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Emerson Recon bag


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1 hour ago, Kiwakwe said:

Between your truck getting itself stuck a few times and now your handlebars tossing you over, it may be time to consider full time foot travel--with pads and helmet. Don't forget: 737 people die every year from falling out of bed. Be safe out there and thanks for the heads up.

Is this what you had in mind?🤨


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I've had a Hill People Gear Original Kit Bag (chest pack) for many years and have referred to it as the single best piece of outdoor equipment ever owned by me.  Just ordered a new HPG chest pack and got the SAR Kit Bag. It is the Original Kit Bag (V2) with an added velcro strip and diagonal MOLLE loops on the front to hold a knife or other equipment.  It also comes with MOLLE loops on the bottom of the chest pack which is standard on the latest version of the OKB but which isn't on my old version. 


The camo version was not available at HPG but was at "5col.com" a survival-related online retailer which carries many of the HPG products. I'll retire my old, trusted friend once the new one arrives and use it as a backup or if a visiting friend needs one.  By the way, "5col.com" offers a waxed version of the OKB made specially by HPG for them.  No one else offers it for sale, not even HPG.  I never knew that until I went to their website.




The SAR bag is presented nicely in this video at 8:32:




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