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What's In Your Pack ?


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Just a link to add to the thread. They carry many handy items needed for the pack, camp, or home. Have had good experiences with them, so far....and not real bad prices, although I'm always searching for that free shipping...on everything B)


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It depends on what I'm doing in the woods. I always have a fixed blade and a multi-tool on me, my sling shot, and often a small mastercraft hatchet (needs a new handle the fiberglass one broke). Though if it is a long treck I bring my scout axe and my pack. Got a full setup in there. Shelter, food gathering, warmth (I got a WWII mountain bag for sleep), playing cards, pocket radio, 550 cord, sling shot, water, flash light, etc. Small treck just a hike with the wife i grab my altoids kit. I got a lot in that can. knife, snare wire, whistle, matches, lighter, 4fish hooks, fishing line, 3 sinkers, 1 mini lure, 2 sowing needles, dental floss for thread, paper, pencil, 2paper clips and 3safety pin. Than wrapped on the outside is a length of cord (not sure how long), an extra lighter, a candle in a mini altoids tin. this is than in a plastic sandwich bag to keep out water. If i am going out for not an over night but bit longer than a short hike I take my hunters kit. it's mid between my main pack and my altoids kit.And when I have my pack my hunters kit is on my pack it just snaps on. Though never been in the field for Bigfoot just out and about with friends practicing bush craft and survival skill sets.

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Guest Greldek


.357 magnum and extra rounds

lots of water



fixed blade knife


camp hatchet

everything needed to make a fire - inside a nalgene to keep it dry

usually trailmix or granola bars



audio recorder

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Guest TooRisky

For those that are out in the woods, for a few hours or a few days, what do you take. What is essential for you, or what do you not leave home without? What gear has failed?

I typically carry a medium sized pack (Mt Hardware), a Gore-tex bivy (Outdoor Research), sleeping pad (Exped Downmat) and a larger than necessary first aid kit. I have a 10-essentials bag which includes three fire starters, plastic trash bags (garden size) and a handful of other items including a knife or two and a change of clothes. I also have started carrying a small axe and I like to wear wool clothing instead of synthetics. I typically do not carry "rain gear". I carry a Ruger Blackhawk in .44M or a Marlin 1895 SBL in .45-70.

This all works well for me in the PNW. How about you?

Interesting because we both do the same thing differently... You seem to go in search of, where we go out and look to be found by BF... I do have what I call my "Go Bag" which is used when contact is made and it is grabbed up "On the go"... In it is survival stuff like mini mag light, head lamp, knife, wool hat, gloves, and scarf, digital camera and video camera, lighter, flint, steel, magnesium, and cotton balls soaked in Vaseline, Military compass and map of the area. POS GPS I hate, elect. tape, duct tape, para-cord, water bottle, 3 packs or granola bars and always have my .44mag handy.

The majority of gear is kept in the jeep (sleeping gear, tents, tarps etc.)

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Day pack:

First Aid kit

Roll of TP

Cheapie Rain Parka

Head Lamp

Buck and Ghurka Knife

Bear Mace

H2 recorder

I-See video recording Glasses

Jungle Hammock

Hook in the wood knocker

sometimes digital predator caller or trail cam

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My kit isn't tailored to bigfooting, just to day hiking.

In a Gregory Z35 day pack I carry:

  • water bottles (at least 1 qt in each of 2 water bottle holders);
  • 2 waist belt pockets --compass in one, a snack baggie with some pistachios in the other;
  • a front pouch with a sit pad and a trowel;
  • a front compartment with sunglasses with eyeglass retainer, map of area, and monocular;
  • top compartment with first aid kit (includes a varity of bandages, a day's worth of a wide variety of over-the-counter remedies, and a day's worth of prescription medications), a toiletry bag (DEET, lip balm, small pack towel, toilet paper, moist towelettes, toothpicks, floss, Dr. Bronner's soap, water purification tablets, hand sanitizer, and a finger toothbrush [liquids are in tiny bottles]), and a possibles bag (cord, space blanket, Fenix P2D flashlight with diffuser and red lens, waterproof matches, Fenix L0D flashlight, spare battery for Fenix LOD, tinder, repair kit [small backpacking kit from REI with a variety of items, wrapped in duct tape], pocket knife, mini Bic lighter, water bottle patches), cell phone, keys;
  • main compartment with ditty bag (Mini Triangia 28-T stove, bottle of alcohol [fuel], matches, bandana), small stuff sack with food (a variety of snacks and drinks, with a brick of Ramen should a meal be required)and 2 plastic grocery bags for garbage, a small stuff sack for spare clothing (watch cap, bug repellant-treated bandana, fingerless gloves, socks, and boonie hat), rain jacket and fleece shirt stuffed at the bottom, another water bottle, if needed;
  • clipped to the exterior of the pack -- a zipper pull thermometer, and a 10-oz Ti mug with folding Ti spork inside; and,
  • trekking poles (usually in hands).

