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Bigfoot and Infrared


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37 minutes ago, NCBFr said:


Back when I wanted to capture a BF picture and felt they were aware of trail cams I came up with a couple plans that I thought would work.  One involved setting up a reverse slope cam(s).  Basically place cams midway down a likely BF path pointed up the hill.  This way they would get zapped as soon  as they crested the hill and before they could see or detect the cam.  The second plan would be to place a cam behind a large tree pointing away from the expected BF path and then another 100 yards later place one or more cams facing towards the path of the BF.  You can do this from both directions if you are unsure which way they will pass through the spot.  This way they would be trapped in cams once they made it through the first one.  Never executed either due to  difficulty getting to the places I felt would be the best spot to place the cams.  I have found a new spot that I think would work that is much easier to reach that I believe was visited at least twice last spring.  They do not seem to venture/hunt far from their home in the summer so I may try plan B in the fall as the chokepoint is along a lake and flat as a pancake.  I would need at least 4 cams to do it because the spot is on a loop so I do not know which way they would enter the zone.  


That's interesting. One thing I though after seeing the statistics of how many apes approached the cameras but weren't caught on film and thinking they were deliberately avoiding the front of the camera and maybe sneaking behind it to check it out was if someone set up an empty camera that was pretty obvious on a tree or something and that an animal would notice and may be curious of but then hide another camera in a log or something very camouflaged and sprayed with mud or something to disguise any smell behind the 'decoy camera' but facing in the same direction to see if you could catch a picture of a creature sneaking up behind the decoy tree camera.....

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