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Recommend Bf Books To Purchase Please


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No donated kidneys needed, Shelly. The link to that book is right here, it looks pretty used but the price is much cheaper to start - ONLY $15 - and there is only 9 HOURS left if you wanna try to bid on it!; http://www.ebay.com/itm/TRACK-UNKNOWN-ANIMALS-BERNARD-HEUVELMANS-ABRIDGED-EDITION-/150744888777?pt=US_Fiction_Books&hash=item23191875c9

Oh I missed that BUT its the abridged reprint and I hate abridged stuff

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Bumped after being dormant for over 2 years...


This is a great topic, I would think there are some additional recommendations that have come to light, anyone?



I only have (3) BF-related books, all by William Jevning: (1) Notes from the Field: Tacking North America's Sasquatch and two of his "thinner" books, they are all well written and have a lot of good info in them. He is a serious no-nonsence researcher that was befriended by John green & Rene D. at an early age - after an encounter with 2 Bigfoots.


I just ordered Apes Among Us, I am sure I will be enjoying that one...


so again I will end with: Any additional recommendations?

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My recommendation list is


Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

Enoch: A Bigfoot Story

The Locals


Abominable Snowmen: Legend Comes to Life


Valley of the Skookum

The Hoopa Project

Raincoast Sasquatch (slightly redundant)


I think these cover the base from F&B to "para", ape to "person", etc representing most major views and many periods.  If a particular perspective piques your interest then you can delve into it more deeply.   If your funds are limited, read the first 3 first. 


I don't believe it is possible to make meaningful contribution to a discussion about bigfoot without understanding what these say .. whether you choose to accept what they say or not.  Read them. 



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Guest Curious Cat

Thank you for bumping this post. As a new member, it was very timely to help me download some sample chapters of some of the books for Kindle. 


Just received Tribal Bigfoot, but the font is a little small. Will have to give in and buy a magnifying sheet to read it...

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there is a fascinating tv documentary on this

but here is a book I just found in Amazon


About the Dead Mountain fatality in 1959 where a group of college age Russians were killed in and around a ten on a remote mountain top in winter


the Dyatlov Pass incident  - a huge mystery for 50 years

the hikers had tramatic injuries quantified as caused by massive force trama

very gripping




they were in fear for their lives, ripped slits in their tent to monitor the activity outside and it was a great mystery

the author investigates old classified documents and finds some very disturbing photos and a cover up

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