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    Messing around with outdoor hardware and peeking are commonly reported when BFs come around homes. It's thought to be curiosity rather than aggression. Hopefully, he'll be smart and not resort to violence. Here's a list I found elsewhere. Light ’em Up Put up lots of lights up high –over 15 feet high, if you can manage–around the yard for night time. Put a wire cage around the bulbs because they will throw rocks or yank them off the wall. Even Christmas lights are useful. Strobes are good, too. Shine lights out from inside the house. All lights must be able to be switched on from inside the house. Motion detector lights can be defeated, so don’t use those. Bigfoot are too smart for that. Zillion watt flashlights and spotlights. They hate that. I hear they dislike green and blue lasers, available cheaply on the internet. Lock doors both when out of the house and when you are in the house. Lock up tight at night, close windows. Small, inexpensive motion activated and very shrill alarms which firmly attach to windows and doors can be bought for around $5. They work surprisingly well. Bigfoot know and avoid cameras. Put up game cameras. Yes, they can avoid them, but it’s the deterrent factor you are after, not pictures. Ask the local PD or sheriff to do extra patrols to make sure you are safe from what might be a crazy drifter or a prisoner on the lam. Air horn, flash-bangs, fireworks, loud noise. Got a cannon? LOUD. Do not ever feed them or put food outside or throw leftovers outside in the woods. No trees or plants that produce food. Unintended consequences are a bitch. No deer feeders in the area. Bird feeders either. Store animal food inside. Discourage deer from hanging around. When you see one, use the air horn. Also other small animals, which bigfoot also eat. Do a little target practice around the property, using safety sense. Be armed and let them see that. HOWEVER, DO NOT SHOOT AT THEM except in an extreme life or death situation, because they will escalate their activity and threat level. Empty outdoor freezers or refrigerators. Cut down all weeds, brush, and trees around the house. Shade is nice, but quiet is nicer. Drain swimming pools. Lock up livestock at night, from chickens to bulls. Put big dogs in barn. Do not chain them up. Install powerful speakers outside high up, and, when you know they are nearby, start yelling through them. Etc.
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    Wow, really cool me reposting an interesting reddit post on BFF has lead to actual tangible help for Mark!
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    I consider this the best managed internet forum I've ever been on, and I've been on a bunch.
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    As I slowly work my way through the old 1.0 forums, all I can say is... boy, you ain't kidding!
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    To Hell with that. If he has his face in my window, I'll blow it off with the 12 gauge. He's already had the cops over. If they find it dead under my blown out window, they'll have a tough time prosecuting me for a crime.
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    There were no wolves in Western Washington in my county until I found the footprints. On showing the DNR pictures of the footprints they admitted that a wolf had been sighted in the area a week prior. They just were not telling anyone they are there. Given the rapid spread of wolves from Idaho into Washington and Oregon, I would not want to bet there are no grizzly in Oregon. Lack of a certain species in good habitat is a vacuum that soon fills. Anyplace black bear are found certainly would be good for grizzly too. Just the fact that DNR officials apparently cover up wolf presence, sure makes you wonder what they know and are not saying about bigfoot.
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    The lady mushroom picker either eats weird shrooms, or doesn't know the wildlife she's supposedly amidst - there aren't grizzlies in Oregon. After they spent that time talking with her, I had a hard time taking any of it seriously. But they do have a lot of cool equipment, and a couple of quite qualified people, IMO. So I hope for more interesting episodes ahead! On a side note, I was talking with Cliff Barackman a couple days ago, and he was REALLY unhappy about the new show. He thinks it's a lightweight silly show - and offensive in the extreme to any serious bigfoot researcher. Which, I admit, I thought was a bit ridiculous coming from someone who did years of t.v. on a show made up of caricatures.
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    I appreciate Photog reaching out in a pm, to give good reason for his postings. My fervent desire is for a peaceful resolution for all parties involved, including non sapiens.
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    Struck me as funny. Most of us here want a Sasquatch problem until we have one. When we do we sometimes wish it would go away. I guess we should be careful what we wish for.
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    I respectfully disagree. I would think that the BFRO would be the last thing that he needs. They didn't do such a bang up job in Honobia. This guy wants these things gone and his family safe. The BFRO will want to host a couple of pay to play glamping events on his property or something.
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    I know what I would be doing. I’d conceal myself and lie in wait. Nothing should be looking in windows and jiggling door knobs. That Bear in my garbage this year was bad enough.