Last time I checked, I think the whole kit (minus the trekking poles) weighed in at about 16 lb, which included enough food for an inadvertent overnighter, and 2.5 qt of water. If it's hot and I'm wearing shorts, I'll likely toss in a pair of nylon sweat pants, or if I'm starting off in long pants and anticipating it getting hot during the day, I may toss in a pair of shorts.

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I am curious to know what others bring in their backpacks. I carry multiple ways to start a fire. First aid kits. Rope/twine. usually a couple of candy bars (no zagnuts sorry) couple types of knives, a leatherman multi tool. compass. bottled water. a small tarp. rachette strap. zip lock baggies. extra ammo. batteries. walkie talkie. one of them heat loss emergency blanket (looks like tin foil to me) cameras. camcorder. iphone of course (whats bigfoot hunting without facebook or podcasts lol) flashlights. I also find it useful to try to have all the things that take batteries use the same size. A lot of space/weight can be saved that way. topo map. My backpack has a hundred ounce hydration bladder usually filled with redbull. some plastic containers to keep things dry and organized (also a great tool to boil water in). My wife calls it my Bear Grylls bag lmao. I sure I'm forgetting something

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Plus all that other stuff. I've got a day pack and a bug out pack and a weekend pack. They are all full of useful and necessary things. I think you need more than one emergency blanket though...gotta protect your core. They have those as sleeping bags and they are eensy squeeensy teeeny weeeny and seemed like a good idea to me.

I have water purification tablets instead of red bull though...and I always take a bottle of water just in case I need the bottle later.... :P

Oh ya, and a kite! It bendy wobbly so it compacts down to nothing, but I figure if I get in a jam it's something to do. I got a yellow one so it's easily seen... ;)

The bug out pack is the only one with mass extra ammo though. I just nestle in an extra clip in the weekender.

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POS GPS I hate,

I had an old garmin gps, and hated it.

Always losing the satellites, swore I would never get another.

A couple of years ago my wife bought me a garmin 60 hcx and I love it, HUGE difference.

May I ask what type you have?

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Ilikebluepez, a kite is a great, and I mean GREAT IDEA. I carry provisions for 2 days, as well as topo maps of area I'm researching. I carry flashlight,matches(waterproof) of course, survival blanket, because it doesn't take up much room, a bottle of water, a knife, camera, extra magazine for my pistol,and TP. ;) I carry my Glock20 10mm on my side. Just for personal protection.

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Guest CaptainMorgan

I pack heavy, I figure why not, I might need it. When I go alone, I have to be 100% self sufficient.

Perhaps I could get by with 75% less stuff than I bring, but what if the battery on my truck went dead?

What if I got stuck somewhere or couldn't make it back up a hill to a main road?

So I have a portable jump starter and winch, and both of those serve other purposes when camping.

Since I'm not much of a hiker, I mainly pack for camping for 3 days at a time.

Besides the tent, tarps, cot, sleeping bag, spare clothes\socks\boots, folding table, chairs, propane tank and heater, pot-pan-plate etc, ropes, first aid, knives, food, water and TP and a myriad of doodads . . I have another large tub of electronics.

I may pack for an expedition, but I'm not driving 4hrs in to the boonies to have forgotten something essential!

