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The Strange Case Of Cullen Finnerty


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Interesting thread. I don't remember this tragic incident from a few years ago, but it does kind of hit close to home for me..I will be salmon fishing up at Tippy Dam near where this occured next week. I have fished the area around Brethren Mi.,Manistee National Forest for several years now, expansive and scenic

area for sure. Rest in peace Cullen.

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David Paulides (Missing 411) who literally built his missing persons investigations on Sasquatch as being the most likely protagonist. Multiple videos were uploaded, most of which are now curiously missing from YouTube. He appeared on Coast To Coast not too long ago stating; "I'm through with the Bigfoot thing..." He is now retelling the same stories, but has now replaced Sasquatch with "spirits of the forest" and UFO activity. The Dennis Martin case is one of the most perplexing I've heard. Mr. Paulides originally stated that the subject seen carrying the body Dennis Martin was described as a "Bigfoot". When he tells the story now, he describes it as "a wild man wearing animal skins."

I hadn't heard that Paulides was recanting on his BF abductions theory.

Really? "Spirits of the Forest?"

Yeah, that's way more believable.

Again I ask: Please show me anywhere that Paulides has definitively stated, without equivocation, what he believes is responsible for the disappearances.


I never said that! Here's what I said; "...his missing persons investigations on Sasquatch as being the most likely protagonist." 


Mr. Paulides never had an issue with Sasquatch as a possible protagonist. Then, in a single CTC interview with George Noory, he informs the listeners that he has decided to drop Sasquatch from the Missing 411 discussion. Why? That particular CTC interview can be found on YT. 


Mr. Paulides is a high-profile commentator. As such, he may have been instructed by the DOI to cease any further promotion of the "Sasquatch" topic. Sasquatch was never a sole culprit in his investigations, but merely one possibility. However, logic dictates that only a living thing could be responsible for some of these disappearances... So, given the oddity of details surrounding many of these cases, who or what it most likely candidate? 



Are you positing that Paulides is now acting as a dis-information agent for the fed? Why would the fed care about his activities at this point?


No, not at all. No information is not disinformation... It is non-information. The feds wouldn't care about his activities at this point, since the topic of Sasquatch has been sanitized from the conversation. 


Anyone who has been listening to Mr. Paulides interviews since 2012, who recalls his comments on BF, knows that the Missing 411 conversation has changed. So much so, that I have stopped listening to the interviews. Why did Mr. Paulides tell CTC AM (on-air) that he is through covering the topic of Bigfoot? He is entertaining ideas like "mind control", "UFO's", and "spirits in the woods", but not Sasquatch. Why? In every interview prior to his announcement, the host would invariably bring up the "Bigfoot" angle... Not anymore. He still talks about missing people in areas like Yosemite, Mt. Rainier, and the Appalachian mountains, etc... Under the new format, the topic of Sasquatch is no-longer mentioned. Not by Mr. Paulides - not by the host. 


No problem with discussing BF here... As a matter of fact, it's the primary topic! 




Here, he announces his departure from BF. I'd post the entire interview, but it is no-longer available on YT. He does not deny their existence, rather, he is quite convinced they exist. So, why would he decide to drop the topic? 




This is off topic so I'll keep it brief. Squatchers lounge podcast has had Paulides number from the jump. First he was claiming cannibal sasquatches. Then, when he started his 411 series he wouldn't say what he thought was causing the disappearances during his C2C appearances anyway. I agree with S.L.P.; I think he's not to be taken seriously and, IMO, he could be an opportunist looking to suck money out the pockets of people.

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And he was successfully making money off of the 411 books, so I don't see why he would stop short.  Perhaps someone threatened a lawsuit over something he has said or written.

The question is whether or not the facts he has published stand on their own merit.

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Oops. Thanks for pointing that out, Rockape. I went back and read the pathologist's report again. You are correct, the COD was aspiration pneumonia. I had read it a while back and failed to remember that detail. I hereby rescind my previous statement. :D

Seems very quick to have contracted a serious enough case of pneumonia to effect him, especially a generally very healthy young man. Still, that wasn't what killed him, it would be wrong to say that is the COD. There is no COD determined. I would have chalked it up to a local coroner without the proper tools and perhaps proper training, but his body was afterwards sent to Boston University and the specialists there couldn't determine a COD either.


I think it's interesting in that photo to see a limb hanging on the back of the boat. He said someone was throwing limbs at him which is why he left the river. I know the limb probably fell there from an overhead tree or he rode under some brush and snapped it off, but a curious thing still.

Hello All,


The waders he was wearing. Running around in waders can get one pretty warm, even hot and sweaty. Heat exhaustion/heat stroke? Also knowing the weather for the days after his disappearance would be of benefit. Were his clothes and the inside of his waders wet? If so then does it mean he fell into water? Perspiration from exertion such as running, struggling? 


I would think the coroners and investigators could determine that. However he did say to his wife over the phone he was taking his clothes off, that's when he was "talking to the guy following him" but the guy "wasn't responding". His wife told him not to do it and he apparently didn't, as he was fully clothed when found, even wearing a jacket. It was rather cool with some rain when this happened, so more than likely it would not be heatstroke but hypothermia. I would think that would be easily determined during the autopsy but none of the coroners even bothered to mention it as a possibility.

<Bodhi - This is off topic so I'll keep it brief.>


I just wish you folks would clip those long quote trees. OT is less irritating that scrolling for days to get through the page.

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Rockape! I thought the very same thing, as soon as I saw the branch on the end of the boat. :)


I may have already mentioned this, but a man and his son were trolling along the same stretch of river, in the same area, when something began throwing huge rocks at their boat! They could not see who/what was throwing them, but he said that the rocks were much too large for a human to throw. Someone needs to recon that area, no question about it. 