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    They want to write tickets and get money. The state of Oregon just lost a lawsuit with several of their counties. The state is supposed to allow logging and give the proceeds to the counties involved. But they have catered to the no logging crowd and not allowed much logging. The counties sued and were just awarded several billion dollars in court. You should hear the state cry. The state allows only a fraction of the sustainable logging to be done. They would rather let it burn than log it.
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    Yup. If true, the question then stands as to why that ability to communicate and pass learning and experiences down does not result in the adoption of greater use of tools....or even use of fire. Unless you have an intelligent race that has the ability to develop tools, but chooses not to in order to stay hidden from the dominant species on Earth. It seems if that was the case, then there would be at least a few outliers who went against the grain and attempted overt contact with us. Unless there is some form of racial memory/fear that is so deeply engrained in their species that it precludes that attempt. However, if these things are as fast and as powerful as some make them out to be, coupled with intelligence (and opposable thumbs)....then why was man not predated off the face of the planet? Again, every question just leads more questions.
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    A guy with a library of unreleased videos or pictures should be watched very carefully if he is involved in a TV series. If they bomb out at the location, it would be very tempting for him to introduce his own stuff and no one could prove it preexisted the show. He could probably pull it off without knowledge of the other participants too. He has held it back for likely the same reason I have my picture. Once it is released, you cannot control what is done with it. But if introduced in the show, pictures or videos would get the greatest exposure and be copyrighted with the show material.
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    Looking back in time it almost seems like sasquatch activity is cyclical. What was going on in all those small towns in the 60s and 70s, was it just that the semi-rural areas of the country became more hospitable by that point of reforestation? Really seems odd that so many different small towns had those monsters just on the outskirts of town, and how often they were witnessed during that time. I wish mine were that dumb and aggressive, or maybe I don't but you probably get what I mean. I am getting almost interested enough again to record at night, mainly have not had time or energy, but with winter approaching I have more of both. My question on the home front is whether the activity I had between 2013-2016 but not since will return. Anyone with any experience?? Do they move the circle of activity around to not use up the resources, meaning a circle of activity might change its center point cyclically as well as those stops within the circle. It is a theory that seems to have some credence in the eyewitness reports, well at least the way I have read them. Some areas seem to have these couple of sightings every so many years, then nothing.
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    Wow. He has no more or no less authority or credibility on this field than anyone else. If anything, it can be said that he had unlimited time and resources behind him to find one...and he still failed. That in no way makes him superior to anyone else in the field. I don't hate on them because they had a successful show, but because they have forever tied their buffoonish behavior to the subject matter in the public's eyes. After reading all of this, I sincerely hope that Expedition Bigfoot is a huge success and completely eclipses FB. What bitter, small men... Wow. Moneymaker busts on EB with one tweet, then the next tweet down he is shilling for his next $500 a spot outing. That's why he is upset. He doesn't want anything upsetting his cash cow.
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    LIDAR feeds a rapid laser scan into digital processing computer software. If the scanner is moving, mounted on an aircraft or drone, what is blocked from view on one scan is seen on the next scan or next several scans. The processing software then can remove vegetation and show the ground that would normally be mostly obscured. It is being used in archeology to find ruins in the jungles of central and South America and in the deserts of Egypt. A large area in Oregon and Washington have been LIDAR scanned. The data files are available from the Geology Departments of both states. An armchair explorer could download them and look for caves or lava tube openings that are unknown. I have looked for evidence of unknown structures in both states.
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    Yup. Virginia Fish and Wildlife were the agency involved. https://cryptomundo.com/bigfoot-report/virginia-hunter-shoots-a-bigfoot/
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    Ah. That little tidbit of evolving Bigfoot lore... The Sasquatch world's own Men In Black...err...Brown. There have been a couple of accounts that feature these two guys. Same description each time. A shorter, well built gentleman who is well groomed and dressed in a polo shirt. An absolutely huge guy with rough mannerisms. Described as dressing like a lumberjack. Iirc, all of the accounts have come from Sasquatch Chronicles, although their may be a few that I have missed. The first account that I remember hearing is the bear hunter who shot a female out of a pair. The male grabbed her body and took off up the side of a cliff. The hunter reported it to F&W, who sent out a guy on Thanksgiving day to check it out. The F&W agent found and took a sample of bloody snow. A few days later, the pair described above showed up at the hunter's job, demanding his silence. The second account was when SQ was in its "the insider/Mr Black" phase when Jevning was on the show. They had a member of law enforcement on who had repeated run in with these guys. After a few clashes, they supposedly offered him a job. I want to say that they have cropped a few other times. Not sure whether it was a legitimate occurrence or just a piece of fabrication that became popular.
