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What To Do With The Body?


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Texas does not have any statutes that address this potential circumstance. Only species listed as endangered or threatened or categorized as game animals, song birds etceteras have protections and or bag limits and seasons.

I had sent several messages back and forth to a guy from the TPW regarding harvesting/shooting a bigfoot and finally this is what he said. The LAW only deals with known species.

I think it will eventually be a wild hog hunter who bags one of these animals.

-They are somewhat equipped/knowledgable of ways to handle large beasts. (Chain it to back of truck/4wheeler and drag it out?)

-They are usually heavily armed.

-They might be able to get their dogs to track an unusual sign?

to name a few so...

Load up boys!!!

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Guest FreeTrapper

You would be well advised to first setup a lawful agreement between yourself and a trustworthy lawyer that beleives these things exist as to how to remain anonomous while searching for the proper outlet to unvail. The next and most consequential problem is surviving the "gathering" of the animal itself. The evidence found in the less publicated historical record (free from fantasy claims of these being "human" or "friendly" and all cuddly) suggests that where you find one, others are close by and stay in contact with eachother. These animals are tactical, strategic in their behavior and have been shown to be both highly protective (dangerous) and intelligent in problem solving,i.e. they are better at finding and watching you than you are at the reverse of that! Kill, injure or disrupt a buried carcuss and you better know that when they decide to come for you, they will have the upper hand in every way and regardless how well armed you may be, survival will be highly unlikely.

There are aspects to this animals behavior and ability that appear to be "kept secret" by the so-called well known or otherwise wouldbe "famous" names currently seen in this field and that is tragic to say the least. I'm personally nearer to 60 now and have been in this since the Patterson film could be first viewed years ago for .50$ in school auditoriums. Quite the shocking topic back then and I was something of a skeptic for a few years until I was old enough to venture out into the field, hunting and hiking the back country while searching for evidence that was irrefutable to my own logic. I found it 40 years ago and in the years since, have discovered enough about these animals to know that in the woods, you are completely vulnerable to thier inate sense of curiosity about US! When they find you, they will know your every move both day and night and will be in a superior tactical position to yours the entire time. There are things about these animals that have been mentioned in native american legend and I have been witness to one aspect very personally and have not found logical resolve to explain it away. That experience belayed my own considerations for bringing in the type specimen that grover Krantz wanted so badly. The bottom line is, and I beleive will remain, the extreme unlikelyhood that one one of these animals CAN be brought in by any means! Some things are best left alone they say, might be wise to consider... Remember that exploitation for financial gain is what modern, in your screen Sasquatch Investigation has become. An "enterprise" if you will, leaving the scientific benefit and historical importance of classifying a new species of primate far secondary to the primary goal of making money.

IF! IF, a person anywhere in this country should miraculously come up with the kind of real and absolutely tangible physical evidense that it would take to prove without doubt that they exist, the economical ramifications will bring the kind of change that no decent person will want to see happen to themselves or their family and friends, wether involved or not. I have this from a reliable source as I was threatened with it many years ago, as I am certain a few others around were as well. The closer you get, the further away you wish you were!

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Welcome Freetrapper!

I for one, would like to hear more, of what you describe above. Especially the NA legend aspect, and the economic changes you mentioned later. I think I may have come close to the experience myself. A PM is welcome also, if you'd rather not go public. Thanks for the post. mesabe

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So would I.

How on earth can you prove where you find one, others are around and in close contact? That bomb needs back up.

Who has shown them to be dangerous?

What is your irrefutable evidence?

Any legal advice received would be speculative wouldn't it, since these animals don't exactly exist?

Everything occuring after the body recovery would be completely uncharted territory.

It sounds like you're saying that if I hook up to one and drag it out behind my truck that a mob of them will chase me down and haul me out of it and kill me? or something to that effect?

I don't see how we can say anything, with any assurity at all, about what these things will or won't do under any given variables.

Unless your MattMoneymaker of course.

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Oh, if it's rewards you're looking for, then skip the samples, and don't bother contacting anyone.

Instead, haul the body back home. Put it in a large freezer, weight it down, and freeze it into a block of ice. Construct a refrigerated, glass viewing cabinet, and shave down the ice as far as you can for optimal viewing, while leaving just enough haze so that people cannot garner any details. Fabricate four different stories about the origins of the body; one about a Russian fishing trawler, one about a creature shot in Thailand, one about shooting it in Minnesota, and one about it being a mannequin. Obtain tents at county fairs, and display the body to the viewing public, for a fee.