A woman who was monitoring CF's cell phone's location said; "What is going on? Is he trying to avoid us?" The closer they got to the phone's location, the signal would move away. She said; "...it was as though he did not want to be found." I'm imagining a Sasquatch carrying CF over its shoulder, avoiding the search helicopter... :(


Is there any way to get a transcript of CF's phone records? Who am I kidding... Anything worth reading would be extracted, or blotted-out. 

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<I may have already mentioned this, but a man and his son were trolling along the same stretch of river, in the same area, when something began throwing huge rocks at their boat! They could not see who/what was throwing them, but he said that the rocks were much too large for a human to throw. >


Got a link to that?


<Is there any way to get a transcript of CF's phone records? Who am I kidding... Anything worth reading would be extracted, or blotted-out.>


Yeah, the cellphone thing is another strange part of this. The pings showed it moving about rapidly and over a large area. You can find some of what he said by reading the interviews with his family that was on the phone with him while this was happening, but it IS second hand info.


He definitely thought he saw someone following him though, he was talking to whoever he thought it was, so it was more than just paranoia that made him think someone MIGHT be following him. So he was also hallucinating.


Or there was actually someone or something following him. It was getting dark, a BF could be mistaken for a human.

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I do not have a link, but the story was posted on Bigfoot Evidence, maybe 1 year or so after the CF incident. 



- Someone had been following the CF case, and was posting updates to his YT channel. Not long after, the channel was deleted.

- A man living in the area said that he heard screams and yelling coming from the area where CF was found on the same day CF made the phone calls. He allegedly told this to local LE. 

- A woman who supposedly lives in the area commented that "bigfoot" was mentioned on police radio. This was posted in the comments section of the person who had the CF dedication clip, so who knows for sure?


BALDWIN, Mich. (WZZM) -- The body of former GVSU quarterback Cullen Finnerty has been found in Lake County.

Finnerty's former football coach tells WZZM 13 Finnerty's body was recovered around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Lake County Sheriff Bob Hilts says a search crew found Finnerty's body half of a mile north of where his pontoon boat was found.

Investigators say the body was discovered deep in the woods under a thick pine tree. There were no visible wounds or apparent cause of death.

Police do not yet have a theory on the cause of death and are treating it as a crime scene.
An autopsy will likely be performed as soon as Wednesday.

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Across the street from the campground where Finnerty docked his boat, Dave Kibbey owns a 10-acre parcel of land. He purchased it two Easters ago as a getaway, a place to camp. He fishes for trout nearby.


On the final Sunday in May, Kibbey sat with his wife outside their camper. They heard yelling around dusk. The owls were out that night. They heard fireworks in the distance. He figured it was all part of the holiday weekend festivities.



Kibbey followed all the news reports, some of which speculated that Finnerty went north from the campground, into the woods. That would be Kibbey’s property, or the properties right next to it, where he cut through the brush last weekend. Pinecones and brown leaves and tree branches snapped as he walked, the ground spongy underfoot. Signs hung everywhere, tacked to the trees.

In block capital letters, they read KEEP OUT. Or: NO TRESPASSING.


None of the reports made sense, Kibbey thought. They said Finnerty walked more than a half mile north, and if that was true, he would have traversed all of Kibbey’s property. He would have hit another road. If he followed Bray Creek northeast, he could have hit a conservation property, which is lined with low-slung barbed wire. He would have run into something, someone, in any direction he walked.


Kibbey tried to imagine where Finnerty had died. How he arrived there. What went through his mind. He wondered if he stumbled into methamphetamine activity, or into the wrong backyard.


“It’s so hard to actually get lost in there,†Kibbey said.


The family returned to the woods on Wednesday. They retraced what was known of Cullen’s final moments. Brendan floated the pontoon boat down the river as his father and brother walked alongside the bank. They found Cullen’s fishing line stuck in an overhanging tree.

Then they went into the woods, state-owned land where one local resident, David Tuttle, said he hunted deer with a bow and arrow from a tree blind held up on stilts. He saw a black bear in there once, but he too could not understand how Finnerty had died in an open clearing, so close to the road.

“It’s so close, it’s eerie,†he said.

Lake County officials called the state police to marshal resources. Three officers walked the nearby creeks and rivers, poking in the holes underneath the banks. Helicopters flew over an area of 16 square miles.

Officers found a vest, though relatives did not believe it belonged to Finnerty. They also found footprints a mile and a half north of where he was dropped off. They had a phone company ping his cellphone, and the results came back as far as three miles south and five miles north. Still no answers. Only questions.

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Hello roguefooter,


....could just be the nearest cell towers that the phone was pinging off of.

Is that an opinion of fact? Since you said "could" it's probably an opinion, but is it an informed opinion that can cite examples where this has occurred in today's technology? My understanding is that the phone signal wasn't stationary like it was pinged from a tower but instead was moving around rather quickly. Would this be something that "could" make it appear that the caller was moving when it fact the signal was based in a stationary tower? I'm no expert so simply I'm asking.

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I'm not sure they can track it that closely, but they do find people from their cellphone pings, down to the exact spot if I'm not mistaken. We've all heard news stories of this happening and we know terrorist don't like to use cellphones because they can be closely tracked and found with them


It might be that it was pinging from different towers, but it had to be moving around to do that, moving from the range of one cell tower to the range of another. I'm no expert either, so that's just a guess. Not sure how they narrow it down to an exact location. Triangulation, I suppose.

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My phone was stolen a few weeks ago by a patient at work and I pinged it a few hours later. The ping showed my phone on his front porch. No doubt the pings are very accurate.

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