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Thermal Invisibility....is It Possible?

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Factors to thermal invisibility:

1- Thermal resolution is a factor. Some equipment is not able to discriminate a 5 degree C temperature range. Some equipment can discriminate .000005 C range. The finer the discrimination the better the image.

This process is called thermal tuning and is only as good as the focus and operator.

2- Water vapor attenuates thermal IR and could contribute to a very degraded signature, particularly at distance.

Most true thermal cameras have allowances and adjustments for humidity variables.

3- I'm not sure this is involved in your scenario but clear glass will not permit transmission of thermal IR. Using thermal IR to find targets on the other side of windows is Hollywood.

True. Thermal readings are surface readings not internal temperatures.

4- A mirrored surface will reflect the IR of entities other than the target behind. Example: A chromed car bumper will appear black (cold) even is actually warm to the touch.

There are methods to extract temperature readings from reflective material and glass, so all is not lost.

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