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Why Do Bigfoots Not Harm Humans More Often?


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Hi Sunflower -


Not everyone shares hiflier's perspective.   I'll ask that you keep on posting whatever suits you.  



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Hello MIB,


True. Only hiflier share's hiflier's perspective. And that is this: one cannot go back and relive an anecdotal report. One CAN relive a photo though. There is a difference. But then again, who really cares right?

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ItsASquatch & Sunflower - you're welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed them.

I'm just putting them out there ...and leave the judgement of their validity to the reader. I'm certain that many of the experienced members are familiar with the existence of recorded accounts going back many, many years...but there are likely many newbie members (like myself) who might find these interesting... I personally find them fascinating.

So many other accounts that I've found - IMO - reveal how the creatures became wary and fearful of any man with any "fire power"

If, in fact, any of them are true.....then my "vote" would be....that they became wary of such power and the number and severity

of attacks on humans declined considerably as time passed... HWM

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Guest Crowlogic

They don't harm because they don't care.  Usually they are interloping on human habitat so we seldom invade their space.  No reason fight.

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Don't know if any of you give credence of newspaper articles of old....but I have at least six articles from six different newspapers-different years reporting abductions of and/or killing of humans. I've been researching

archival newspapers for the past fourteen months or so......I am in the process of making a transcribed compilation of the most interesting and descriptive accounts ( past 100 now).....out of the over six hundred accounts I've found.

I know I'm not the first to do this, but maybe I have found a few that have been missed.

I would be glad to show some here if anyone is interested...

PS: I would expect that at least some of you have read some of what I have...but for those who haven't

An example:

The Call - San Francisco, California November 27, 1895


Great Consternation Caused by

the Deeds of a Wild Man.


Unlucky Lumbermen Slain and Their

Bodies Mangled in a Shocking Manner.


BANGOR, Me. Nov. 26 ---

A lumberman who returned today from the forest in the north of the State brings the most harrowing intelligence of the doings of a wild man in the lumber region of the west branch. He states that great consternation has been caused and a large number of lumbermen have left the camps and returned to their cities rather than face the monster.

For over two months quite a number of men have disappeared from the camps and when found, bore the semblance of having had an encounter with some wild animal, their bodies, in every instance, having been terribly mangled and torn. A lumberman who returned to a camp, a little north of this city a week ago, startled all by stating that while at work, he had been attacked by this wild man, and it was only by the help of his ax that he had been able to defend himself from the murderous attacks.

Since that time, he has been seen by the crews several times, but on their approach he fled into the deep woods with the speed of a deer. He is described as being so nearly like an animal that it is almost impossible to detect him from one. He has a long shaggy beard, and is covered with a huge skin coat. The general belief is that he is a sportsman who has become lost in the deep forests, and after wandering around for weeks has gone hopelessly crazy, and already there has been over a half dozen instances of a similar character in the State.

The crews of the lumbering camps are out hunting for the man and hope by shooting him in the leg to effect his capture.

I'll post a few more if requested. HWM


Nice find Hairy and keep on finding. It is an interesting theory that bigfoot stopped the attacks after understanding the puny people carried fire sticks.

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After meeting with and talking to a long time researcher from south Texas this weekend, I'd recommend keeping an eye out for the reports of torn up campsites where people leave without most of their stuff and sometimes without some of their friends. People do go missing in deep wooded areas. Can't really say it's an absolute that BF is involved with some of those, but if it were, I doubt forestry officials would be forth coming with that info.

I would expect that if and when a BF became overly aggressive and harmed a human, it would be likely that it would pay the consequence for it, if it remained in the area. So some lessons are learned the hard way, but probably lasting.

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I think it's reasonable to theorize that during the formative years of North America, aggressive actions/behavior by them, usually resulted in retaliation by the puny ones ...at least harrassment and worst case - killing ...(the news clippings of the early to mid 19th century, support that).

I can only imagine,....that,through the years,... if they studied us and observed our behavior,....they surely witnessed at some point, the methodical,...sometimes wanton slaughter of one or more of the native species of animals throughout their stomping grounds....and even,....possibly,... became aware of how these new pale puny ones,...would also eliminate large numbers of the native puny ones....ultimately realizing just how dangerous WE, who possess the fire stick, REALLY are.

Could one speculate that it caused behavior modification? Seems to me .....a natural process....especially for an intelligent creature.

(Again,....assuming that, at least one,... of these accounts are true) HWM

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To be fair David never links bf to the files, with that said what do Indian tales tell us?

Does bf take people? Yes

Does bf eat people? Yes

A whole host of reasons could answer why, including predation, sexual attraction and surrogate motherly instincts. As well as defense of mate, young, territory or even retaliation.


Norse, this is also the definition of what Boogeymen do.


Do Boogeymen take people? yes

Do Boogeyment eat people? yes.


These are stories told to children to keep them from going into areas they shouldn't, or to not stay out after dark.


If you look through the Boogeyman stories of other cultures, you will see that they do the same things that the Native American monsters did.  They stole children out of their beds, they were large, etc...  


Where do you think the name Booger came from?  Wooly Booger?  

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Guest LarryP

Hello Sunflower,


Truly a shame that no one gets to see those pics posted here. Truly a shame indeed. Let me put it this way, and as kindly as I'm able: If you didn't intend to post those pics as evidence of what you said then do me a grand favor okay? Don't say anything at all. I take issue when someone waves a carrot in front of me like that- just to wave the carrot! I find it mean and fully disrespectful. So PLEASE, have some consideration for us "unfortunates" and not mention stuff like that if you've no intention of showing anyone anything.


Believe it or not? That's about as nice as I can be about it.


Hello hiflier,


Do me a favor and please don't ask folks not to share information here just because you personally have an issue with their inablity to share pics with you.





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Hello LarryP,

Sorry, I cannot grant your request simply because you personally have an issue with my issue.

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Without going through the thread.


Where is there evidence that proves BF have  harmed humans, I don't need details of stories or tales


Actual facts

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Hello YOWIE,

Well, there isn't any evidence. So unless you read and accept the reports or historical accounts then you have nothing.

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