If you want people to know that squatches are real, and you want to learn what they are, then I would highly suggest contacting the local science geeks. Also, you can feel free to contact Meldrum or Ketchum or Green or Coleman first, but you will be wasting precious time, and leaving the body to other bigfoots to bury, or creatures to eat. They will tell you what I have told you, contact your local geeks. They are not in positions to just drop everything and run out to see a body. Even if they can see the body, they are not experts in anatomy or necropsy (those will be at the universities and the zoos). If you really want some dough, you could contract (using your own money) the university to verify the corpse and store the body, while you call up the auction house.

BTW, just because you find a naked, hairy body in the woods, does not mean that it must be a bigfoot.

As a registered nurse, I can verify that no human I have ever seen had the hair coverage that Patty had. No one will believe that the body is human unless it has mange, and somehow managed to also become the tallest and heaviest human on record, well, perhaps not the heaviest, Yikes! Not too many humans 8-10 feet tall, 800-1000 pounds covered with hair. I truly do not believe that the shooter will be arrested, but you can ask our LEO's for their advice.

Does BF have hair or fur? :blink:

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Guest ajciani

This has been bothering me for about half this topic, but....

We are NOT talking about shooting one. We are talking about what to do with a body, regardless of how it is acquired or found.

FreeTrapper, I am certainly aware of the stories about them living collectively and burying their dead. There was even an incident in Illinois involving a BF burial mound. I myself was inspecting what I suspected was a BF burial, and I got the very strong impression that multiple animals were moving around me, in the brush surrounding it, just out of sight, and that I was not welcome there. There were some bird calls from that brush, while they moved about. This is one of the reasons I advocate dealing with the body quickly. Even if it is a lone male, another one will probably be along soon to take care of it.

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Guest FreeTrapper

One of my passions is bears and bear hunting here in my home state. I have two ready excuses to get out into the woods, bears and Sasquatch. You will find that they go together very well and observation of bears have revealed Sasquatch presence on two separate outings in recent years. Perhaps earlier on as well, but experience did not allow recognition then. I using vacation this August to spend the required time in a particular area that might bring some activity, again.

I cannot "prove" my experiences or claims as they have been solitary in the majority of my work and largely go without witness save for my wife and now son. I'm merely offering what experience I have observed closeup and personal at some times and from a bit of distance at others. To what I beleive to be fact is based on a repetitious nature of circumstancial encounter or unmistakable close proximity to the animal(s) itself/themselves and having been thoughtfully considered. I have arrived at some opinion at great consternation as native american legend appears to have merit and I can't find a logical reasoning to explain some experiences. I can say with some measure of absolute certainty though, that if there is one that lets you know he is around, it is doing so for a reason and I have become convinced that that reason is their way of indicating that you are intruding on grounds being used by a group, not a solitary animal. Primates tend to be found in groups and I can see no reason for this particular primate to be outside that thinking. Where I have encountered one, before I was out of the area, it was obvious that more than one had been around the entire time. I can't prove that to you but you can prove it to yourself by going out and spending time in their element.

Some Native American mythology indicates that these animals are spirits that can shape shift or "de-materialize". This information has existed for centuries and I am no authority on that, just an observer of a couple of personal incidents that clearly defy logical and reasoned explaination. Local tribes do not indicate any desire to share with whites and I don't blame them! I only wish that I could convey that my needs outweigh any predjudice... I had taken my son out to a nearby favorite rock-hounding creek some thirty miles from where I sit as I type this. We picniced spending the entire day along the creek's gravel beds and such. That late afternoon while knelt down on a gravel bed searching for moonstone, my son was busy tossing a stick for our dog into a shallow area of creek. Then, a small stone landed next to me. Then another and another. Observation revealed that these small stones were in fact being tossed from within an adjacent alder/birch brush patch bordering the gravel bar and I could see into it well enough, I thought, to see anyone in there who might be tossing stones at an armed rockhound (handgun clearly belt carried). In the time that I observed, the stones were coming from a trajectory that started some ten or twelve feet off the ground! They were not mortered in by s short suspect, coming up and over the 15 to 20 foot high brush. I stood up and spoke into the brush a stern warning that this rock tossing was not the thing to do (my son's security was at the front of my mind)Having done that, I went back to work as I had found one nice piece and wanted to keep searching when then came another and another with the same trajectories! I knew that whatever was in there was not a human being and the fact that I could intelligently speculate the exact location of the trajectory having indicating that the culprit was within 20 feet and standing in a location where I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SEE IT, BUT COULD NOT. I'm not easily spooked, but was not about to jepardize my son's safety so I took him and the dog out of that area. I went back the next day alone to investigate the incident and found no tracks as the area involved was not sandy, but covered with various sized rocks and no evidence that would sort out the identity of the stone tosser was found there. 100 yards down the creek along a sand bar however, I found a decent 16 inch track and a partial where it had crossed the creek. I had placed shirts in areas within that brush patch where the tosser had to have been standing and could see them from a variety of angles from the gravel bar. To this day, I am unable to explain why I was not able to see the "thing" tossing the stones. All I can say is, maybe Indian legend should be taken more seriously. I have dug deep into every aspect of investigatory good sense that I have left over from my LE days and remain unable to offer any logical and reasonable explanation of this incident.

