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    All this would be thought out and planned in advance if your goal when out was to hunt a bigfoot . The person who would find himself asking these questions is someone who stumbles on to one and decides to shot and kill it but I still believe many who think they would shoot one if the case presented it self wouldn't squeeze the trigger when looking at it's face through the scope. This is if in fact they look as human as Patty did . With those modern enhanced images it's like looking at a humans face so I do think the biggest problem would be having the will for most.
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    Relative to the find of a finger bone of unknown origin without strata or anything to date it as old, it may be tested for DNA but only if they think it was there as the result of a crime. However States in the PNW have literally hundreds of samples of DNA linked to crime that have yet to be tested. Rape kits. The reason given for lack of testing is money. In the case of Kennewick man the test would show he was human, because he was. His bone morphology showed that he was human. No one would likely carry that any further with carbon dating unless something like the arrow head or strata indicated the skeleton might be ancient. The reason being, according to a University of Oregon PHD, a carbon dating test costs over $800 dollars. Based on what we have seen with BF related to DNA testing, I would bet money that if a found finger was tested at all, it would be interpreted as contaminated human. Should it test out as some kind of ape, the question would be how it got there, not proof of existence of BF. . The problem for me with DNA testing, is that it seems just as hard to get a DNA sample to test as it is to get a BF on a lab table. Anything other than DNA viable tissue is not likely to result in viable DNA to test. Hair hasn't, blood has yet to be collected, and testing objects BF have supposedly touched, nothing has yielded a positive test. Of the options getting materials to test, shooting one, find one hit by a logging truck, or find find one killed by a natural calamity, only shooting one seems to be in the control of humans to achieve. And in spite of people trying, that has not produced a body yet. At this point in time with my research area gone inactive, I would have no idea where to even go to collect E-DNA. Others may have contact, but for whatever reason, are not trying to collect DNA. Cost, lack of knowledge about how to do it, or not knowing where to do it are likely reasons. Testing hair seems to be a dead end, testing scat is a race against time and bacterial degradation. and BF seem to collect their dead. While DNA testing sounds like a easy thing to do, in actuality it is not.
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    Bipedalist I am not sure about you but as for me I am not sure I can cut the head or even limbs resembling humans. I have no problem with deer and other animals but anything that even looks humans well that's a different problem. I am sure that there are people out there that might have the same problem as well unless they are completely fine with that. If they are then they must have either been a doctor or are use to handling body parts. But then again I was being sarcastic in my comment when I wrote what I wrote. This is why if I was to shoot one I would take the whole body. I Can not see my self in the middle of the night sawing off body parts getting all bloody . That to me just sounds so sick in the thought of it. One hacking and sawing on something that looks so human and having this thought going through your head. I think that this would keep one up at night. Sorry for the off topic.
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    Yea there was a lot of high strangeness going on the other night...some I'm just not even comfortable mentioning to close friends I've made who are familiar with the subject of Bigfoot..it seems supernatural occurrences pick up when the Bigfoot activity is more frequent than normal ... My channel has had a surge in subscribers but I never ask for likes or subscribers, refuse any ads on my channel and have refused any donations and go fund me fundraiser requests.. Some of the cameras and equipment I was blessed with on the beginning from a member here, I've paid most that equipment forward to others in my area needing assistance..just wanted to throw that out there cause I try to keep it about sharing information and no monitary gain..
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    No, they don't. But, as I write, the description of their mother does: Zana is said to have been 6'6" tall. Sykes was impressed with his dna study results on samples taken from Zana's granddaughter and great granddaughter. He also sampled numerous random local villagers to see if he got any similar or unusual markers from them, which he did not. And while Khwit's portrait looks unremarkable, perhaps a photo of his skull next to another local village's skull might lend a hint......... Relic Hominid Inquiry book review of The Nature of the Beast:
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    I agree that this is bunk but this forum has a habit of being more to the unbelieving more than believing when it comes to post ! most on here say you believe but you do nothing but try to tear it apart ! when someone dose give you good information you still take it apart like most of you never get your ass off the couch to go out and look for evidence !
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    Apples and oranges, Huntster. What do those things have to do with filtering water? Campers do it all the time. Especially the ones who wilderness camp. Why is everyone so against this e-DNA thing that they will pick anything and everything to shoot it down. Think, people, think and stop trying to throw up roadblocks against something you know is right. A thousand emails could have been sent from the start of this thread up 'til now. Five days worth of emails to academia. Oh, but nope. Too busy trying to discount and trash a proven DNA methodology that I've been explaining for the last eight months. Now it's moved on to can't pick flowers, and can't film in national parks. Like that has anything to do with anything. Fun ain't it? Now. Where are my stupid downvotes? C'mon now. Cough 'em up!
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