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Small time players in the big industry of Bigfoot YouTubing

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47 minutes ago, BlackRockBigfoot said:

I think Bob Garrett is basically "He Shall Not Be Named" nowadays.  


Once he got busted for ripping people off for tours that never took place, he was never mentioned again on the show.  I have to admit, the government kill teams/Mr Black days were entertaining.


Wes was in on the Garrett tales. He was part of every faked story with every guest he brought on the show.  Before all that, he made up his own BF story about how he and his brother pulled off on a logging road and found themselves surrounded by angry BFs. Then he had missing time, crawling on the ground for no reason. And he had the stones to tell and retell that story on other people's podcasts, like Chris Jericho's. Then, when his fake story is outed, he says, "well the show's not about me anyway."


Wes thought he was escaping the real world by making a living off of BF. Now he has to work hard to keep a weekly show fresh and his $7 a month believers engaged.

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I did a recon of BF and cryptid influencers on Instagram. I'm sure I missed plenty of folks. I was just curious what a popularity snapshot looked like.


Les Stroud 70.6k followers
Steve Isdahl - How to Hunt 26.9k followers
Sasquatch Chronicles 21.4k followers
Todd Standing 12.2k followers
Cliff Barackman 11.7k followers

Lyle Blackburn 5,823 followers

Shannon LeGro 5,188 followers

Matt Moneymaker 2,800 followers

Cliff and Bobo's podcast 2,800 followers

Loren Coleman 1,686 followers
Russell Acord 1,229 followers

Ken Gerhard 1,000 followers

Sasquatch Syndicate podcast 1,000 followers

Stacy Brown Jr. 906 followers
Squatch Detective 869 followers

Nite Callers Bigfoot podcast 855 followers
Rictor Riolo 830 followers

Mountain Beast Mysteries 800 followers 

Ron Morehead 750 followers

Dr. Meldrum 748 followers

Monster X Radio 590 followers

Squatchermetrics 538 followers
Todd Disotell 260 followers

Sasquatch Ontario 184 followers
BFRO 174 followers
Dr. J 143 followers

Dr. Igor Burtsev 127 followers

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