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Emerson Recon bag

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I just watched a good review of the Emerson Bag. It looks excellent. Well organized and, as I mentioned above, larger than the OKB. One thing I didn't see mentioned in the review was the docking loops which are already on the Emerson Bag.  They are the loops on the top of the bag on either side.


You should be able to "dock" your EB to your backpack with the addition of docking straps. I don;t know if you can buy them separately from EB but they would be available from HPG:




These two straps transfer the entire weight of the chest bag to your backpack. I was out on a hike on Saturday and docked the OKB to my Seek Outside backpack. There was no sensation of weight on my chest or trapezius (shoulder muscles) the entire day as the weight was transferred to my hips.  In the past, my trapezius would tire from the weight pulling down on those muscles. Not anymore with the docking straps. For a few dollars, it is an invaluable addition.





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