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BFF Patron

OK, I've avoided these threads since I've been a member. Here goes: I like a steel mirror, space blanket (mylar), first aid kit (including moleskin, antibiotic cream/sting-kill/benadryl, liquid skin/bandaids, butterfly bandages, gauze/first aid tape/compresses/eye-pad (not I-pad), couple windings of duct tape, extra tent pole repair sleeve, twist ties, aluminum pins/D-rings for ext. pack repair (don't need with internal pack); light weight tent/fly/poles/stakes; rainpants/overalls; poncho; pack cover; sleeping bag/pad; propane canister pack stove; cook-kit; water bottles (2)(still don't like the idea of drinking out of a bladder/bag, lol); water filtration kit; matches/firestarters/lighters; three to four lightweight headlamp/flashlight options with extra rechargeables; change of clothers; camp soap w/ scrunge pad/cloth; spork/utensil kit; knives including swiss army; sunglasses; hat/sunglasses; change of socks/liners; light weight running shoe; food/powdered bevs.; maps/guidebook, compass, gps/cell phone; portable handsaw; parachute cord (50 plus ft); candle lantern/extra candles; plastic sheeting/tarp; plastic garbage bags; when squatching add sound recorders/light weight HD vid.recorder/digital cam/evidence bags/hydrocal stash/night vision/thermal imager last but not least travel toothpaste/brush, tp; if fishing permit/packable fly rod. If car camping I substitute larger tent/air mattress/campchair maybe a heavier duty lantern/stove and maybe

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My car (a civic) isn't much for getting to most places I like to go. It'll get me close enough, but I really don't ever car camp. I've recently invested a little money in higher quality gear which lasts longer, performs better and most importantly - takes up less space. I'm trying to get to the point where I can go ultralight on everything - getting all the gear in under 40L. That allows me to pack more food for longer trips.

Right now I've got a 60/65L Coleman pack from Wal-Mart, which has held up surprisingly well. I'm not much for Wal-Mart's brand of anything when you're looking for long term durability, but their packs are a great value. 60 dollars buying a pack that's lasted for several years and has the number of features it does is pretty impressive. Inside that pack goes an MSR Pocket Rocket, stove fuel, a GSI Halulite Minimalist, No Limits 32 (Academy brand sleeping bag), Exped Synmat & Chair Kit, REI Half Dome 2HC (another great value. A tent that competes with $300+ tents now goes used for less than 150 on ebay), a dry bag, clothes, firestarter, compass, maps, first aid, knives, rope, food, water purification - all that good stuff. My main goal is to be pretty self-sufficient and get it all in backpack. As time goes on, I should be able to go smaller and smaller and stay out longer and longer - especially with a 2nd person (as I'm carrying a 2 man tent and enough stove, fuel, and cookware for two people) to carry more supplies.

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Guest tracker

Geez some of you guys haul alot of gear. I guess it depends on terrain and duration. I pack as light as i can . I outfit what i can from army surplus as well. I don't go for all that crap shinny gear from china either.

I use a basic med sized military back pack and outfitted with the usual below for a solo trip into the woods.

water bottle

dark green poncho which doubles as my night layer

sm binnocs and compass and printout maps

small digital camera and maybe my two trail cams if doing over nighter

casting mix in a zip lock

sm measuring tape

bars and some premade sandwiches in zips

matches in zip

sm coil of rope

bug juice

small combo knife and sharpening stone

extra pair of socks, sweater or t shirt and a hoddie suitible for the current weather

All in total maybe 5lbs in the pack.

Also a large hunting knife either on my belt or strapped to my leg.

At night I hunker down under cover (Cedar tree with low branches) with my poncho, extra sweater and hat on. No flashlights, no campfire, no excessive noise and wait it out. I am a light sleeper so if I do nod off the slightest noise at a distance puts me back on alert. I don't get much sleep anyways 3-4 hours tops. So i can go without until it until I get back to my home. Or if needed crash in my van after if I've gone a couple of nights without sleep.

I'am getting the feeling that this is a little different than what most others do ?

tracker dry.gif

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Guest Cervelo

Maybe not but it apparently it works. Your is more of military recon set up which makes sense to me. It's that or set up base camp snoop around and try to draw them in. I'm still dragging a tent around and it's getting old!

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