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New Season Of Finding Bigfoot Starts Tonight.


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I just wonder why they show clips of elk when one of the witnesses says they saw a bigfoot stalking deer. I think they showed both elk and antelope in the jersey episode the other night. If they see an actual bigfoot they might think it is a giraffe.

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Glad to know I wasn't seeing things. I was going to back up the DVR but something distracted me (doesn't take much these days) and I forgot about it until reading these last posts. We have lots of pronghorn in Montana, some quite close to my home, not so much in New Jersey, unless they're on a game farm.

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I definitely saw the pronghorn, noted the dissonance, chalked it up to hurried post=production and they probably figured nobody would notice they didn't know what they were doing.  


Somebody may have been playing ping-pong at the time at Ping Pong. 

Ok, Matt has just uttered his stupidest thing yet I think. In the Super Yuper  episode he claims, as a fact, that bigfoots have glowing eyes. He identifies this as bioluminescence. Uhm, okay. Well, as far as I know that only occurs in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, fungi, microorganisms and terrestrial invertebrates.  Pretty sure an 8 foot tall, bipedal carnivore does not qualify. Yet there he is stating that bigfoots use bioluminescence to make their eyes glow and that they do it as a signaling device to other bigfoots.


Seriously! Why does no one call him on this crap???



Who knows what the purpose of it is?  But there is something "afoot" so to speak.   


It is one of the few things BFRO (or rather MM) has retrieved from the waste can, that has dozens of witnesses some at close range that have narrowed down what is happening by describing the phenomenon.  The physiology may seem an enigma but the phenomenon is what it is.  That is probably why only ardent fence-sitter, pseudoskeptics and the occasional entrenched squatcher who do their days of squatching without ever getting close to anything ....  tend to deny.  I thought many in the BFRO openly acknowledged and embraced/discussed the phenomenon among themselves, it is a sea change that MM weighs in like he has a positive opinion on the matter now.  


His opinion might not be "your" opinion but it sounds like he is thinking more about the more difficult topics in the field that must be or should be explained if you head down the squatching road..... or at least you have to give it some thought even if you haven't witnessed it. There is certainly a body of converging anecdotal description that takes the phenomenon to the level of conversation.  Obviously MM thinks it was time he said something about it.   


Whether it was discussed in proper context during that episode I would have to do a replay I was so shocked I heard him say what he said. 

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