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    Winter camping is great! My wife and I are far more cautious with snow than him after nearly getting stuck in the middle of nowhere near Mt Adams. The snow got deep enough that our front skid plate was plowing. We decided that was too much and turned around. Shortly thereafter our back end slid toward the outside edge of the road and started dropping down the slope! Luckily we have rear and center locking differentials, which saved us. Now we're paranoid about driving in snow.
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    Indeed. The cadence may be shorter but I doubt it. And even though reports are all we have to go by it's better than speculating. John Green's database shows 70 reports of large females including one instance where there were two. Half are with large males along with smaller creatures. Oregon had the most reports with around 15. Overall the PacNW had the most which included WA, BC, CA, and ID which I guess we should expect? The database stopped being populated after it went digital and posted on the internet back in 2000. So the database became stagnant about 20 years ago. But I have always said that if creatures live to between 40-50 years old, then a lot of the reports should show juveniles and small ones that should be adults by now still be alive today. That's why paying attention to where small ones were reported may be valuable if the clans they belonged to are territorial.
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    Here's a follow up video he did. He talks about another incident and has been looking into the bigfoot phenomenon since his first video about it. Yeah, most people who hunt, live in rural areas or just spend a lot of time outdoors have a story or two they can tell. They don't know how to explain what happened. I fully understand because I was the same way. When I was about 16-17 years old I was out hunting, alone, sitting under a tree holding a 20 gauge shotgun waiting on rain to let up so I could proceed and was convinced someone was throwing rocks at me. They were just small stones. I kept hearing stuff hit the leaves around me and thought those must be some big rain drops, then I saw the rock bounce off my boot. That got my dander up because I thought someone was doing it. The woods were pretty clear where I was, no underbrush much or place for someone to hide. I jumped up and started walking around looking for someone, even saying "You hit me with one of those rocks again I'm going to start firing your way". I never saw anyone or figured out where someone could have been where I couldn't have seen them. I just chalked it up to maybe a bird dropped it or something. I had no idea at the time and didn't learn until years later about rock throwing by BF's. It was such a weird thing I always remembered it, still remember it clearly.
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    The "online" BF Community started with dial-up BBs (bulletin boards), though not an official organization like the BFRO, many of us saw ourselves as organized under the banner of the particular BBs or list-servers which we subscribed. So, no, not a member of the BFRO, and yes, part of an organization.
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    A line-in-the-sand has been crossed when whoever/whatever makes multiple advances to the outside wall of a man's home. Intent of these actions are impossible to read so wouldn't the safest position to take is that of threat? So, yes, I believe Mark's family is possibly in danger.
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    Just got back home after spending time with Mark and his family today. There are elements of this sighting which have not, and can not be shared in a public forum. What Mark has described and what is heard and seen in his posted videos are only a limited portion of the activity. I stood today directly where "the shadow" walked. Measurements were taken of the posts, lights and structures which are part of the shadow video. This should allow us to estimate the size range of whatever cast the shadow. The dogs. The behavior of the dogs I see in the posted videos make it hard for me to believe they are the same as I observed today. I saw a pack of farm dogs who clearly own their domain except when Mark and I walked into the forest. Not one followed us. However, two went to the corner of the forest (the area shown in the shadow video) and wet the edge. Hunting appears to be limited in at least Mark's 1-mile section. There are multiple ponds in the area and the Muddy Boggy Creek is 7 miles to the west of Mark's home. Mark is a father who is concerned for his family, as I would be if I were in his shoes. Mark's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmUA1GqYswMsF46pSwwmNWw/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0
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    Why would a poacher visit his home at night ? to check what and look into his windows That makes no sense at all .
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    You and me both. I would think it inadvisable to tell someone with zero hunting experience to take on a bigfoot. Sure he can defend himself or his family if that is needed, but no harm has come to the family yet. Killing one should be the last resort. As I have repeatedly said the one you see is not the one that is behind you really to kill you. From my personal experience they can and will confront armed humans in pairs if there are more than one of them. A hunting party should consist of more than one human with at least one covering the backs of the hunters. He has already involved law enforcement who seem sympathetic to his problem. LEO are trained to shoot in stress situations. He is not. Let the LEO do any necessary shooting and avoid a ton of personal legal problems.
