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How dangerous is it to be BiGFooting alone?


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Great pooch!  I think it is a good idea for people to continue to go out alone rather than miss out on life and sit home. It's important they have a certain skill sets and have an ability to summon the cavalry should something bad befall them (PLB or satellite messenger).


Nice find with the scat. Having a wolf near your camp and nothing having heard it only underscores how nature has a leg up on us. Undoubtedly, a sasquatch could easily do the same and be watching us without us having a clue it is there.


I applaud you for getting out there and enjoying what we all love to do...sasquatching!  I'm headed out to replace a trailcam micro SD card with a fresh one and put up another trailcam in the same area.

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11 hours ago, PNWexplorer said:

Great stories in this thread!  


In most of my decades of exploring the woods, I have usually been alone.  Have never gotten lost and never been in danger.  Knock on wood.  But now that I'm older and not in as good of shape, and a bit smarter, I still go out alone, but am much better prepared than I was before.  The last few years I've had a great companion; a 100lb great dane/lab mix.  But, he's nearly 14 and has really gotten bad arthritis the past few months.  I took him out mushroom hunting a couple of months ago and he was barely able to make it back to the rig.  So now I'm alone, again.  When I first started dating my current girlfriend, she said she loved the outdoors and hiking.  I think we've gone three times the past year and she refuses to tent camp, lol.


Couple of years ago, me and my dog loaded up an old pop-up camper I had restored and found a nice secluded spot in Idaho.  Got all situated and firewood ready and decided to go for a short hike up the draw that we were camped at the base of.  My dog had declined to wander outside of camp and stayed close to the fire, which is odd for him.


About 50 yards up the game trail, my dog started going nuts, sniffing all around and marking territory every few feet.  I looked on the trail and found a very fresh pile of wolf scat and some prints.  Apparently, at least one wolf came down and scouted us out while I was busy setting up camp.  We only did a short hike and my dog was not cool with being more than 20 yards from me at all times.






Great looking dog!

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