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Why Do Bigfoots Not Harm Humans More Often?


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Your argument has some valid points but even when humans of different cultures came in contact in antiquity, there was more often bloodshed than peaceful coexistence. Assuming BF is somehow more benevolent than Homo Sapiens is romantic anthromorphism in the extreme and without evidence to support it, unless you are a proponent of habituation. I am not, Nature rewards the violent and even habituation with other ape species in zoos fails to tame the savage beast. Keepers still get attacked when the ape decides violence is a better solution than cooperation.

Other apes are known to attack, if only to intimidate, other apes (humans) that intrude on their territory. And chimpanzees, our closest relatives, engage in clan warfare to eliminate competitors and predate monkeys for food. Violence is obviously a trait shared by apes of all types so why not BF.

If the reports are true, BF demonstrate intimidation tactics like gorillas and are an opportunity predators like humans and chimps. It is a violent creature by nature. It's not over simplification to assume a hungry BF wouldn't act aggressively towards humans and eat one given the chance. This concept is even supported by Native American traditions of abductions and cannabalism, if that term even applies.

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Well, I'm not sure I disagree with Enkidu.


I like to keep the inquiry to evidence; there's more than enough moorless speculation going on out there.  Evidence indicates you're probably in less trouble when a sasquatch sees you than you are when a bear does.


By a lot.


Gorillas, same thing.



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I'm not sure what evidence there could be that the opposite is true except piles of bones. And there are still plenty of stories about attacks, abductions, and persons feeling like they're being hunted. The primal fear some witnesses report comes from somewhere in our collective pasts.

Supposing BF is an apex predator of some savvy and able to size up prey as to their ease of capture (as suggested) then some or even all the chance encounters in the deep woods maybe a BF getting caught in the act of approaching potential prey and either making a mistake or breaking off after realizing this isn't a critter it wants to mess with. Again, experience with firearm bearing humans may have engrained a harsh lesson so humans are permanently off the menu.

My point; it's hard to accept some of the stories and legends without accepting them all, knowing all probably hold some kernel of truth. Too many stories involve predatory behavior for the possibility to be ignored or dismissed outright.

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Of brown bears, I know nothing, 'cept they're not grizzles. 


I have been told a few times that our California black bears will rarely

attack a human. But I would not walk up to one. 


About 4 years ago, there was a black bear that hung out for 2-3 weeks at 

a relative's yard in the woods. And a few months ago, it was a black mama

bear with cub. 


My relative was not concerned at all. She's not afraid of Sasquatch, either. 
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If even a small percentage of all the reports/encounters are true then three things appear certain, boogers are powerfully curious about humans, they are powerfully reclusive, and are just plain physically powerful.  It seems to me they must be enormously conflicted about us, particularly the younger boogers.  Putting habituation encounters aside as it's an entirely separate & huge subject to itself, our species getting close enough to touch their species is fraught with danger for both, but for the humans if for no other reason than the huge difference in weight/size/strength.  I imagine everyone has seen a video showing the casual strength of a grizzly/brown bear ( my favorite is one where a medium sized grizz effortlessly and seemingly w/o a thought to it's size with one paw lifted a pre-weighed 600 lbs rock to get a piece of chow put underneath it) an analogy that comes to mind.  A casual or inadvertent swat from either bear of BF must be like getting a glancing blow from a school bus.


Another comparison or thought comes to mind.  Everyone who works with horses or cattle knows how often they injure people with no intention or targeted aggression.  It's simply that they are much bigger & stronger than humans so what is just a movement to them, like bringing a foot up to shed some biting flies on the belly, is a potential serious injury to a human who is in the way.  Exactly this happened to me quite a number of years ago when I was saddling my horse and I was reaching under to snap on his breast collar.  It was miserable with biting flies that summer and he had been doing this even after I sprayed him down but I figured I would see it happen and just twist slightly to avoid his leg if it happened again in the few seconds I had to reach under him. .  When it happened my reaction speed didn't have a chance to avoid his casual movement.  He caught me flush on the left temple,, I woke up 5-10 minutes later under/next to him with my glasses smashed and just one more in a long history of concussions.  TJ is a horse that doesn't have a mean bone in his 900 lbs body, he was placidly & patiently waiting for me to finish getting him ready for our ride, when I came to.