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    My thoughts exactly. Like I said before, wonder how many of these things are buried in the back 40 around the country? I personally wouldn't want to deal with the animal rights activists and the people who believe that Sasquatch is our gentle forest brother. They would go crazy. That's when the real danger began for you.
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    What can I say, NatFoot. I'm simply ahead of my time? And BTW, I think fairly highly of you as well as everyone else in the mess of a mystery called Bigfoot.
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    I really don't have a problem with people knowing my location for one people can look at my house and then reference my location in regards to other sightings or activity plus me not trying to hide where I'm from or where I live it shows that I'm serious and I'm not trying to have some type of a hoax. if someone wanted to come up here and Hunt my property and look for this thing I would have no problem with that so long as they checked in with me first and that's only for their own safety so I don't hear something going on out in the woods and someone gets hurt when it can be avoided..
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    https://imgur.com/gallery/OU56ykW paper the deputy gave me with his name and number and a screenshot of my call log of him calling me the next morning ..in my imagur pics you will see my AR hanging by my bed...I took this because a long time friend asked if I was making this up to scare people after I first posted this on my Facebook....I sent this pic of my AR and said "this isn't hanging here because it matches my comforter set" I haven't talked it with one neighbor and it was because he stopped because he heard the gunfire...we have had one dog, a border collie, come up missing, just gone one day.. I have found one or two possible tracks...small compared to others I've read about...13-14 inches...one under my carpot near my kids window
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    Hey Mark - First welcome to the forum. We really appreciate your coming as we have discussed your situation quite a bit that last few days. I doubt anyone here will give you a hard time. However,if they do, just hit ignore as probably most of us will have that person on ignore as well. I doubt it has bad intentions though with kids (I got two myself) I know you do not want to take any chances. My oldest daughter saw one outside our house close to her room while I was on a business trip a few years ago and I promise it set her and me both on edge for a couple of months. After much study I concluded it was only hunting deer as I have only seen/heard them a few times over the years. My best guess is that your property is between a BF home in the Ouachita Mountains to the north and domestic food source like chickens or hogs close to your south. If you speak with the sheriff again, I would be interested if there have been any reports of livestock missing in the area. Honestly, I think you have done all the right things (other than perhaps go to redit) and I am not sure what other advice to give you. If I wasn't 1000 miles away I would love to drop by and see if I could help figure it out. Best Luck, Chris
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    Let's make sure he gets all the time he needs to reach out. He will no doubt have pertinent things to relate as well as have pertinent questions to ask. We should be patient as we welcome him. I guess my question is whether or not the previous resident went through the same things. I have others of course but will wait my turn. Beyond that I will let this whole thing take it's course.
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    You may very well be correct in the dating of those prints. But we can monitor them. Seeing them degrade as much as they have in that short of a timeframe is indicative of them being younger than I thought. And I am sorry for being such a bad camera / audio guy. I officially hang my head in shame.
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    If you read my mandatory greetings post then you’ll know that I’ve had quite a few bizarre and unusual experiences and encounters over the last half century while outdoors hunting, fishing, gold prospecting or metal detecting. This past year we relocated to Arkansas and in the process I’ve been making handmade items like walking sticks, wood carvings etc.. Anyway, I went out to the woods about a month ago to collect saplings for the handy crafts. About 30 minutes into my search I heard and spotted a large, tall and rusty brown creature stand up and bolt through the brush. Ive hunted bear, deer, elk and other large species and I can guarantee this was not anything like that. Since then I’ve began videos of the exploration and how it’s evolved over the last few weeks. we’ve been placing apples in different spots with some hanging on a string some 7 feet off the ground only to find them gone a couple days later. There are limb structures, a giant nesting spot and we’ve filmed a few tracks as well. one night time video in the drizzling rain shows eye shine and shadow/silhouette movement. I haven’t caught a full on glimpse as of yet but we’re out there trying. If you look under Arkansas Bigfoot, The shadow man on you tube you can see the momentary flashes of eye shine and movement. If anyone else in central/ west Arkansas has had any encounters then I would like to hear from you. Thanks
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    Some cast comparisons, presumably if the same track maker. They look very similar to me. Here are the 11 inch casts. Here are the 8 inch casts. Sorry it's uoside down. Here are the 6 1/2 inch casts. Again, sorry for the upside down photos. The soil for the first two was sandy mud, and the second, mud and dead grasses and soil. Turns out icy ground is worse for casting. The ice melts under the plaster, and makes holes and gouges in the plaster as it dries. The plaster doesn't spread as well, either, and doesn't get into the toe holes. We did use warm water in thermoses, but it wasn't enough apparently. Guess we're pretty much done casting for a while. I think we're gonna have another hard winter here. It's been a very cold autumn and early winter. I may have to start carrying plaster in my pack, for immediate casting of interesting finds, which will suck.
