it too. Much cooler temps and a bit of rain, very few spots holding water, so I visited several of those places yesterday. The series of pics is a track way in a marshy area, and there appeared to be several tracks of 2 individuals.....a few decent Juvie prints, and one nice what appeared to be a very young individual. I've seen a few babyfoot prints over the years, and they always seem to be at or near a water sources edge....like they were carried in and put down, check out the little toes in the baby print, pretty cool find
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    More of his videos remain than I thought, I've downloaded them all just in case his wife deletes his channel!
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    Blevins said he lost most of his Patty Bigfoot Videos when a hacker got into his YouTube site and deleted everything! Here's the few he made after this happened and before his death from Lung Cancer about a year ago that still remain... Blevins started seeing BlobSquatches in the woods behind Patty that turned out just to be Bob Gimlin lurking in the bushes!!!
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    My approach exactly and I think others take the softer approach as well. And I never do a follow up or bring up a government-hiding-Bigfoot dialogue. It's all about respecting the person one is speaking with and their situation. Thank you for your thoughts and describing your more candid methods of communication. I have a friend who is a 30 yr. fly fishing guide. He has seen many bears and knew I was interested in Sasquatch so he related this story to me. He was towing a small trailer that he stays in when guiding, followed by another friend in a pick up truck. This was only about a month ago. He came over a rise in the road and saw up ahead about 100yds an animal in the road. He described it as dark, on all fours, and no ears. He said it definitely wasn't an ungulate but that it also wasn't a bear as he has seen many. He said it was taller and leaner than a bear and had legs that were longer and lankier than a bear's legs. He said as he approached it walked off into the brush to his left and he pulled over to see if he could see it. He couldn't but asked his friend if he saw it to which his friend said "yes" and agreed that it wasn't a bear of a deer/moose (no elk here). I asked him if he got out to see if there were any footprints between the road shoulder and the woods and he said he didn't think to do so. Being an experienced woodsman and guide he said he thought I should know. It's nice to have such a fairly recent a first person account from someone who I know personally. He still doesn't know what kind of animal it was and guides in that same general area almost exclusively. He still insists that it wasn't a bear and that whatever it was had no visible ears. I hope to be getting up that way sometime this month or the next to have a look around. I told him if something like that ever happens again- even when he's guiding, to call me right away. He said he would as long as his phone has service.
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    Thanks for the information. Thoughts and prayers for him and his family. We certainly did not agree on the authenticity of the creature,but I always appreciated his take. He once told me that Norse had explained to him that I was a skeptic not a troll or something like that. Hope he recovers as before.
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    I visited Bill today, and passed on all your wishes for his recovery. He knew me, and I'm quite sure he heard what I told him, but was unable to respond verbally due to his breathing tube, and was moving too feebly to write anything. He is being transferred to a US hospital tomorrow, to be near family, so I won't be able to see him again until he's well. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with as many tubes and wires attached as Bill had today. The bank of monitoring devices across the room behind his bed looked like the flight deck of Starship Enterprise!
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    Chances are you are thinking about me, since it was well publicized that in 2009, Mrs. Patterson let me scan her best archive copy of the film, and the effort to do so was filmed and featured on American Paranormal:Bigfoot Tv show. I did produce an image stabilized version of the film from those scans. I did the scan in the living room of her home, with her watching (although she never allowed the camera crew to film her personally).
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    Welcome, QueenB. Are you sure these aren't from NE Kansas?
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    A Monkey wrench, If you research the the first nation accounts, There accounts are more along the lines of Forrest people, and many of FN accounts said they would regularly interact with them. That they were there to Protect the woods, as far as aliens... as far as I know There were no FN accounts of craft dropping them off. I find that end of the Spectrum, A little out there. If the government is now willing to to admit that we have something in skies that they are looking at. I think BF wouldn't be a big deal. But that's me. But our government is so ****** up, Now. You just never Know. The bigger security threat would be something traveling through our skies that we cant stop. And as far as what would happen to belief system. I think we are intelligent enough to understand that this world, is stranger than we think... I think the fear is on the governments side - Why they spend all this time lying to us... The problem is easliy solved - "Power" - How do you keep people in line - Fear and Need. Here, here I agree with u 190%. Oh I forgot to say, Hello, to all you great thinking People Here
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    Welcome to the BFF. You may be able to find your answer here? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patterson–Gimlin_film
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