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want to see better with your nightvision

Joe Largefoot

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On 7/27/2022 at 6:08 PM, VAfooter said:


 I was told this by a researcher here in VA. They were in contact with an individual who kept getting visits from BF. One night he sat outside with an IR illuminator and NV device waiting for it to come by. As expected it did make a visit that evening. The gentlemen was watching it through his NV device. He switched on the illuminator and instantly the BF stopped and looked directly at him. Then took off away from the house. Now this could have been the IR light, it could have been noise, it could have been movement, or it could have been something else. However, the witness was fairly sure it was the light itself that caused the BF to run away. Anything scientific to this? No, just an anecdotal story that may or may not indicate that BF can see in the IR spectrum.


Until we have one in hand, we will probably never know.

I think they can see IR that is why thermal is the best way they 

do not see it !!!!

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