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Bigfoot - Ferocious And Invincible ?

Guest Lesmore

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And for all we know BF is not smart enough and agile enough to do those things either. So it's strength wouldn't be the only issue.

For all you know I suppose...

Myself...I have no doubt about the intelligence or agility. Regarding the intelligence, it's obvious by the simple fact we can't even prove to the public they exist.

The ability to hide and remain elusive =/= understanding the cause and effect of wrestling moves such as putting a choke hold on something. Do you have experience observing this behavior, because you simply cannot make that jump.

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Guest Travis Bille

:cool: Any creature that can lift a full, unopened, 45 gallon drum of oil over its head and throw it over fifty feet in the air before it touches the ground is powerful enough, regardless of what other creatures it may be compared to and regardless of whether it has ultimate definition and extension of its abs. John Green's first couple of books included tales of such feats of brute strength occurring during the construction of logging roads in Oregon and the PNW back in the 1950s.

- Dudlow

I'm a Vascular Ultrasound Tech in Eureka, CA. Occasionally I get patients that were on the road construction crews where the infamous Jerry Crew prints were found. The 3 or 4 patients I have talked to have confirmed to me that barrels and wheels that weighed hundreds of pounds had been moved overnight, sometimes uphill. Only one of them thought it was possible they were being hoaxed.

I know my account of their accounts is not proof or even evidence, by my job and location have put my in the position to talk to some people who were there when this was happening. It's pretty interesting

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^^^^ thanks for the info....that's interesting stuff and first person accounts, at least to you.....I have never heard of the Jerry Crew prints will google it...

actually i mispoke i did know about them, but the name didn't ring a bell....

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