For reasons known only to them, do at least some boogers want to get close to humans?  Seems there is no doubt. Do monkees want to hurt humans?   By & large seemingly not.  Has it happened even by accident?  I can't imagine it hasn't at some point, no different that being near any other animal much larger & powerful than us.   If it happened to you, would that be the story you tell to first responders and/or ER personnel?...

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Hello NDT,

"If you lived to tell the story at all" was my first thought at the end of reading your post based on your TJ story. The vid of the young lad who fell into the Gorilla den at the zoo comes to mind. It didn't show anything but gentleness to the boy. The men who went in to do the rescue had a different experience. The Gorilla was agitated and sooo fast. It knew about the cattle prod though and even still tried to maneuver around them. Such spped and power. Sasquatch reports tell of a creature at least twice it's size and weight so what you say has merit.

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Isn't almost every living creature on this planet capable of harming another one. From the smallest ant to the massive blue whale. Yes, even us humans are capable of harming each other and we are the most intelligent creatures on Earth. Why would bigfoot be any different? Especially considering bigfoot is an apex predator. I don't think bigfoot consider humans food or "fair game", but cornered and feeling threatened a bigfoot would do the same as you and I to protect itself or it's family.  Just like humans and even animals, I think the aggressiveness of a bigfoot would be individualistic anyways.

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^^ plused.   Awesome insight.



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Don't know if any of you give credence of newspaper articles of old....but I have at least six articles from six different newspapers-different years reporting abductions of and/or killing of humans. I've been researching

archival newspapers for the past fourteen months or so......I am in the process of making a transcribed compilation of the most interesting and descriptive accounts ( past 100 now).....out of the over six hundred accounts I've found.

I know I'm not the first to do this, but maybe I have found a few that have been missed.

I would be glad to show some here if anyone is interested...

PS: I would expect that at least some of you have read some of what I have...but for those who haven't

An example:

The Call - San Francisco, California November 27, 1895


Great Consternation Caused by

the Deeds of a Wild Man.


Unlucky Lumbermen Slain and Their

Bodies Mangled in a Shocking Manner.


BANGOR, Me. Nov. 26 ---

A lumberman who returned today from the forest in the north of the State brings the most harrowing intelligence of the doings of a wild man in the lumber region of the west branch. He states that great consternation has been caused and a large number of lumbermen have left the camps and returned to their cities rather than face the monster.

For over two months quite a number of men have disappeared from the camps and when found, bore the semblance of having had an encounter with some wild animal, their bodies, in every instance, having been terribly mangled and torn. A lumberman who returned to a camp, a little north of this city a week ago, startled all by stating that while at work, he had been attacked by this wild man, and it was only by the help of his ax that he had been able to defend himself from the murderous attacks.

Since that time, he has been seen by the crews several times, but on their approach he fled into the deep woods with the speed of a deer. He is described as being so nearly like an animal that it is almost impossible to detect him from one. He has a long shaggy beard, and is covered with a huge skin coat. The general belief is that he is a sportsman who has become lost in the deep forests, and after wandering around for weeks has gone hopelessly crazy, and already there has been over a half dozen instances of a similar character in the State.

The crews of the lumbering camps are out hunting for the man and hope by shooting him in the leg to effect his capture.

I'll post a few more if requested. HWM

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Thanks, Skyla                   I appreciate the link to the report on the 1855 war in Oklahoma - Fascinating! 


I've have/and read numerous accounts of a HWM being captured or killed. I focused on American newpapers before 1901, throughout tjhe 19th century, predominantly .  No surprise that the acts of aggressive behavior (and the intensity of aggression) gradually diminished as the years passed.

      I am in agreement with others who've suggested that the aggressiveness abated as the HWMen realized the frail hairless humans had a weapon that could bark on one side of the creek....and bite(or kill) on the other.  Numerous accounts stating that their particular HWM would evade exposure

when it realized the human(s) had a firearm....(and if trapped/unable to evade ....it would usually howl with dispair)....reinforce my belief that they learned quickly about firearms. They seemed to usually avoid men (probably because of the obvious potential threat to them) ..and were seemingly unafraid of women & children.

    I realize that I'm only beginning to truly learn about these creatures and hope someday to be able to "interact" with one or more.... for my own experience. 


