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Guest Lesmore

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I have been thinking about upgrading a bit. What do you think?

Well, unless you DON'T have a Cummins diesel in there, or you do but it's getting old or acting up, I'd imagine that's a great setup for going into remote PNW areas, down logging roads, into remote meadows, pulling in and "there ya' go"... you're camped. I looked long and hard at truck/camper set ups and was just really trying to decide what to do, when I happened to drive by a little used car dealer in a neighboring county and spotted the Excursion. He wanted so little for it, and I'd ALWAYS wanted one, that my impulsiveness took over and I bought it... so then I went with a toy hauler instead. In the end, that setup has worked well since I can/do pull it to our research area and leave it behind a locked gate the whole season. IF I were to do anything different, it would be the truck/camper combo. I just think those make a lot of sense for ease of getting in somewhere rough, but quickly, and having your sleeping quarters all in one.

If your setup "ain't broke, don't fix it" would seem to me to apply here!

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Guest CaptainMorgan

I don't know where you guys camp, but I would be afraid to try and get in to the mnts with those large rigs.

A lot of the roads are single lane, washed out and the turns can be tight. Sometimes I have exclusive access to primitive camping just because other rigs can't traverse path.

Even in my Pathfinder, I have problems going down these rabbit tracks and finding a place to turn around.

Anything larger than TR's rig and I would cringe.

I bought the Pathfinder because I only have the room for one vehicle, so it needs to be a combo for around town and off-road.

Initially when I had no camping stuff I slept in it. I added some HID lights and ran welding cable through the frame.

The cable is stubbed out in the front and back for the winch on a cradle, so I don't have to carry that weight when not in use.



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Right now I have a little Subie impreza wagon that does GREAT going down the rabbit holes that are the one lane forest roads around here. I make a joke that I can't offroad, but if there was a wagon trail there.....

The only problem is that the back seats don't fold down right to sleep on. I'm getting a little more nervous about tent camping these days, and right now I am looking for a tear drop trailer.

I never thought about having to turn around on a dead end pulling one though...the tear drops are light enough that we could move it out of the way by hand if we had to, but on some of these roads there is no "out of the way" to move it to.....Dang.

I mean, we run into these "no exit" roads pretty regular...sometimes the road is just all of the sudden in 5 feet of snow (in SUMMER!), sometimes it just peters out into a boggy mess...Once it was a BIG rock. Just plunk in the middle of the road. And gosh bless us, there always seems to be a hundred foot drop down to the river/creek on one side and vertical on the other when these roads just decide to end...lol...

We have mastered the art of the thirty seven point turn....It's why we always have a towel accessible to the non driver in these situations. (you put it over your head. It helps.) Extremely narrow roads with drop off that decide to end abruptly for no readily apparent reason require a spotter, vigorous hand signals and some liquor.

but wow...I never thought about how a trailer, even a little one would make that impossible.

Guess I'm looking for used vans. Short ones.

Edit to say that all these roads were "real" roads according to the map. You don't even want to mess with the "dotted line" roads here in Oregon unless you are fully offroad capable.

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Guest CaptainMorgan

While trying to edit the post earlier the site crapped out so hopefully someone can clean up post #46

Ilikebluepez that's some funny stuff. If you buy a 4WD or AWD med sized vehicle you'll cover 90% of all the places you need to be. I've taken the Pathy up some steep inclines I didn't know a PF could get up.

I've been caught in some places so scary and hard to get out of that I am reluctant now to go down some of these offshoot roads. I wish I had a bit more ground clearance.

Having a winch is reassuring, having another vehicle and friend is even better.

Here are the proper pics links:



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Saving up for this baby:



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Guest TooRisky

I was watching one of those kite-winged type planes with a small motor and prop on the back tooling around over some farm fields... I think he was either having a great time doing nothing or having a great time flying the fence lines... Either way you could not hear him till he was dead on over the top of you... Well this got me to thinking that this would be a great addition to any group that had a short take off/landing strip and could fly say the rivers and creeks looking for sign... This tool would surly save an enormous amount of time and effort in Sasquatch research while covering a bunch of territory... Man the possibilities makes it worth the cost...

Can some one tell me what the exact name of these things are... I might just contact a local club and see if there are any "flying researchers" among them...

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Guest TooRisky

I'm gonna try paragliding for 600, Alex:


LOL good try but the one I am talking about have a framed wing with the same light weight material and probably the same engine...

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