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    Here's the video from Saturday, November 30, 2019. BTW, I think the prints are MUCH younger than what NorthWind thinks. If there was that much change over a one week period, I think they are less than 2 weeks old. If they were older, they wouldn't have been so perfect last week, and there would have been innumerable opportunities for deer to walk all through them (and they hadn't). I think we've been about a week behind each of the three sets of prints we've found at the three locations. I think the plants in the prints were stepped on as is. I don't think they had time to grow there, but were already there. Sorry there's no audio at the first part, NorthWind had his hand covering the speaker:)
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    Or under 1000's of meters of ice at the poles... I bet that there are things preserved in the ice that would make your jaw drop.
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    Not sure. The overall timberland was described as "substantial". The site itself was said to be miles in behind locked gates. The size of the property must be quite extensive because the family has a long-standing philosophy of only cutting areas every fifty years. So the nesting site itself hasn't been touched for a long, long time in which case , at an elevation of under 500' is truly temperate rain forest. No snow falls there and the canopy along with the understory is extremely dense. That's why it is such a physical struggle to get to the site, not to mention the steepness of the main ridge that the finger ridges extend out from. The site is on one of those finger ridges. Each finger ridge is separated b\y a kind of ravine or valley that drops down to the headwaters of a salmon stream. All of this was public information IF one listened carefully to the podcasts. My understanding is that the finger ridges extend out to the West of the main ridge. The huckleberry stand used to construct the nests lays along the head of the site's finger ridge which acted like a wall one couldn't get through without alerting whoever or whatever was out on the finger ridge. The last I knew of the project was that they were going to scout a second finger ridge to see if there was any evidence of more nest building. That's when the updates kind of stopped. After that everyone waited for the results to come in from the e-DNA samples taken from the soil from under the center of several nests. Disotell announced the results in December or 2018 but Meldrum announced the same results the previous September, 2018. The initial find made it to mainstream news organizations but the results did not as far as I know. Results? The usual animals in the region along with Human DNA but according to Dr. Disotell the samples were to degraded from freezing and moisture to show a novel primate.
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    This is your MO. Abe and "Hey" were nearly 20 years apart with nothing in between besides an interesting shooting star. The dream was pure fantasy to make a point, sorry that went over your head. Im here because I don't believe all of the people who have seen BF are nuts. If all of that makes me insane, some of the people here are bat shit crazy. Not judging, of course.
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    I share your concern regarding the lack of an intact reel 2 as well, Backdoc. It is very curious that it is missing, but so is the original reel 1. Provenance doesn't matter to some but it does to me. If it is indeed such a monumental piece of film, it makes one question why neither original reel was secured over the years.
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    I didn't plagiarize, BRB. Honest. I didn't see your post so didn't know. What IS good to know is that someone like yourself really thinks about this stuff. At least you know there are like minds here.
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    I mentioned this in another thread. The murderous cannibal Giants of Native American lore became the reclusive creatures that we know today once firearms arrived on the scene. So many Native tribes mention Sasquatch as a stealer of women and children, a killer and water of men. Flash forward to more modern times, and these creatures are reclusive and probably only predate upon humans when the opportunity to do so safely arrives due to the fear of firearms.
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    I jumped on it Friday. Amazon has the same price, so it shipped fast. Mine arrived about an hour ago and it's charging now. I haven't even put an SD card in yet, but I will try it out tonight.