      Here's another article:


Bainbridge Weekly Democrat - Bainbridge,Georgia June 12, 1873


                               Another Wild Man



A correspondent of the Cleveland (Tenn.) Banner says:


The horrible sight of a hairy man has been seen in Fannin County, Georgia. He is wild and monstrous --- he has been seen in houses carrying off women and children. He is eight feet high, and is covered all over with black curly hair.

He started from a house lately with a woman in his arms, but at the approach of two men she was released. The settlement was alarmed and pursuit given on horseback. After a hard ride the monster was overtaken, and a terrible fight ensued, in which a man by the name of Haircrow killed, and a horse had his tail torn off, and the pursuers forced to retreat and leave the field in the possession of the monster. The settlers are arming themselves with guns and watching for him. He makes his appearance just before or in time of a rain.


(Note: I have several accounts of horses tails being "torn off")     




Another account - involves the killing of a young boy....not pleasant for some folks....be forewarned!

The Record-Union - Sacramento, California November 22, 1883

Acts of a Madman.

Chicago, November 23d. -- The Tribune's Pittsburg special of the 21st says:

" For some time, the citizens of the south part of Ohio county, W. Va., about twenty miles from Wheeling, have been tryng to capture a strange man who occasionally made his appearance at isolated homesteads, generally in the absence of the man of the house, and by brandishing a large club terrorizing the women folks into giving him food. He always appeared dressed in skins, and was never known to speak. He was of gigantic stature and ferocious aspect, and had been a terror to the community. Several attempts have been made to capture him, but without success. It is supposed he lives in one of the many caves in the vicinity. This morning he went to the house of George Powell, soon after that gentleman had gone to his work. Howling like a wild beast and frothing at the mouth, he attacked Mrs. Powell with his club, fracturing her skull and otherwise injuring her. He then picked up her only child, a boy about five years of age, and darted into the woods, carrying it screaming in his arms. A neighbor passing the house shortly afterward found Mrs. Powell in a critical condition, but able to tell what had happened.

A man started at once for the nearest town and organized a party to pursue the strange creature and rescue the child. They soon struck a trail, and after following it for about five miles, came upon the body of the boy, whose brains had been dashed out on a tree. Two of the party returned to Powell's with the child and the rest continued the search for the man, but at last accounts they had not succeeded in overtaking him. There are several theories as to who he is. Some think he is one of the murderers who escaped from the Moundsville Penitentiary

some months ago ; others think he is a madman. All know he is a dangerous character and must be killed or captured. "

Note: Fairly common for the people of that time & place to offer a theory that the creature was an "insane man" that became essentially feral....or in reverse....i.e. feral first, then insane. HWM

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The 1855 story has not been verified if you are referring to LeFlore and his men.  There are too many so called facts that don't add up.  Talk to the indians in that area and it's possible the story will have different "facts."  The weapons used is an issue as well. 


Tirademan was our "go to guy" for all these old newspaper articles. He published a CD called "Big News Prints" and it might still be available at his website.  Sadly Tirademan passed away but the link to his website is still on the member list here on the forum or was the last time I checked.


Good job.  I believe people back then called them wildman because wow!  they looked like wildmen!


A friend took a pic of a little guy carrying a stick so yes they make use of some tools.  Another pic from another part of the country looked as if a large hairy guy or gal had a plastic bag.  In other parts of the country they seem to borrow 5 gallon buckets and I'm assuming those might be for collecting water or fruit.  They certainly have seen us do it.


Thanks for posting the articles.

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Hello Sunflower,


Truly a shame that no one gets to see those pics posted here. Truly a shame indeed. Let me put it this way, and as kindly as I'm able: If you didn't intend to post those pics as evidence of what you said then do me a grand favor okay? Don't say anything at all. I take issue when someone waves a carrot in front of me like that- just to wave the carrot! I find it mean and fully disrespectful. So PLEASE, have some consideration for us "unfortunates" and not mention stuff like that if you've no intention of showing anyone anything.


Believe it or not? That's about as nice as I can be about it.

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SSR Team

Hiflier, after reading what sunflower wrote, I think it's fair to say the pictures mentioned weren't their pictures to post in the first place..

You can't be asking people not to mention things they've seen, be it Sasquatches or pictures of Sasquatches.

All these databases we look at daily are full of things that people see that you'll never see, I hope they don't stop talking about it just because they can't share what they saw and because others might get offended by it.

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