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Thoughts As To Why Bigfoot Isn't Caught On Game Cams


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Guest BFSleuth

^ true that, if a witness's state of mind is questionable, then follow up investigation is pointless in most cases. With salubrious's case: he doesn't drink or do drugs and was wide awake prior to and WIDE awake during and after the sighting. Further investigation was warranted. However, we've beaten his sighting to death side tracking this thread, feel free to read through the thread discussing his experience and ask him further questions.

Apologies to the OP for my part derailing this thread...

It's because they each have their own established territory and are hyper aware of their surroundings. They know when something is out of place, or different, from the last time they were through an area within their territory. They don't have to know a trail cams purpose to avoid it.

This makes the most sense to me. If their perception encompasses chimpanzee like capabilities, then it would seem they have the ability to catalogue a lot of information about their environment very quickly. Anything that is out of place or different would be noticed. If it smells human, then it is to be treated with caution.

Armed hunters placing trail cams have likely been observed as they place them. The association with human hunting behavior would seem pretty obvious. First the trail cams are placed, then the funny boxes make noises and flash lights, then they come back and excitedly open up the boxes and look inside, then they come back with guns blazing. Not exactly rocket science to figure out the association.

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