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    I have a night vision monocular that is pretty darned good for the price. As a NV scope it does need a certain amount of light to function well. It also has a 7-level IR illuminator but then we get into whether not not BF's can see IR illumination. The device has image as well as video capture, no audio. I really like the unit overall. Price? Under $150 and even for a Gen One I have been impressed. I also picked up a FLIR Ocean TK low end model and IMHO thermal is THE way to go. It also has image and video capture of course. Also, no audio. Together these two devices pretty much cover my needs with each one ranging out to about 100yds. or better. There comes a time when I simply have to draw the line on these kinds of things as far as upgrading goes. I did my research on both devices, knew what I was getting for the money and in each case they are a helluva lot better than what I had before which was nothing outside of a trail cam. The trail cam also does images, video, but it has audio as well an onboard review screen. All in all I think I've done well in my choices for what I do and the amount of time I get out there. I also had to weigh everything price-wise-and quality-wise for the area that I'm in and seriously think I'm well set up with the most bang for the buck. Total investment for the three devices? Under $800 over the course of about 4 years.
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    Well the best bet would be is to first figure out on how to remove the deer that are coming on the property. It seems that the deer is what brought these creatures or creature on this property in the first place. They or it is feeding of those deer and that is very clear. The other thing is that it has not bothered his grand parent I believe that lives on his property. This I find strange since it should have bothered him as well and yet we are hearing that it has not. What is the reasoning behind why it has not bothered him? Yet it finds his family so interesting ? My first choice would be is to try to find ways to push these deer off his property so these creatures do not have nothing to feed on. This would make them leave since they would no longer have a source of food. I can think of some ways of pushing deer and that is by pressuring them at all hours of the day and night until they no longer return to his property. Banging pans , shooting shotgun rounds so it scares these deer. putting that deer stop around the perimeter of the property so that they do not come onto the property. Do what ever it takes to chase these deer off. You can hunt these creatures/creature but how many of us have actually killed one of these creatures. None ! So we cannot even consider this an option since there have been some great hunters who have tried and have not succeeded. The other option is to learn as much as he can about these creatures. Try to learn and study what they are about and learn to live together. If they are seasonal then start to learn on how to prepare when they come around. Learn to hunt and harvest a deer that can be offered to them as a friendly jester. As this was once suggested to me to be able to hunt in an area with out being bothered. You will be surprise what may come out of it. It might be a lonely creature that is looking for comfort and may see that happiness that is within your family. You have to think that if they do have some human in them then they must have the same emotions that us humans have. Just like when you want looking for your collie. You might not have known it at the time but it could have been a test . You have to remember we have no idea what they are so have no idea what emotions they have or they feelings they draw off of us. Sure I might very well be talking out of my rear end . But I have placed myself in some real dangerous spots with these things have always made it through. My son has played with these things by throwing small stones back and forth in mid winter in my state of Michigan. If I could travel to your to help you with this creature I would be there in a heart beat. So far it has not shown no aggression towards you or your family. You do know the difference of aggression ? Right! What you have said so far I have not heard of no aggression. Aggression is being chassed out of the woods , or having big trees being shaking like it was king kong doing it. Being screamed or growled or being moaned and feeling very sick afterwards . Having large rocks thrown at you . Having chest pounding . Then you have the weird stuff where you feel like you touched a spark plug. That zapping feeling . The other thing is the smell. I have not heard this from you . But I do not want to give more info since I want to know the truth . The video with you and your AR were you nervous when it went all silent? Did that put you on edge? When this happens to me I usually start talking to what ever might be out there in my silent voice. I try to give it comfort and let it know that I bring it no harm. The more I talk to it the more the forest starts to go back to normal. That to me is a strange feeling as well. The other thing that is good to do is have a camp fires. try to enjoy your property that you have worked hard for . You have 80 acres of land so use it wisely and teach your family gun safety and teach them how to shoot. This way they know to defend themselves .Set up target on your property and shoot with them during the day. This way these creatures can see it and understand that the family is ready for what might take place. They learn by sight so seeing that the family knows how to use these firearms might stop them from coming close to the home stead. It is not the harming of them but them seeing that you mean them harm if it ever comes down it. That your family know how to defend them selves. But gun safety is important . You wife is who need to learn this since you might not be home all the time . I hope that this helps in some way. .
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    ETS, prove it. Nephillim etc are utter nonsense. What I'm saying is you'll never know for sure, because with all direct witnesses gone over time, there will only be speculation. No matter how certain you are, it's still just conjecture and opinion, just like with the skeptical side. No definitive answer, just a piece of Bigfooting history. sad, but likely.
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    I've been on the no kill argument but if these things are peeking into windows I would be trapping one . Whats the worse that can happen , it gets out of the trap and gets away so what. I sure would have some good video of it happening .
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