I can't say with any certainty what would happen if you found a body, brought one down yourself or dug one up. I am only proffering a serious warning that bringing any form of threat to these animals is a very dangerous activity and one had better be prepared to accept the consequences of his actions. I never go unarmed into the woods that I frequent due to cougars, bears and the possibility that I might run into a situation where I happen into circumstances where my life becomes at risk. Being prepared makes sense in any event and getting lost or turned around in the woods without a weapon does not appeal to me.

My own "irrefutable evidence" has already been mentioned. What science needs is a body with head and vital organs intact. That would be their "irrefutable evidence". The idea of bringing one in alive is laughable in my view.

Lawyers do exist that have interests in things such as this and are willing to be on "standby" in the event that someone produce a specimen. I am not willing to offer advice to others in this regard, but can assure you that legalities can be delt with effectively regardless of "expert" claims to the contrary. The economical impact of discovery of a new species of MOBILE PRIMATE such as these, is immense. They exist in nearly every state in the union and farming, logging, and land developement takes place in all of them. State parks, public lands would likely all be closed so science could "intelligently" study this animals "environmental needs" which as we all know, insects are more important than human life, so its not hard to see where us humans would be on the scale of importance if these animals are established. I'm not able to even describe the economic problems in their entirety. No hunting, fishing,hiking camping or any form of intrusion outside established human domain... This is what the discovery may bring according to the "experts".

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To me this has been an interesting thread that has about played out.

Get and save multiple and assorted samples.

Ice the body.

Get it to a trusted lab.

Be ready for unforseeable repercussions.

Try not to be in a secluded area with a body while all the brothers are invisably/strategically watching you.

Doesn't sound that fun anymore does it?

Zero fun sir.

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I know first hand how difficult lifting a 250 pound woman was, how in the world could you move a 500-700+ pound and 7-8+ or taller Big foot creature out of miles of forest woodlands? :(


You keep saying how hard it would be to get a 500 to 700 pound animal out of the forest.

On different posts you have mentioned needing a backhoe.

This is just not correct, in fact every year easily more than a 1,000 of these sized animals are taken out of the woods by hunters.

I have personally hauled moose out of swamps that weighed more than 700 pounds.

Yes in remote areas it could be difficult or if you wanted to bring it out in one piece you may need specialized equipment or help.

However the option some people would take is to simply cut the animal up into quarters, maybe take the head and skin separately. Pack the parts out and let the biologist worry about putting it back together

Some people may be more concerned about proving the animal exists and/or fattening their wallet then they are about keeping the body intact.

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BBF members- This is assuming the local Big Guys are going to stand by and watch you cart off one of their own. IMO I would take some photos and/or hair samples, chop off a finger and get the hell out of there ptangier

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Yep, cut of a finger, a hand, a foot, a head, whatever you can that you can comfortable carry out, mark it with GPS and get the h*ll out of there. Get your sample(s) on ice, in more than one place if you have multiples, and get a crew to head back out to recover whatever else you can.

Obviously a head would be the ultimate proof, not much anyone can argue about a complete head. A foot would be the next up, as it really is the thing we've seen prints from all these years and then that brings the hand. Obviously any of these would be a great sample, but IMO the head would be the best, though I would imagine the head would be quite large and heavy.

I like Grover Krantz's idea about keeping a finger for your own records and getting the other body samples to whoever you've decided would be best. Being in the NW, Meldrum would be a great choice, though I would try to get Bindernagle and Green (and a couple others) in on it all as a group if possible. The more you could get in a group the less chance of of your samples "disappearing".

For those of you worried about a government cover-up, I would also start snapping pics and posting them up on every BF website as soon as possible. It needs to go viral immediately. Sure you might lose your pics to "the masses", but you would get the credit.

Edit- I agree with ptangler, if you have time to carve up the body, you have time to take pics, do so and get uploading as soon as you get back to civilization.

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If you want to make fast money off of your samples, get word out to Erickson, if he bought the pancake vid for $20,000, then pieces of body could be worth?

If you want to make big money off of your samples, don't know what to tell you.

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